A Year Ends, A Year Begins

Posted by: Dave Douglas on December 23, 2016 @ 1:28 pm
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Getting ready to close out a great year for creative music! A challenging year in some other ways, admittedly…

We are aiming to reach a new high in our community of subscribers. If you listen to the music we make — my music, that of Rudy Royston, Ryan Keberle, Linda Oh, Greg Ward, podcasts, special releases, we would really like to hear from you. To make this sustainable, we are looking to gather just a few more subscribers before the year ends. That could be you!

In January, we will release the first tracks of our 2017 Subscription Series, Metamorphosis, featuring myself, Wadada Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Fred Frith, Kris Davis, Matt Mitchell (on modular synth), Yasushi Nakamura, and Andrew Cyrille. It’s a series you are not going to want to miss. The project will play live at Lincoln Center in New York on March 3 and 4.

To further entice you to join us as this year ends, subscribers at Levels 2 and 3 will get Paperback edition CDs of the 2015 Serial Sessions, and the 2016 New Sanctuary.

I hope you’ll join us now — we depend on your support as we move into what will be a very challenging new cycle. We will always keep producing great creative music in response!

Best wishes for the holiday season and beyond.


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Live Recording at Jazz Standard

Posted by: mark on November 12, 2015 @ 9:39 am
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Dear Friends,Digital Cover Square

Hope all is well. This is about a special new project we are introducing. I love my current Quintet 2015, with Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, Rudy Royston. Many of you have heard us recently.

I have decided to record the entire run at Jazz Standard (more info and tickets here) from November 19 to 22 and make ALL 8 SETS available to listeners on Tuesday, November 24. You can get really cool advance pricing by ordering now.

All downloads will be high quality, and DRM free, to own and enjoy at your leisure. They will come with cover art and information.

I believe this band is in the midst of an important and revolutionary run — playing four albums worth of material from memory — and artistically I need to document it. And I urge you join us and drop into the club for a listen.

Thanks for your support.


Here are the details:

Tickets for the show below:

11/19 – Jazz Standard, New York, NY – Buy Tickets [LIVE Recording]
11/20 – Jazz Standard, New York, NY – Buy Tickets [LIVE Recording]
11/21 – Jazz Standard, New York, NY – Buy Tickets [LIVE Recording]
11/22 – Jazz Standard, New York, NY – Buy Tickets [LIVE Recording]

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Trumpet Music Days and Nights

Posted by: Dave Douglas on September 23, 2015 @ 11:27 am
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New Trumpet Music is something I’ve been involved in for a long time. Roy Campbell, Jr. and I decided, in 2002, to organize a group to support new music and musicians involved with the instrument. I’ve been president of this all volunteer, musician-run organization since that time.

This week, from September 24 through 29, FONT Music will present 6 days and nights of music in New York. Aside from all the normal great music in New York, this festival adds:
– A night of cross-genre new music with Asphalt Orchestra and yMusic at Rockwood on the 24th;
– Thomas Bergeron’s arrangements of Messiaen in “Sacred Feast” 25th;
– Marquis Hill’s “Signatures in Brass” with 5 other top players on the 26th;
– Two experimental nights at Downtown Music Gallery curated by Nate Wooley and Aaron Shragge, 27 & 28;
– Celebration of Dr. Eddie Henderson on September 29 at The New School.

All information and tickets can be found at FONTMusic.org

FONT Music is a group whose mission is dear to me. There’s no stylistic boundary to the music. No boundary in terms of community, gender, age, ambition. It’s all music, all varieties, supporting the players and composers.

Thank you for reading and listening. I hope to see you at some of these events. Please say hello, I will be there with open ears.

Dave Douglas

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High Risk Live In Montreal

Posted by: mark on September 11, 2015 @ 10:28 am
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HIgh Risk Montreal

Back in June, High Risk, with Shigeto, Mark Guiliana and Jonathan Maron, toured in the US and Canada. A French TV production crew from Mezzo was there to capture the concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Enjoy this television production of the concert.

We had a good night and appreciated the warm crowd. The concert was at L’Astral, a venue I had not played before. We had a great time and I’m really proud of how this came out. High Risk is available on CD and limited edition LP here. Thanks for listening.




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Making Music

Posted by: mark on March 9, 2015 @ 11:26 am
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I always feel like the best way to work on music is to, well, work on music. Scott Hall at Columbia College in Chicago facilitated a program where I have a group of students composing, rehearsing and creating their own music. As part of that program, we will all be performing together at Jazz Showcase from March 12 to March 15. There’s a matinee on Sunday, March 15. I haven’t done a matinee in a long time.

There are at least 9 new original student works. We will also play a handful of my pieces arranged for the group. And the program is still in process, so new pieces may come in, or new arrangements may get made, in the course of the week.

Nothing like putting everything at risk! It heightens the sensitivities and channelizes the energies. I am confident we will play right through all of it. It’s going to be a great adventure.

