Dave Douglas is guest artist at Jazz Institute of Chicago jazz camp.

Posted by: mark on July 21, 2017 @ 1:36 pm
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Today Dave Douglas is a Featured Guest Artist at Straight Ahead Jazz Camp at the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

He’ll be giving presentations on creating new music and the importance of art and culture including how music serves communities, how music education contributes to our society and how the future depends on music and musicians for growth and progress.

Full details on the camp are here.

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Please Do This

Posted by: Dave Douglas on July 14, 2017 @ 10:14 am
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Our ever-changing landscape for recorded music makes independent creative music making more challenging and more important than ever. I am convinced that our community needs to exist and that new music will continue to be made for future generations. I am also convinced that our symbiotic community of listeners, music makers and families must stick together and commit to supporting and nurturing each other.

If you have thought about supporting the sustainable model we have created at Greenleaf Music, now would be great time to sign on. At the $25 annual level you can stream the entire catalog, including special Subscription Series releases and other unique content. Other levels also contain physical product and further discounts. It’s great value, and it’s also is crucial to our sustainable creative model. We are 100% advertisement free. You get the direct music from the artist. We created the model with that in mind. We need you to complete the picture. Sign on and enjoy the music and the community.

As one listener commented to me: Shakespeare might call it “a good deed in a naughty world.” The world is tough. We plan to continue making an oasis in music and creative thought. Please take a moment to join us.

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Metamorphosis | Lyra

Posted by: Dave Douglas on July 7, 2017 @ 12:01 am
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Lyra features our two string players, Yasushi Nakamura on bass and Fred Frith on Guitar. Traveling with Yasushi, I often remark on how the poor guy who offered us his bass must be cringing at the vigor with which Yasushi seems to destroy the instrument. This is his own bass, the sound full and resonant. Fred Frith of course brings an astonishingly varied set of sounds to the table here. Amazing to hear how many different tones he can get, and in so short an amount of time. Grateful to the venerable Fred for having made time for this recording session. Matt Mitchell and Andrew Cyrille punctuate the music with deft fluidity and rhythmic collusion. This track is seventh in the series. Thanks for listening and being a part of our community of artists at Greenleaf.

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Reviews for the new Riverside album, ‘The New National Anthem’

Posted by: mark on July 5, 2017 @ 11:05 pm
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Accolades for the second Riverside recording The New National Anthem are coming in! Check out what writers have to say below.

“Harmony usually isn’t the major point in a band with just two horns, a bass and a drum kit. (Note: no piano, no guitar.) But scarcity is opportunity. On “Never Mind,” a serenading new waltz on Dave Douglas and Riverside’s new disc, “The New National Anthem,” it’s all about the satisfying amity between Mr. Douglas’s trumpet and Chet Doxas’s tenor saxophone. And there’s a not-so-secret ingredient: those bubbling, two-note globules coming from the five-string electric bass of Steve Swallow, who wrote the tune.”
– Giovanni Russonello, New York Times, premiering ‘Never Mind’ video

“The group illustrates its agility while delighting us with whimsy…”
–  Jim Macnie, Village Voice and Lament for a Straight Line

“Douglas’ trumpet sound is slightly pinched and occasionally warped by mutes, which allows him to converse with Doxas’ clarinet in a relaxed and easygoing manner. Swallow’s bass is a deep throb, and Jim Doxas scampers across his kit and back, rarely cutting loose but always keeping just enough tension in the rhythm that you think he might go off any second, so you better pay attention.”
– Phil Freeman, Stereogum, The Month in Jazz – June 2017

“Riverside is blessed by the maturity of [the] trumpeter/composer, the presence of master musician Steve Swallow, and the influences that the Doxas brothers bring to the music, not to forget lessons learned from listening to the music of Carla Bley.”
– Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“Compositions here do exactly what they should in jazz, creating zones of reference and specific materials, assembling interesting ideas that invite elaboration. … they inspire individual and collective performances of a very high order.”
– Stuart Broomer, New York City Jazz Record, July 2017

“The ever-discerning Bley herself is a fan of The New National Anthem, and with the joy on display that went into making this record, it’s not hard to figure why. In his thoughtful musical dissertations and fresh takes on some of the most complex and misunderstood jazz geniuses throughout the idiom’s history, Dave Douglas keeps elevating his own craft and himself becomes a shining example for others to follow.”
– S. Victor Aaron, Something Else

You can purchase the new album on Bandcamp and iTunes.

And look for European tour dates in the fall for Riverside with Carla Bley to be announced soon!

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Press for Ryan Keberle’s ‘Find the Common, Shine a Light’

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The new Ryan Keberle and Catharsis release  Find the Common, Shine a Light is receiving great media response. Here is a selection of press on the record.

