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Posted at the LA Times…

In a rumpled shirt and straw hat fit for a Brooklyn block party, downtown New York trumpeter Dave Douglas showed a different side to his always eclectic tastes, leading his band through fluid, expansive selections from “A Single Sky,” an album released last year that was Douglas’ first big band recording.

Arranged by keyboardist [Jim] McNeely, Douglas’ lyrical set departed from the usual big band sound with energetic flashes of Latin jazz and funk, gaining strength as it slowed to an atmospheric purr for the evocative “The Persistence of Memory.” With the bandstand bathed in red light, Douglas and crew took the Bowl to a dark, noirish place highlighted by a giggling, gurgling trombone solo by Ed Neumeister, whose deft work with a mute had his horn occasionally resembling Peter Frampton’s talk box.

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Frampton, eh? Man, wish I could have been there.


Willem Breuker

Posted by: Michael Bates on July 29, 2010 @ 5:29 am
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Willem Breuker, the Dutch composer sadly passed away last week in Amsterdam.  The Willem Breuker Kollektief’s music has been described as “throwing Kurt Weill into the blender with ragtag circus music” which does a good job of telling some of the story but for me, this music somehow goes beyond any kind of written expression.

As a young musician, I was lucky to hear/see this group along with many other musicians who were a part of the Dutch improvised music community.  There was an important era in the late 80’s and 90’s where a variety of groups like the Kollektief, the Clusone Trio and ICP orchestra would come and perform at the Vancouver jazz festival.  As nerdy jazz fan, I was doing my best to see as much music as I could and just happened to stumble across a WBK concert. I had no idea what I was witnessing.  It was just…wild…and ridiculous…and utterly amazing.     Click here for more about Mr. Breuker’s passing.

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The LA Band at the Bowl.

Posted by: Dave Douglas on July 24, 2010 @ 10:14 am
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Just wanted to thank this great group of musicians who will join me Wednesday, July 28 at the Hollywood Bowl. Really looking forward to this performance, honored to share the bill with Dave Holland’s Big Band and the Count Basie Orchestra.

Matt Zebley – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet
Katisse Buckingham – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Bob Sheppard – tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
Robby Marshall – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Damon Zick – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Pete De Siena – lead trumpet
Brian Swartz – trumpet
John Daversa – trumpet
Michael Stever – trumpet

Jacques Voyemant – trombone
Ed Neumeister – trombone
Vikram Devasthali – trombone
Craig Gosnell – bass trombone, tuba
Hamilton Price IV – contrabass
Mark Ferber – drums

Jim McNeely – piano, arranger, conductor
Dave Douglas – trumpet, composer, arranger, conductor

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Subscribercast Update: How the Creature was made.

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As we roll out the preorder for the second piece of Spark Of Being, we also launch a new Subscribercast. The newest addition is a continuation of Dave detailing tracks from the aforementioned trilogy release. This time, subscribers get an in depth look at the Creature Theme — from the morse code rhythmic breakdown, to isolating some of the many sound sources used, to the final versions.

Be sure to check out the Travelogue subscribercast as well, if you missed it.

More Subscribercast updates coming soon. More exclusive downloads as well. For now, enjoy the new podcast and the exclusive first listen of Expand.

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Stephen Byram gets props for his classic work.

Photobucket Photobucket

Designed Beastie Boys cover, and more

Stephen Byram is a lot more than an artist of CD covers, but the graphic designer has created work for some well known acts. He crafted the covers for the Beastie Boys’ “Licensed to Ill,” Slayer’s “Reign in Blood,” and first two Living Colour records.

Byram…is one of four local New Jersey artists who were featured at Suckerpunch Art Gallery, a new gallery space that opened last month in the Chambord factory building in the industrial southwest area of Hoboken. Suckerpunch, run by Wayne Martine and Mark Rosenthal.

For the opening, Byram had a freestanding construction, a large painting, a color print, and a set of 20 drawings arranged in a grid on display.

Steve pretty much defined the look of JMT and Winter & Winter releases. He’s also done amazing things at Tim Berne’s label, Screwgun. I first started working with Steve on ‘In Our Lifetime,’ for New World Records. He has created some record designs for us here at Greenleaf, too.



Congrats on the show, Steve.

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Sound Yeah

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I still haven’t had the drive to go pick up that new iPad or the new iPhone. But more and more apps like this keep coming out making the case that, instead of a new guitar or pedal, I should hunker down and grab one of these. So many amazing tools are being released every day.


In the beginning I wanted to create a digital toy to record and play sound, with some creative controls like scratching. After playing the prototype for a while, I added more functions. In edit mode I can adjust the volume, attack, release, playing speed. Also there are some utility tools like copy, paste and trim, helps you to manage the clips. In play mode, I can tap to play a clip, or I can drag in circles to scratch the clip. If I wind the clip and drag away, it will loop the clip at the speed it was dragged.

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The Onion: Dylan Goes Electronica

Posted by: jim on July 14, 2010 @ 7:44 am
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One of the better Onion articles I’ve seen in awhile. Couldn’t resist reposting…

Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes Electronica
July 12, 2010 | ISSUE 46•28

NEWPORT, RI—Audience members at the Newport Rock Festival were “outraged” Monday when rock icon Bob Dylan followed up such classic hits as “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Maggie’s Farm” with an electronica set composed of atonal drones, hyperactive drumbeats, and the repeated mechanized lyric “Dance to the club life!” “We came here to see the authentic Dylan, the one with the Stratocaster guitar and signature wild blues-rock band behind him,” audience member Robert Hochschild said. “Then he walks out with these puffy headphones, some turntables, and a laptop? The guy’s a Judas.” When asked later about his musical transformation by reporters, Dylan said he had nothing to say about the beats he programs, he just programs them.

Thanks for passing on, Joe.

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And takes the Cup.

Posted by: Dave Douglas on July 12, 2010 @ 6:04 am
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Nice to see such a multi-regional team unify to win the World Cup. These players are very specifically linked to teams in the autonomous regions of Spain, mostly either Barcelona or Real Madrid. Self-identifying Catalan players from Barcelona could be viewed with suspicion, both by their own countrymen (for playing on a national team) and by Nationalists (for not being really Spanish). This was all swept aside, a fact underlined by their coordinated passing game that sometimes seemed to be based on extra-sensory perception.

And I was also happy to read that they celebrated (after meeting with the King) by eating in a Basque restaurant. Probably no vuvuzelas there.

Cheers to them, and also to Holland.


Spain goes to the final.

Posted by: Dave Douglas on July 7, 2010 @ 2:56 pm
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Those of you who have seen me play recently know that I am a big Spain fan. So congratulations on a well-played semi-final against an excellent German side!

Spain v. Netherlands on Sunday. Classic. I will be watching from Trento, Italy, on a day off after climbing Monte Bondone to play with Hank Roberts, cello, and Noam Pikelny, banjo. This will be the first gig of Trio Sentiero, the Trio of the Trail. Olé.


Victoria Bond on Harry Partch

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Really liking this article and video on Harry Partch’s instruments. Courtesy of the American Music Center.

Writing Music for Someone Else’s Instruments: Creating New Music for the Partch Ensemble

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