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Lee Konitz & Dave Douglas Quintet at The Jazz Standard March 19th – 22nd

Posted by: mark on February 20, 2015 @ 12:16 pm
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You might want to make plans to be in New York from March 19 through March 22 when Dave Douglas will team up with legendary alto player and composer Lee Konitz for four nights of shows at Jazz Standard.

Dave said it best, “I am so honored and thrilled to be playing with Lee, there is so much to learn from this absolute master. Rehearsals have been a trip! We are doing a few brand new pieces for me, by both Lee, and by Lennie Tristano, as well as working on standards I haven’t performed in probably thirty years. The rhythm section will be Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, and Ches Smith. Make plans now! Looking forward to seeing you there.”

Visit the Jazz Standard website for ticketing and show information.

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The Serial Sessions: Summit Music

Posted by: mark on February 3, 2015 @ 3:29 pm
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A note from Dave:

Some of you will remember it as the opening track on Greenleaf’s first release, Mountain Passages. This is a considerable re-orchestration of the piece, featuring group improvisation with an ensemble of dear Greenleaf family members: Rudy Royston on drums, Linda Oh on bass, Frank Woeste on piano, Ryan Keberle on trombone, and Chet Doxas on clarinet.

Each piece in the Serial Sessions will feature a different musician. I wrote 7 new pieces for this series, and picked some repertory of mine that I felt would resonate with the concept. For example, in November, you will receive a new recording of the song November, which was originally released on my album Freak In.

In September, to mark a new season of the Festival Of New Trumpet Music, we will release an unrecorded composition of mine that is dedicated to the late Kenny Wheeler. It is called From Thin Air. Stick around for this and plenty more new tracks that will be collected in this series.

Sign up now to get your track every month. The recording session was literally last week. I am so thrilled to get this new music to you in this format. It’s a joy to work in new and unexpected formats, and to have Greenleaf Music as a support structure to get it to you. I hope you will enjoy it all: the series, the band, the compositions. And I hope you will spread the word so that more people will hear it. I am relying on all of your for your interest and support to construct and support this revolutionary music company.

2015 will bring a new Donny McCaslin album, a new electric project from me called High Risk, a new recording by my Quintet, and a very special large ensemble recording I created last year in collaboration with Monash Art Ensemble, in Mellbourne, Auastralia. Other projects are also in development.

By taking part as a subscriber, you will be sure not to miss any of the 2015 Serial Sessions. Thanks for listening.
This content is for members only.

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ANFTD #28: Michael Bates

Posted by: mark on January 30, 2015 @ 12:47 pm
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michaelbatesWe’re back!

ANFTD’s first episode of 2015!  Dave interviews Michael Bates about his new trio recording, Northern Spy.  They cover topics including playing very slow, the influence of the blues and Michael’s work with Quinsin Nachoff.  Dave reflects on 2014 and talks about George Clinton’s autobiography.

Music featured on this episode:

Northern Spy-Michael Bates “Northern Spy” (Stereoscopic Records)
Bean-Michael Bates “Northern Spy” (Stereoscopic Records)
Days of Wine and Roses-Michael Bates “Northern Spy” (Stereoscopic Records)
Great Exhibition-Michael Bates’ Outside Sources “Clockwise” (Greenleaf Music)
Essex House-Michael Bates “Northern Spy” (Stereoscopic Records)
Ride On-Parliment “Chocolate City” (Casablanca)
Sugah Daddy-D’Angelo “Black Messiah” (RCA Records)
This Is My Father’s World-Dave Douglas “Be Still” (Greenleaf Music)


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High Risk

Posted by: mark on January 21, 2015 @ 8:08 pm
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Something I am genuinely thrilled to be working on! Starting a new band called High Risk, and finishing the record in these next weeks. I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s new vision of where improvisation and electronics can go. I wrote a bunch of new music and developed it with these three brilliant artists, and the engineer Geoff Countryman.

Shigeto, electronic musician affiliated with Ghostly International.

Mark Guiliana, drummer, acoustic and electric.

Jonathan Maron, bass and moog bass.

It’s a completely new departure for me and I am so grateful to be playing with these magical musicians! See you out there.

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The Importance of Young Ears

Posted by: mark on January 15, 2015 @ 9:00 am
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Dave Douglas, founder and owner of Greenleaf Music, will be heading to Indiana’s Purdue University for their 25th Annual Jazz Fest. Here are some words from him:

Purdue University is hosting an enormous festival this weekend at which I will be performing selections from the big band album, A Single Sky. The festival is also aimed at exposing music and jazz to several thousand young musicians from schools all around the region. Part of my activity there will be giving a class on playing the trumpet and being an improviser! Two topics I love very much. Also will be sharing some playing time with drummer Carl Allen! Very happy to revisit these charts (which will include some new ones as well) Enjoy! And thank you.

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