UPLIFT: Program Notes

Posted by: mark on January 8, 2018 @ 9:49 pm
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Twelve pieces for positive action in 2018
Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, Mary Halvorson, Julian Lage, Bill Laswell, Ian Chang

All hands on deck. It’s imperative that all of us, together, work for positive change in this challenging moment. 2018 is a crucial year in the history of equality and democracy in our country and around the globe. It’s easy to be demoralized by the blizzard of news. UPLIFT began as a reminder — to myself — to stay positive, stay active, and stay engaged. I hope this message reaches others through this music. Each monthly release will be devoted to a major issue of concern for this world and its people: voting rights, racial equality, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, welcoming immigrants, wealth equality, diplomacy, science and education, humanities and culture, sensible gun laws, love of our environment and our culture, love for each other. Peace.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one engaged in this sort of outreach. Indeed, I hope that every artist, every individual, uses their work to shout out about positive change and activism during this year and beyond. This is my small contribution: to draw attention to the good people and organizations doing so much heavy lifting on these issues.

The players in this ensemble were chosen for their brilliance as improvisers, but also for their attention to community. Each of these musicians is devoted to playing a role in the music within the music, to being part of a social structure in creating a whole music. I’m grateful to each of them for lending their ears and their profound intuition for music.

Add your voice. Engage in your local community and in local sources of information and news. I will be making personal contributions to all of the organizations mentioned each month. I hope you will, too. Call your representatives. Run for office. Speak up. All hands on deck.

Dave Douglas

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Subscriber Series 2018: UPLIFT

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Announcing UPLIFT, our Subscriber Series for 2018!

Responding to the current political and social climate of the United States and beyond, Dave Douglas has put together a new project that challenges himself and all of us to consider how we can pitch in toward positive change.

Featuring twelve new Douglas compositions for a new sextet, each piece highlights a specific social cause and references organizations doing important work. As he says:

“The title, UPLIFT, comes from my searching for a way to NOT be negative about all the things changing in this country. Instead, the idea is to suggest concrete things that can be done on various topics and shout outs to organizations doing good work work in each area.”

You can read Dave’s complete program notes here  and stream the first track on Bandcamp here.

The ensemble, which came together to record the music in December 2017, features some of the most interesting artists in modern creative music: saxophonist Joe Lovano, guitarists Mary Halvorson and Julian Lage, bassist Bill Laswell and drummer Ian Chang.

Throughout 2018, we are releasing a new tracka each month exclusively for subscribers. Subscribers can stream and download the material on Bandcamp. There will also be engaging ‘extras’ on the subscriber feed as the year goes forward.

Check out the first track, The Power Of The Vote, on Bandcamp or on our website.

Please join us as a subscriber to gain access to this unique material and more. And look for a sneak preview of the music in the coming weeks.

Project details:

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, alto flute, mezzo soprano sax
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Julian Lage, guitar
Bill Laswell, bass
Ian Chang, drums and electronics

Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at Orange Music Sound Studio in Orange, NJ on December 11, 2017.
Video and photography shot by Geoff Countryman
Artwork by Yoko Yamabe at Randesign

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Farewell 2017!

Posted by: mark on December 31, 2017 @ 4:48 pm
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Thank you to all of our supporters for making 2017 a great year for Greenleaf Music!

We offered our Metamorphosis Subscriber Series, released 5 albums, launched nine podcasts and moved our subscription service to the Bandcamp platform.

We have much planned for 2018, including new releases by Dave Douglas, Ryan Keberle, Rudy Royston, Sound Prints and Greg Ward as well as a new Subscriber Series coming in January!

We are grateful to all of you for visiting the website, buying records, becoming subscribers and helping to support creative independent music!

All the best in 2018 and Happy New Year!

