The Importance of Young Ears

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Dave Douglas, founder and owner of Greenleaf Music, will be heading to Indiana’s Purdue University for their 25th Annual Jazz Fest. Here are some words from him:

Purdue University is hosting an enormous festival this weekend at which I will be performing selections from the big band album, A Single Sky. The festival is also aimed at exposing music and jazz to several thousand young musicians from schools all around the region. Part of my activity there will be giving a class on playing the trumpet and being an improviser! Two topics I love very much. Also will be sharing some playing time with drummer Carl Allen! Very happy to revisit these charts (which will include some new ones as well) Enjoy! And thank you.

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Dave Douglas at the Royal Academy of Music [via London Jazz]

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photo by Hana Zushi

Last week, just after posting some in-depth thoughts on the workshop and mentorship process, Dave started working with students at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Lucky for all of us on this side of the Atlantic, guitarist Alex Roth gives us a detailed account of the week at the London Jazz blog.

Congrats to the Royal Academy of Music as well for receiving the composition archive of Kenny Wheeler who was in attendance for the final big-band concert. For those following Dave on Twitter, perhaps you saw that on top of playing repertoire from the A Single Sky big band album, he debuted a new piece for Kenny titled ‘From Thin Air (for Kenny Wheeler)’. Hoping we can all hear it soon.

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More Music for Large Ensemble.

Posted by: Dave Douglas on October 15, 2010 @ 12:17 pm
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In 2008, when I first started writing for jazz orchestra / big band / large ensemble / whatever you want to call it, a suite was created for the festival JazzBaltica in Salzau, Germany, and played by the NDR band based in Hamburg. Three of those pieces ended up on the CD ‘A Single Sky,’ released last year: The Presidents, Campaign Trail, and Blockbuster [vid].

Dave Douglas, A Single Sky

The remaining pieces are still here in my files and I have been going back through them for the last few days. It is amazing to look back in hindsight and see things you would have (should have) done differently. I have begun the revision process and I’m grateful for all I have learned playing these charts with excellent musicians around the country. It’s a joy to work with these old friends again — you spend so much time working with large ensemble scoring, the notes become your companions — and I will get a chance to hear the updated versions soon. As well as hopefully putting them on wax at some point.


RE: The LA Band at the Bowl.

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Posted at the LA Times…

In a rumpled shirt and straw hat fit for a Brooklyn block party, downtown New York trumpeter Dave Douglas showed a different side to his always eclectic tastes, leading his band through fluid, expansive selections from “A Single Sky,” an album released last year that was Douglas’ first big band recording.

Arranged by keyboardist [Jim] McNeely, Douglas’ lyrical set departed from the usual big band sound with energetic flashes of Latin jazz and funk, gaining strength as it slowed to an atmospheric purr for the evocative “The Persistence of Memory.” With the bandstand bathed in red light, Douglas and crew took the Bowl to a dark, noirish place highlighted by a giggling, gurgling trombone solo by Ed Neumeister, whose deft work with a mute had his horn occasionally resembling Peter Frampton’s talk box.

Full article

Frampton, eh? Man, wish I could have been there.


A Single Sky @ RUM

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Check out the stream posted at the Portuguese Radio Universitaria do Minho site of Dave’s bigband album, A Single Sky with Jim McNeely and Frankfurt Radio Bigband.


Dave Douglas Big Band at Hollywood Bowl

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Hollywood Bowl

We are very excited to announce that Dave’s big band will be playing this years Hollywood Bowl on July 28 performing music from A Single Sky and Dave’s big band work Delighted States with very special guest Jim McNeely.

Click here to listen to A Single Sky.
Click here for the full scores to all 7 tunes.

The night is a triple bill with Dave Holland Big Band and Count Basie Orchestra. Tickets and subscription packages for the Hollywood Bowl are available now.

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DDQ: Live at Village Vanguard

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The Quintet continues at the Vanguard tonight. Thanks to all who’ve been and will be there this weekend.

The FLACs of the set from the Vanguard last night are being added to our subscriber downloads database. Those are lossless files that you subscribers can download and sink your ears in to. Thanks to WBGO and NPR for their work. Enjoy.

For non-subscribers, plenty of music to listen to at the NPR Vanguard page. And if you’d like to join our Greenleaf subscriber community, click here to see all the current special offer.

We hope to see you out at the Vanguard. Tickets are available here.

December 11th, 2009

A quick update on those files. We’ve split the set into tracks rather than the one big file up over at NPR Vanguard page. We cut the chatter, too. So it’s as clean as possible.

Also, of the seven tunes played, four have not been released yet. Those tunes and a lot of the new book that the Quintet have been and will play this weekend is scheduled to be recorded and released on the next Quintet studio album tentatively scheduled for late 2010.


Post-Turkey Post

Happy friday, everyone. If you read our site regularly, you probably received an email blast this morning. If not, we announced our Holiday Bundles earlier today. There are some pretty sweet deals on every album in our catalog over at the store. Also, a pretty killer Subscriber package for new people wanting to overload their hard drive with tunage and support what we do.

More specials coming next week. Happy post-Turkey day.

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A Single Sky Sheet Music Update

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Release day is always one for news and updates.

This morning we updated the digital sheet music piece of the A Single Sky release with the four Jim McNeely arrangements. These charts are meticulously put together as you may expect, as are the three DD charts we originally posted. They’re all up now at our store and ready for your eyes.

For those who ordered the CD + Sheet Music bundle, we sent an email to you this morning. I’ve heard back from most, but not all. If you are one who ordered and did not receive and email from us regarding this update, email the help@ address and we’ll take care of you pronto.

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A Single Sky Preorder Launched

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A Single Sky Cover

Click on the Terry Winters cover art above to get to the A Single Sky album page at our store where you can get more information on the project, stream the record in full, watch videos, sample sheet music, and read the full liner notes by Darcy James Argue.

Preorders will ship nearer to release day (October 27th).

Sheet music orders will include the three Douglas arrangements to start. Expect an update with the four McNeely arrangements before the aforementioned release day.