Dave Douglas
A Single Sky
RELEASE DATE: 2009-10-27

Sheet Music

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A Single Sky, music for big band. Featuring Douglas with Grammy-winning arranger/conductor Jim McNeely at the helm of the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, this collaboration offers three new Douglas compositions alongside four works from the Douglas songbook reimagined by McNeely.

Sheet Music for this title is available in score format. Parts + Scores for each arrangement in full are available for purchasing performing ensembles here.

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Dave Douglas Quintet playing new music (*) and small group arrangements from A Single Sky.

1. Handwritten Letter *
2. Bridge To Nowhere *
3. The Law Of Historic Memory *
4. The Presidents
5. Variable Current *
6. Blockbuster
7. War Room

Dave Douglas Quintet is: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone; Uri Caine, acoustic piano; James Genus, bass; Clarence Penn, drums

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