Brazen Heart Live at Jazz Standard

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Postcard Cover v4

Choose your way to buy:

Bundle of all 4 nights (that’s 8 sets!): $70

Single night (2 sets) Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday: $20

Bundle of all 4 nights + Brazen Heart CD: $80

Subscribe at Level 3: $125/year. Download all 8 sets, plus all the benefits that come with subscription, like exclusive downloadable content, additional discounts and complimentary tickets. Subscriber download available here.

The Dave Douglas Quintet finishes their Brazen Heart tour with a four night run at the Jazz Standard November 19-22. Featuring Jon Irabagon (saxophone), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums), the group delivers a roller-coaster ride of complex harmonic and rhythmic structures, veering between fierce and soulful.

“Douglas’ quintet … is one of the best working groups in jazz. In recent years, Douglas’ unflagging intellectual curiosity has led to the creation of a diverse body of work…. His quintet, however, represents a creative pinnacle.”

Michael Hamad, Hartford Courant

To capture the quintet’s musical alchemy after extensive touring throughout Europe, Australia and the US, Greenleaf Music is recording all 8 1-hour sets and making them available to you for a bundled price of $70.

Order now  — don’t miss the opportunity to hear this quintet recorded live!


Thursday, 7:30
  1. Hawaiian Punch
  2. Miracle Gro
  3. Barbara Allen
  4. Lone Wolf
  5. Going Somewhere With You
  6. There Is A Balm In Gilead
  7. Law of Historical Memory
Thursday, 9:30
  1. Ocean Spray
  2. Time Travel
  3. Pyrrhic Apology
  4. Inure Phase
  5. My Cares Are Down Below / The Pigeon And The Pie
  6. Deep River
Friday, 7:30
  1. Hawaiian Punch
  2. Little Feet
  3. Wake Up Claire
  4. Be Still My Soul
  5. Brazen Heart
  6. Whither Must I Wander?
  7. Beware of Doug
Friday, 9:30
  1. Bridge To Nowhere
  2. Variable Current
  3. This Is My Father’s World
  4. One Morning
  5. Middle March
  6. God Be With You Til We Meet Again
Saturday, 7:30
  1. Hawaiian Punch
  2. Time Travel
  3. Be Still My Soul
  4. Brazen Heart
  5. Whither Must I Wander?
  6. Lone Wolf
Saturday, 9:30
  1. Garden State
  2. Miracle Gro
  3. Barbara Allen
  4. Inure Phase
  5. Little Feet
Sunday, 7:30
  1. Law of Historical Memory
  2. Ocean Spray
  3. This Is My Father’s World
  4. Variable Current
  5. My Cares Are Down Below / The Pigeon And The Pie
  6. There Is A Balm In Gilead
Sunday, 9:30
  1. Bridge to Nowhere
  2. Deep River
  3. Wake Up Claire
  4. Going Somewhere With You
  5. God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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Brazen Heart Out Today!

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We’re happy to announce that Brazen Heart is officially released today! Check out the live footage from the studio of the tune Wake Up Claire featuring solos from everyone in the band. The quintet will tour Europe this month promoting the record. Check out dates below.


MON 12 OCT Jazzclub Fasching / Stockholm, SE Buy Tickets
WED 14 OCT Teatro Donizetti / Bergamo, IT Buy Tickets
THU 15 OCT Jazz Club / Singen, DE Buy Tickets
FRI 16 OCT Flagey – Studio 4 / Brussels, BE Buy Tickets
SAT 17 OCT Hugo Wolf Saal / Leibnitz, AT Buy Tickets
SUN 18 OCT Kinoteatr Rialto / Katowice, PL Buy Tickets
WED 21 OCT Babylon / Istanbul, TR Buy Tickets
THU 22 OCT Conservatorio Mantova / Mantova, IT
FRI 23 OCT Muze / Heusden-Zolder, BE Buy Tickets
SAT 24 OCT Het Spoor / Harelbeke, BE
SUN 25 OCT Grillo Theater / Essen, DE Buy Tickets

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Brazen Heart

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Featuring Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh and Rudy Royston.

“How do you respond to the tremendous losses that seem to keep coming in this new century? Love. Love, and more love is the only answer. To invest more heart and soul into our project, to bring to bear all the passion and compassion that we can.”

