GPS, V3: Bad Mango

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The third volume of the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS), Bad Mango features Dave Douglas with So Percussion. From the first notes of the opening track One More News—originally recorded on Witness [2001]—it’s clear that this session yielded a sound unlike any other in the expansive Dave Douglas discography. Pai†ring his plaintive trumpet with a myriad of percussion instruments including marimba, drumset, glockenspiel, and a whole host of nontraditional percussion like musical saw, toy bells, shruti box, crotales, et al, Douglas leads this unique ensemble through new compositions and revisitations of songs from his works catalog.

Personnel: Dave Douglas (trumpet), Eric Beach (estey organ, Ableton, musical saw, toys, metronomes, shruti box, crotales), Adam Sliwinski (marimba, toys, concert bass drum, glockenspiel), Jason Treuting (drumset, melodica, deskbells), Josh Quillen (korg synthesizer, vocoder, kick drum, snare drum, ride cymbal)
Recorded by Tyler Mcdiarmid and Geoff Countryman at the So Percussion loft.


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GPS, V2: Orange Afternoons

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Sheet Music for Orange Afternoons is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


The second volume of the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS), Orange Afternoons features Dave Douglas, Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, and Marcus Gilmore. This informal session in Brooklyn yielded six new Douglas compositions for this special quintet.

The album opener—The Gulf—begins delicately with Iyer rolling clusters and Gilmore frosting the spectrum with cymbals before the plaintive melody offers the first taste of the frontline of Douglas’ trumpet and Coltrane’s saxophone. Moving along, Valori Bollati—translated as Revenue Stamps—swings it’s way into gorgeous solos by Iyer and Oh. Solato features a simple harmonic figure floating on top of a deep groove laid down by Gilmore and Oh, and a solo from Douglas that culminates in a single long tone towering over a cymbal wash before fizzling back to the intro figure. All in all, the six tracks on this album feel immediate, with urgent playing from each of these stalwart musicians.

Personnel: Dave Douglas (trumpet), Ravi Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Vijay Iyer (piano), Linda Oh (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums)
Recorded by Tyler Mcdiarmid and Geoff Countryman at 58 North Six Media Labs

Session Video: Orologi

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Video Slideshow: Solato

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GPS, V1: Rare Metals

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Sheet Music for Rare Metals is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


In the early winter of 2011, trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas convened an informal recording session in Brooklyn with his group Brass Ecstasy. They were to record the first volume in a string of digital releases that Douglas dubbed the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS). Greenleaf Portable Series Volume 1: Rare Metals finds Douglas — the indefatigably prolific composer — adding five new compositions and a new arrangement of Billy Strayhorn’s, Lush Life, to an ever-expanding Brass Ecstasy music book.

Rare Metals is the digital followup to the live recording United Front: Brass Ecstasy at Newport recorded at the 2010 Newport Festival and released late April 2011. Utilizing the same personnel that wowed crowds at Newport and around the world, the all-brass-plus-drums lineup balances Douglas’ music between delicate, dynamic chamber-bop (Safeway, My Old Sign), and drunken, riotous revelry (Town Hall, Night Growl). Six tracks in total. Clocking in just over 40 minutes, Rare Metals feels urgent and immediate.

“I liked the idea of streaming the music directly to listeners, and it seemed that CD length might not be the best representative in the new medium,” explains Douglas. “Also the idea of shorter, more informal sessions appealed to me as it harked back to the way jazz records used to be made. The GPS gave me an outlet for a lot of new tunes and presented me with a way to record with some musicians I really admire but would rarely get to play with.”

Personnel: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Vincent Chancey, horn; Luis Bonilla, trombone; Marcus Rojas, tuba; and Nasheet Waits, drums

Subscriber Bonus: United Front (GPS mix) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As we re-celebrate the Brass Ecstasy performance at Newport last year with the release of United Front: Brass Ecstasy at Newport, we are also gearing up for the first release in a new digital-only series called the Greenleaf Portable Series. This cut is the studio version of the song United Front, and a bonus track from the first GPS session. Available in MP3 and FLAC formats.

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United Front

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Originally recorded by WBGO Jazz 88 and presented as part of NPR’s live concert series, the album captures the group’s spectacular performance during the 2010 Carefusion Newport Jazz Festival.

“There was a special feeling for us on taking the drive out to the festival grounds at Fort Adams State Park,” said Douglas. “On the day of the gig, each of us was flying in from a different location. The weather was cooperating, and I remember watching boats in the harbor…such a magnificent setting. During the set each of the tunes grew into new proportions that day, stretching in all sorts of directions from their original studio release.”

Picking up where their critically acclaimed debut Spirit Moves (Greenleaf 2009) left off, United Front (Douglas’ 32nd release) sees this all-star band plunging into Douglas’ compositions (plus one Hank Williams Sr. tune) with an intensity and exuberance garnered only at a live jazz concert, particularly one with the legacy and spirit of Newport. The album features tunes from Spirit Moves including the 12-plus minute set closer “Bowie” – a tribute to Lester Bowie – that steadily works the crowd into a loud and appreciative frenzy. Also included are two previously unreleased songs, “Spirit Moves” and “United Front.”

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