Brazen Heart Touring Continues!

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Dave Douglas’ quintet just finished a two week tour of Europe, with shows in Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Turkey and Belgium! Thank you to everyone who helped make the tour a success and to all the music fans for supporting the music!

The group is heading to Australia for the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival, taking place October 30 – November 2. As this year’s Artist in Residence, Dave and will be performing two shows with his quintet and in a duo setting with acclaimed Australian pianist Paul Grabowsky. He’ll also appear with the improvising chamber orchestra Monash Art Ensemble, performing his piece Fabliaux, which draws inspiration from composers of the early 14th century.

Greenleaf artist, quintet bassist, and Australian expatriate Linda Oh will perform with her own group and in duo with noted Australian vocalist Gian Slater. And quintet pianist Matt Mitchell will also playing a solo concert.

Australia’s ABC Jazz Radio will be on hand to record a number of the events, including a live broadcast of the quintet concert on October 31.

Check out all the details here:

Friday, October 30 – Dave Douglas & Monash Art Ensemble – Buy Tickets
Saturday, October 31 – Linda Oh Quartet – Buy Tickets
Saturday, October 31 – Matt Mitchell Solo – Buy Tickets 
Saturday, October 31 – Dave Douglas Quintet – Buy Tickets
Saturday, October 31 – Dave Douglas & Paul Grabowsky Duo – Buy Tickets
Sunday, November 1 – Dave Douglas Quintet – Buy Tickets
Sunday, November 1 – Linda Oh & Gian Slater Duo – Buy Tickets

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