Dave Douglas

Trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas, one of the most prolific and influential jazz musicians of our time, has created “a body of work [that] reflects an inveterate engagement with the world, taking inspiration from literature, politics, dance and film, as well as jazz and new-music traditions,” writes Nate Chinen of The New York Times. But Douglas also draws from deep personal experience to inform his art. In 2012 he honored his late mother, Emily, with the album Be Still, debuting a youthful new quintet. Time Travel followed in 2013, and the quintet ripened further.

With its new album Brazen Heart, on Douglas’ own Greenleaf label, the quintet arrives at a new creative peak, having logged many hours on the road: Douglas and the band set a goal of gigging in all 50 states in honor of Douglas’s 50th birthday in March 2013. Douglas wrote new music for the occasion, and much of it appears on Brazen Heart, in takes that crackle with precision and improvisational depth. With Douglas are tenor saxophonist Jon Irabagon, pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Rudy Royston — every one a significant bandleader in their own right.

Dave Douglas_2015_Credit_John Abbott_LOW RES

Dave Douglas

While the theme of loss emerges once again — Douglas’s older brother Damon died of cancer in June 2015 — the trumpeter did not intend Brazen Heart as an elegy, in the manner of Be Still. Rather, the new album is an affirmation of love’s power in the face of tragedy, whether personal or global. “It’s a call to arms,” Douglas says. “It takes a lot of bravery to go through these things, and that’s the passion that we put into our art.” Damon was an important figure in Douglas’ professional life: “He gave me my first gig — when I was in 10th grade he had my band come up and play at his college. Later, whenever we were on tour in New England he would help out and drive. He liked to hang out with the band.”

On Brazen Heart the quintet deepens its pursuit of a more polyphonic and through-composed sound, as Douglas commented in the Time Travel liner note, “rather than just taking turns soloing on a form. We want to find something that’s in between soloing and trading and playing together.” With Brazen Heart they’ve surely found it. The subtle interchange of melodic foreground and background roles between Douglas, Irabagon and Mitchell is also highly developed and beautifully executed.

Another factor in the growth of the quintet: Douglas has been spending time with master composer and jazz legend Wayne Shorter. This is a happy outgrowth of Douglas’ work with Joe Lovano in the co-led band Sound Prints, devoted exclusively to new Shorter-inspired and Shorter-penned works. (Linda Oh plays in Sound Prints as well.) “Wayne has said some things that are really profound, and it’s really influenced the way I think about writing for this band, and the way that we play,” Douglas says. “If you listen to Time Travel and this record, you can hear a real difference. I like that idea of progress and change.”

“Brazen Heart,” the title track, was commissioned for the Ecstatic Music Festival — a piece for large brass ensemble to be performed at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan. As Douglas asserts in his liner note to Brazen Heart: “How do you respond to the tremendous losses that seem to keep coming in this new century? Love. Love, and more love is the only answer. To invest more heart and soul into our project, to bring to bear all the passion and compassion that we can.” Underscoring the point, Douglas includes a quote in the liner notes from influential psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl: “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

The two non-originals of the set, “Deep River” and “There Is a Balm in Gilead,” are old spirituals that bring to mind another lost loved one in the jazz world, the great Charlie Haden. “I found my way to them from playing the hymns from Be Still,” Douglas says. “I had also done the Sacred Harp music with Uri Caine on Present Joys. In this band, Linda and Rudy have deep musical connections to the church.” Oh solos plaintively on both the spirituals, with great musicality and touch. “I wanted to find our own way to play these very old pieces,” Douglas adds, “and to me the freshest look was to play them as simply and forthrightly as possible.”

Mitchell is formidable as the first soloist on “Hawaiian Punch,” named for a state in which Douglas did not manage to perform on his 50th anniversary tour. All the material for this tune was written during one of Douglas’ collaborative composing workshops. “It came out like a Monk tune, in the sense that it’s these independent moving voices, no chord symbols. It’s really about how we move around freely through these different obstacles and keep it together. It’s like certain pop tunes I hear that have really complicated structures, and you almost don’t think twice about it.”