Team Greenleaf


2018 Releases:

Ryan Keberle & Catharsis, Find the Common, Shine a Light
Riverside, The New National Anthem
Dave Douglas and the Westerlies with Anwar Marshall, Little Giant Still Life
Dave Douglas Quintet, Brazen Heart Live at Jazz Standard: Saturday
Dave Douglas Sextet, Pathways

2018 Podcasts:

Episode 39: Pianist Kris Davis
Episode 40: Trombonist Roswell Rudd
Episode 41: Saxophonist Joe Lovano
Episode 42: Saxophonist James Brandon Lewis
Episode 43: Dave Douglas highlights trumpeters on WKCR (1/3)
Episode 44: Dave Douglas highlights trumpeters on WKCR (2/3)
Episode 45: Dave Douglas highlights trumpeters on WKCR (2/3)
Episode 46: Carla Bley & Steve Swallow
Episode 47: Charles Tolliver, Keyon Harrold and Meghan Stabile

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In Response

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Some of you may have seen Lily Maase’s post about her experiences as a guitarist and composer. I read it with great sadness. What happened to her is terrible, and sadly it’s not an anomaly, as we have heard from so many other women in recent times. Lily is a brilliant guitarist, a compelling composer and a great addition to the creative music scene.

At Banff, I wish I had done more to pressure The Banff Centre to defend Lily’s right to a fair and speedy inquiry in response to her complaint of assault. As soon as I heard of the incident, I took Lily to Community Services at the Banff Centre. They told us there would be an investigation and that they would handle it. My position as artistic director had no voice in the proceedings and I was kept out of any involvement with the process.

When Lily moved to New York, I wish I had done more to help her. Supporting young musicians has always been an important part of my work.

Searching my memory and my conscience, I can say with confidence that I did not discourage anyone from hiring Lily. Lily was among the many musicians I mentored in several programs. I encouraged her work and continued to follow it with interest. I know of no effort to silence Lily Maase, or to take her career away in the wake of these incidents and am not aware of any attempts at retaliation in the industry or the community.

I have reached out directly to Lily to express these thoughts. Lily’s story is so important because it shows how much more work we still have to do. I will continue to push the institutions where I work to be more aware and responsive. I will continue to support organizations that promote equality for women. And I will continue to listen to women in my community for ways I can contribute to equal treatment and increased opportunities for women in the creative arts.

Dave Douglas
December 2017

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Metamorphosis | Ursa Major

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Ursa Major is the final piece in the cycle of twelve that make up Metamorphosis. I am honored to have recorded this work with masters of improvisation Wadada Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Fred Frith, Matt Mitchell, Kris Davis, Yasushi Nakamura and Andrew Cyrille. Improvisation is about constant listening and learning, being a clean slate, deeply receptive to every event. Hearing all twelve pieces back to back, each one a different combination of the players, is an illuminating view into the art and craft of these very special artists. Hearing all eight of us together on this final piece is exhilarating. So many great collisions and juxtapositions, I will refrain from pointing them out and let the listener discover and enjoy.

It is a supreme pleasure to record these series every year, and I look forward to more dialog with the Greenleaf community and its growing family of listeners. Thank you for being a part of it.
This content is for members only.

Greenleaf Subscribers can stream and download all of the tracks from the Metamorphosis series on Bandcamp.

If you’re a Greenleaf Subscriber and you haven’t already redeemed your Bandcamp code for this series, go here.

Click here to learn more about the Metamorphosis Subscriber Series. Program notes can be found here.

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ANFTD #47: Charles Tolliver, Keyon Harrold, Meghan Stabile

Posted by: robyn on November 20, 2017 @ 5:27 pm
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Panel discussion led by Dave Douglas with Charles Tolliver (FONT Award Winner), Keyon Harrold (The Mugician), and Meghan Stabile (Revive Music). Held during the 15th Festival of New Trumpet Music. Topics include Charles’s founding and maintaining of the record label Strata East in the early 1970s, his interactions with Blue Note, as well as new paths in self determination for creative artists then and now. Keyon and Meghan speak powerfully on redefining current music and empowering oneself to take ownership of its presentation. Thanks FONT Music for sponsoring this event. See a photo of Charles’s award at the website.

SUBSCRIBE to A Noise From The Deep on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or your own favorite service using our RSS Feed.



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