“Find the Common, Shine a Light is the latest compositional victory to spring from the mind of trombonist Ryan Keberle and his restelessly ambitious ensemble Catharsis …
Suite-like in its scope and unity of purpose, the album is a mix of barbed yet beauteous originals and covers of enduring protest songs…”
– Andrew Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazine (**** Review)

“This fantastic quintet, led by trombonist Keberle, has been the talk of the scene for the past few years on the strength of their unapologetically emotional albums and their embrace of everything from jagged experimentalism to pure Latin grooves. … Find The Common, Shine A Light, is a powerful work that brings in new interpretations of popular song as well as originals that breathe and seethe on our behalf.”
– Robert Ham, Paste Magazine

“The new album feels like a natural progression from last year’s Azul Infinito, which mapped out Keberle’s thoughtful relationship with Latin American sounds.”
– Richard Gehr, The Village Voice

“Trombonist-bandleader Ryan Keberle’s band Catharsis has some especially strong and timely sentiments to share these days. The limber and distinctive group sets the themes of progressive, post-Trump politics to music, with vocalist-guitarist Camila Meza entrancingly singing old and new songs of protest and resistance.”
– Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

“As easy it is to focus on the lyrical aspect of this program, do not neglect the music. This is a “working band” and they speak as “one.” … Ryan Keberle & Catharsis ask us to be diligent in the face of tyranny, to be intelligent in the face of belligerence, and to be united in these contentious times.  While you’re at it, see and hear this group live as they have developed into one of the more impressive ensembles in contemporary music.”
– Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“This album is his quantum leap, a fearless, eclectic, politically charged collection that ought to go a long way in reaffirming his status as an elite bandleader as well.”
Lucid Culture

“I have no reservations [in] assuming that [the members] of Catharsis have each been up in the middle of the night wondering what the [hell] is going on [in our country] and how do we get out of it.”
Bird is the Worm

Look for Ryan on tour in North America and beyond this summer and fall.

You can purchase the album on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Riverside plays two shows with jazz great Carla Bley!

Posted by: mark on June 23, 2017 @ 4:01 pm
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To celebrates the release of their second record The New National Anthem, Riverside is playing two concerts in Québec with special guest Carla Bley.

Don’t miss you chance to see Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas, Steve Swallow and Jim Doxas perform with this celebrated pianist and composer.

The group will play Québec City and Montréal in July. And look for European dates in the fall to be announced.

See you out there!


July 5 Québec City, QC | Grand Théâtre de Québec | Details *
July 6 Montréal, QC | Festival International de Jazz de Montréal | Details *

The new Riverside album is available for purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Riverside CD release shows in New York!

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Riverside celebrates the release of their second record The New National Anthem with two album release shows at the Stone at the New School on June 30 and July 1.

Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas, Steve Swallow and Jim Doxas will perform perform music from the new album celebrating the pianist Carla Bley.

There are no advance ticket sales, all admissions are cash-only at the door. Admission is free for New School students, limited to whatever seats are available after paying guests are seated.

CDs will be available for sale! See you there!


Friday, June 30, 8:30pm Event Details
Saturday, July 1, 8:30pm Event Details


The New School
Glass Box Performance Space
55 West 13th Street, New York, NY

Pick up the new album online at Bandcamp and iTunes.

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New Ryan Keberle and Riverside albums released!

Posted by: mark on June 16, 2017 @ 9:14 am
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We’re releasing two great records today!

Find the Common, Shine a Light by Ryan Keberle is a protest album featuring Ryan’s longstanding group Catharsis.

Riverside’s sophomore album The New National Anthem is a tribute to the great Carla Bley.

Click the links above for more information, purchasing options, videos and tour dates!

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‘Find the Common, Shine a Light’ by Ryan Keberle & Catharsis available now!

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We’re excited to release Find the Common, Shine a Light, the new album by Ryan Keberle and Catharsis. Featuring Ryan’s longstanding group that includes Camila Meza, Mike Rodriguez, Jorge Roeder and Eric Doob, the record features original compositions as well as songs by The Welcome Wagon, Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

Check out the video for the track Become the Water.

You can purchase the album on Bandcamp and iTunes.

The band will be on tour throughout North American this summer. Check all the tour dates to see where they’re playing.

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Riverside’s ‘The New National Anthem’ available now!

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Co-led by saxophonist Chet Doxas and trumpeter Dave Douglas, Riverside releases their second record The New National Anthem celebrating the pianist and composer Carla Bley

Check out the video for the track Old Country.

The group, which includes master bassist Steve Swallow and noted drummer Jim Doxas, will play select shows in Canada and the US this summer.

Carla Bley will join the group as a special guest for shows in Quebec City and Montreal in July. Check out all the tour dates here and look for European dates with Bley in the fall.

The album can be purchased on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Join us as a subscriber to get access to exclusive content, including a special video of the track The New America.

Enjoy the music!

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