Douglas wrote “Variable Current” some years ago but withdrew it after Linda Oh pointed out a fundamental error in Douglas’ notation. “I went to take a lesson with guitarist Rory Stuart, a great rhythm specialist, and he showed me how to approach what I wanted. The basic idea is a tune that’s like an accordion, that expands and contracts. Metrically it keeps notching up and then back down to exactly the same tempo. Every chorus it goes through this transformation. I fixed the tune and it was a learning curve for all of us playing it. Luckily I have band members who can bust me, and keep me on the right track when I bring in new pieces. I rely on them to take this music to the place that we go.”

Both “Miracle Gro” and “Pyrrhic Apology” exist as big band arrangements; the latter gets its title from “the feeling of wanting and needing to apologize for something that you can’t change. When it became clear that my brother wasn’t going to make it, we had several conversations about things that happened when we were kids, and I realized it doesn’t do any good for me to apologize at this point. It’s a pyrrhic apology.”

“Lone Wolf” and “Wake Up Claire” are the technical killers of the set. Douglas remarks: “I wrote a series of tunes where I wanted to get at the crazy intensity of an improvisation we normally get to at the 10- to 12- minute mark, and see if I could take that spontaneous excitement and create it within these shorter forms.” The concise yet complex “Inure Phase” (read: in your face) refers to a Steve Reichian “phase” concept in which “one person is in seven, another in five, another in four, another in three. They’re playing the same line but they gradually fall apart and come back together.”

Douglas, recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Aaron Copland award and two Grammy nominations, has a recorded résumé stretching back to the late 1980s, including more than 40 records as a leader of varied ensembles, with music frequently reaching beyond jazz to draw on classical, folk, Balkan music, Klezmer, free improvisation and electronica. In addition to his work with the Dave Douglas Quintet, his recent Greenleaf releases include High Risk with beat-maker and electronic producer Shigeto; Present Joys, a duo with master pianist (and former Douglas Quintet member) Uri Caine; and Riverside, featuring a quartet co- led with saxophonist Chet Doxas.

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DD Quintet at Birdland Final Night + DD Quintet Album Sale

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The Dave Douglas Quintet finishes its week long run at Birdland tonight with sets at 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm, get your tickets here. The DD Quintet Album sale continues as well. Get 20% off Time Travel, Be Still and Meaning and Mystery at the Greenleaf Music Online Store. Use the coupon code “ddbirdland” at checkout!

The New York Times, The New Yorker and TimeOutNY have all offered their thoughts about this run. Here’s a recap:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 4.04.14 PM Dave Douglas Quintet (Tuesday through Aug. 23) The industrious trumpeter-composer Dave Douglas broke in a terrific new band last year, releasing two albums on his own Greenleaf label: “Be Still,” a contemplative recasting of Protestant hymns, and “Time Travel,” a more rambunctious postbop outing. The quintet — with Jon Irabagon on saxophones, Matt Mitchell on piano, Linda Oh on bass and Rudy Royston on drums — will most likely draw from both releases here. At 8:30 and 11 p.m., Birdland, 315 West 44th Street, Clinton, 212-581-3080,; $40 cover, with a $10 minimum. (Chinen)


Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 4.10.09 PM

Always ready for challenging musical experiences, the trumpeter Douglas juggles bands the way others change shoes. A favorite ensemble seems to be his quintet, stocked with exciting younger players, including Jon Irabagon, on saxophones; Matt Mitchell, on piano; Linda Oh, on bass; and Rudy Royston,on drums. Douglas never panders to his audience, but this astute ensemble—which has recorded the albums “Be Still” and “Time Travel”—displays the agreeably accessible aspects of his artistry. (Birdland, 315 W. 44th St. 212-581-3080. Aug. 19-23.)



Leading trumpet progressive Dave Douglas keeps his schedule packed with collaborations and side projects—lately, he’s been working with Joe Lovano in the band Sound Prints, and in a duo with pianist Uri Caine, heard on the beautifully spare Present Joys. But he always reserves time for his working combo: These days, that’s a lithe quintet staffed with young virtuosos Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh and Rudy Royston, all on hand for this run.

