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The Serial Sessions: Skyscrapers

posted by Russell on June 5, 2015 @ 6:10 pm
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Your 5th subscriber track of the year is here! Reedman Chet Doxas talks about recording Skyscrapers:

I’m writing this at the Bronx Zoo and just said out loud, with my ear buds in,  ”hey, that sounds like a Dave Douglas tune!” Feeling inspired by the uniqueness and clarity of Dave’s composing, I decided to find out a little more about Skyscrapers and texted Dave to ask if he could explain the meaning of the title (see below for his description, it’s inspiring)

The idea for the tune came years ago, when I first came to NY. I wrote a poem about an experience I had walking on 34th Street. I was intimidated by the bustling crowds and all the competition. The skyscrapers at dusk kind of reminded me of the hustle, and then, as I walked down 34th, the moon emerged from behind one of them and I realized how very small those buildings were in comparison. Kind of put the whole thing in perspective.

I never found a use for the poem or the image, until you and I were working on Riverside and we played Giuffre’s tune, The Train and The River. This felt like a 21st century update of the feeling in that title.

Because we moved so swiftly through this day of recording, it makes it particularly interesting for me to listen back to these tracks every month. I couldn’t say that I remembered recording this piece specifically but, it certainly came flooding back to me within the first five seconds of listening. As anybody who has played with Dave will tell you, his compositions always sound great the first time you play through them and, because he’s so good at getting to the point of each compositional idea, it keeps everyone who’s performing the material fired up and engaged in a fresh sounding way. This is especially obvious by the great solos played by Ryan Keberle and Rudy Royston. Being new in town, I had never met either of them and was blown away by their playing. I’ve have since had the pleasure of listening to them on several occasions and am always excited about how committed they are to interacting with each other while, at the same time, having such command of their instruments and ideas.

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoyed performing and recording it. While listening, try to picture how much fun we were all having; great pieces and direction from Dave, several new musical meetings among the group, no rehearsals…a kind of “jam session” feel to the whole day.

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The Serial Sessions: Break Me

posted by Russell on April 29, 2015 @ 5:29 pm
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If you are a Greenleaf Subscriber you are now able to download your exclusive track for April from Kneebody. We have a bootleg video of Kneebody from their recent tour performing a tune off of their Greenleaf release called “Break Me.” We’re including the original studio version from 10 years ago so you can compare how things have changed and how things have stayed the same for the Kneebody crew. Be sure to check them out this summer in Canada and in Rhode Island. Details here.

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The Serial Sessions: Hypatia

posted by Russell on April 3, 2015 @ 8:43 am
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Spring is having a hard time getting out of bed, but the Subscriber Series can help! The Serial Sessions track for March is Hypatia, and trombonist Ryan Keberle weighs in on the track:

In some ways, writing about this most recent Serial release, “Hypatia,” a tune written by Dave Douglas in homage to Wayne Shorter, is easy for me. There are seemingly endless things to get excited about when talking about Dave Douglas, one of my heroes and living inspirations, whose composition captures everything we as jazz musicians love about the master composer and improvisor, Wayne Shorter. An undeniable melody, an unorthodox chord progression that somehow manages to function in beautiful ways, plus the room for personal improvisatory expression within the framework of a cohesive performance by the band.

However, with all that being said (and I could go on!) what always first comes to mind when I think about Wayne Shorter is the following story from my days as an undergraduate at Manhattan School of Music studying with the legendary trombonist, Steve Turre.  I was in the final stages of preparing for my graduation recital for which I had programmed the Wayne Shorter tune, “Nefertiti.” The chord progression on “Nefertiti” as it’s played by the Miles Davis Quintet is ambiguous, at best, and in those early days of the internet when Google wasn’t the all-knowing resource it is today, Steve and I decided to turn to the primary source in our quest for the original chord progression. Steve called Wayne one afternoon and Wayne picked up on the first try. After a bit of small talk Steve explained our dilemma and asked Wayne if he wouldn’t mind reciting the chords to us on his tune, “Nefertiti.” With no hesitation Wayne said, “Man, we weren’t playing chords on that tune, we were playing COLORS!”

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The Serial Sessions: Episode for Taslima Nasrin

posted by Russell on February 18, 2015 @ 2:53 pm
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The Subscriber Series continues to give! We’ve uploaded The Serial Sessions track for February and we can’t wait to get it to you. The track is called ‘Episode for Taslima Nasrin’ and features Dave Douglas on trumpet. If you are a Subscriber feel free to download the Hi-Res WAV track or MP3 version. If you are not a Subscriber, or you don’t know about the Subscriber Series, click here to learn more.

Episode for Taslima Nasrin was originally recorded on Witness, the politically charged large-ish ensemble recording by Dave Douglas. Taslima Nasrin is a Bangladeshi poet and doctor who fled her country in the wake of attacks, both physical and verbal, waged against her after publishing the novel Lajja in 1993. Her opposition to Sharia Law made her a target for fundamentalists who called for a ban of her novel and even offered a bounty on her death. She finally escaped to Sweden in 1994 to become a full time writer and activist. She is active on Twitter at @TaslimaNasreen.

This new performance of ‘Episode For Taslima Nasrin’ brings out the collective strength of the Serial Sessions Players. The poignant harmonies are re-voiced for this more intimate group of trumpet, clarinet, trombone, piano, bass, drums. The smaller instrumentation of this version coaxes nuggets of improvisational moments out of each musician. We know you’ll love it. Download now.


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The Serial Sessions: Summit Music

posted by Russell on February 3, 2015 @ 3:29 pm
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A note from Dave:

Some of you will remember it as the opening track on Greenleaf’s first release, Mountain Passages. This is a considerable re-orchestration of the piece, featuring group improvisation with an ensemble of dear Greenleaf family members: Rudy Royston on drums, Linda Oh on bass, Frank Woeste on piano, Ryan Keberle on trombone, and Chet Doxas on clarinet.

Each piece in the Serial Sessions will feature a different musician. I wrote 7 new pieces for this series, and picked some repertory of mine that I felt would resonate with the concept. For example, in November, you will receive a new recording of the song November, which was originally released on my album Freak In.

In September, to mark a new season of the Festival Of New Trumpet Music, we will release an unrecorded composition of mine that is dedicated to the late Kenny Wheeler. It is called From Thin Air. Stick around for this and plenty more new tracks that will be collected in this series.

Sign up now to get your track every month. The recording session was literally last week. I am so thrilled to get this new music to you in this format. It’s a joy to work in new and unexpected formats, and to have Greenleaf Music as a support structure to get it to you. I hope you will enjoy it all: the series, the band, the compositions. And I hope you will spread the word so that more people will hear it. I am relying on all of your for your interest and support to construct and support this revolutionary music company.

2015 will bring a new Donny McCaslin album, a new electric project from me called High Risk, a new recording by my Quintet, and a very special large ensemble recording I created last year in collaboration with Monash Art Ensemble, in Mellbourne, Auastralia. Other projects are also in development.

By taking part as a subscriber, you will be sure not to miss any of the 2015 Serial Sessions. Thanks for listening.
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