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Dave Douglas Quintet in Europe

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Greenleaf Music is proud to announce a pair of European appearances by the Dave Douglas Quintet. One at the Jazz Middleheim Festival in Antwerp on August 14th and the other at the Jihočeský Jazzový Festival in Česke Budějovice on August 15th. These two dates will feature the usual working quintet featuring Jon Irabagon on saxophone, Matt Mitchell on piano, Linda Oh on bass and Rudy Royston on drums. The quintet will then hurry back across the Atlantic to New York for a weeklong engagement at Birdland from August 19th through August 23rd. We hope to see you!

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Time Travel

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Buy CD/Digital

Sheet Music for Time Travel is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


“The strength of the quintet,” Douglas argues, “is a testament to the health of the current jazz scene. It’s turning into a really rich environment of growth and inspiration in the music.”

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music release Time Travel, an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile called “one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]’ve heard by anybody in quite a while.”

Even with the identical personnel – the saxophonist Jon Irabagon, the pianist Matt Mitchell, the bassist Linda Oh and the drummer Rudy Royston, (sans Aoife O’Donovan), Time Travel is its own statement. Additionally master engineer Joe Ferla is onboard again to continue to pristine sound of Douglas’ bands.

“This core group was intended to be my new working band,” says Douglas of the instrumentalists on Time Travel. While O’Donovan and other singers (including Heather Masse) will continue to join the band in live settings, the focus for the time being, is on original small-group instrumental compositions, for which Douglas has been best known for throughout his 3-decade career in music.

The title Time Travel might suggest that Douglas is drawn toward futurism, sci-fi fantasy and the like. On one level, sure: music-making is the ultimate intangible, a point of departure, as the late Andrew Hill put it, but toward what?

“I was really interested in what David Toomey wrote in his book The New Time Travelers,” Douglas says. “How the concept of time travel has been around a long time, and how it is evident in the way we think and the way we create: backwards, forwards, all directions at once, beyond the speed of light, rearranging our understanding of cause and effect.”

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Great Things about 2012

Posted by: Dave Douglas on January 2, 2013 @ 4:11 pm
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There were some tough news stories towards the end of last year. That’s no reason not to appreciate the great things from 2012. Here are a few things I really appreciated. Thank you.

Obama, Reelected.

That we’re not looking at Mitt Romney is a blessing. Mitt’s son now tells us that Mitt didn’t actually want to run or serve, so, a blessing for all of us.

Marathons, The Ryan Adjustment.

In case you missed it, the Republican vice presidential candidate gave a rough estimate of his marathon time that was about an hour faster than the truth. As a marathoner who failed to break my goal of four hours this year (look out 2013!) I really appreciated that, and have consistently applied said adjustment ever since.

Based on the farm share model, where stakeholders ensure the success of the farm by pre-paying for vegetables, our members purchase jazz shares to provide a way to produce concerts with minimal institutional support. A grassroots, all-volunteer organization, we are a community of music lovers in Western Massachusetts dedicated to the continued vitality of the music. By pooling resources, energy and know-how, shareholders are creating an infrastructure able to bring world-class improvisers to our region. These shareholders are Jazz Pioneers.

FONT Music @10

Festival of New Trumpet Music celebrates ten years of activity with commissions and performances around New York. Festival opened with Stephanie Richards’ performance at the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Thankfully it was before Hurricane Sandy, shown here. FONT Music will continue in September of 2013.

Banff Center for the Arts.

As a part of my final season, The Banff Center invited me to compose a final piece for the closing concert. Pathways was recorded by Joe Ferla at the center, and will be released in 2013 on Greenleaf Music. It features Greg Tardy, Josh Roseman, Uri Caine, Linda Oh, and Clarence Penn. On one track we are joined by Aoife O’Donovan.

Joe Ferla.

Joe joined me for another project this year and outdid himself with the sound. It is most evident on the vinyl edition of Be Still. My new Qunitet also recorded with Joe, and the record will be out in March, entitled Time Travel.

Royal Academy of Music.

Thrilled to be a part of the program at the Royal Academy in London where I will again serve in the Kenny Wheeler Chair in 2013. View shows

Key and Peele.

Start at the first season and go from there. These guys are the best.

Texts From Hillary

“Guys, if you’re going to play Well You Needn’t at least check out the Monk changes.”

McKayla Maroney is not impressed. Tough out there. We’re going to make 2013 better for sure.

Matt Ulery

Not just because he made a beautiful record for Greenleaf. Matt brought a lot of dedication and heart to the scene, both live and on record, and he is destined for bigger things. Check him out.

Aoife O’Donovan.

Denver bassist Greg Garrison brought together a great group including Matt Flinner and John Gunther this year. Thanks to Greg I met Aoife and her music. She brought me a lot of inspiration this year and we will be continuing live shows in 2013.

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Recommended Tools

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Sheet Music for Recommended Tools is available for download here and at the Donny McCaslin App


Recommended Tools is the 7th release from 2008 Downbeat Rising Star Poll winner Donny McCaslin. It is also his first for Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf Music label. McCaslin has been performing with Douglas’ highly publicized Quintet since 2005, as well as receiving a Grammy nomination for his work with the Maria Schneider Orchestra in 2004. His latest release, Recommended Tools finds McCaslin for the first time working in a trio setting. With bassist Hans Glawischnig (Ray Barretto, Stefon Harris, Miguel Zenon) and drummer Johnathan Blake (Tom Harrell, Jaleel Shaw, Russell Malone), McCaslin has made this highly emotive format a vehicle for his virtuosic blowing and distinct compositional voice. Trenched in free-flowing arrangements with dynamic interplay between the band, this work harkens back to the classic trio recordings of Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson. And while a classic format, McCaslin retains his progressive approach and inventiveness citing Bill Frisell, Hermeto Pascoal, Stravinsky and Messiaen as inspiration for these compositions.

Subscriber Bonus: Recommended Tools (Alt Take)

An alternate take of the title track from Donny McCaslin’s Recommended Tools.

This content is for members only.

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Live at the Jazz Standard [2CD]

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‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ›››

Between December 5 and 10, 2006, the Dave Douglas Quintet settled into New York’s Jazz Standard for a six night run. Greenleaf Music recorded all 12 sets the group played that week and released each set within 24 hours as downloadable MP3s. The project represented the broadest documentation of the Grammy nominated group to date and featured a unique combination of compositions and improvisations culled from previous albums The Infinite (2001), Strange Liberation (2003) and Meaning and Mystery (2006), as well as a book of new pieces recently road-tested on the Quintet’s November, 2006 European tour.

After repeated requests from fans, Douglas and Greenleaf decided to change course and release some of this extraordinary music on CD in a double disc set appropriately titled, Dave Douglas Quintet, Live at the Jazz Standard. The discs include all of the new pieces and two older pieces never before heard on CD in a “live” format and in which the arrangement is significantly different from their studio renderings.

The first disc presents all the pieces Douglas wrote in the summer and fall of 2006 for the quintet. These pieces were topical to what was going on at that moment, as may be inferred from the titles (“Earmarks, “War Room,” etc). The second disc showcases pieces written in early 2006–some of which inspired by Dave’s examination of Don Cherry’s music, some of them slated for inclusion on the studio album Meaning and Mystery. In addition, there are two ‘bonus tracks,’ pieces which have never been released in their live format and in which the arrangement is significantly different from their studio renderings: the title track to Douglas’ album Magic Triangle (1998), and “A Single Sky,” from Strange Liberation (2004).

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Live at the Jazz Standard

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Between December 5 and 10, 2006, the Dave Douglas Quintet settled into New York’s Jazz Standard for a six night run. Greenleaf Music recorded all 12 sets the group played that week. This project represents the broadest documentation of this critically acclaimed band to date. Each set, 60 minutes in length, features a unique combination of compositions and improvisations culled from previous albums The Infinite (2001), Strange Liberation (2003) and Meaning and Mystery (2006), as well as a book of new pieces recently road-tested on the Quintet’s November, 2006 European tour. In all, Douglas recorded 40 different compositions, old and new. Live at The Jazz Standard represents an increcdible addition to the ouevre of the Grammy nominated Dave Douglas Quintet.


PERSONNEL: Dave Douglas, Cornet; Donny McCaslin, Tenor Saxophone; Uri Caine, Fender Rhodes; James Genus, Bass; Clarence Penn, Drums

Subscriber Bonus Sets

The two unreleased sets from the extensive 6-night run at the Jazz Standard in 2006 are now available in FLAC format.

This content is for members only.

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