The DD|50 Special Edition Box Set is available now

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Super proud of everybody on the Greenleaf team for the outcome of this new box set. It’s got Be Still, Time Travel and two unreleased items: Pathways, a new sextet recording with Uri Caine, Greg Tardy, Josh Roseman, Linda Oh, Clarence Penn, and special guest Aoife O’Donovan. And a DVD of session and art videos created by Christoph Green. There’s also a download card of additional out takes and unreleased tracks.

Not only is the box itself beautiful (thanks again, guys, OK yes, it’s my birthday, I get it), but they’ve also devised a system so that — if you already purchased Be Still and Time Travel — you don’t have to buy them again. You can simply “complete your box.” Nice right?

If you are curious, this is a cool moment to check out what’s going on at Greenleaf and get some great music. Thanks.

Hear “Handwritten Letter,” a previously unreleased track included in the box set “…a devastatingly catchy song, which has found itself stuck in my head since I received the box. It, moreover, serves as a firm reminder of how brilliant and infectious a melodist Douglas is” (Search & Restore)

Another bonus track, this one with video of the performance, premiered at Burning Ambulance on Monday.

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DD|50: Special Edition 50th Birthday Recordings

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“A beautiful and rugged 2-pc box with a foil-wrapped DD|50 logo holds three Dave Douglas CDs: “Be Still” “Time Travel” and “Pathways.” The set is rounded out with a DVD containing previously unreleased in-studio performances and art videos shot by Christoph Green, and a download card granting access to four bonus unreleased tracks.

Even in his 50th year Dave Douglas shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, this milestone proves to be a focal point in a reexamination driven by many events in his life: musical, personal, spiritual and emotional. Three releases show that process, 2012’s intimate, reflective and intensely personal Be Still, 2013’s hard-driving, straight-ahead Time Travel, and his newest work, Pathways, written for sextet as a farewell soliloquy to his beloved ten-year tenure as director of the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music. Taken together, these three albums represent a snapshot of the trumpeter and composer’s 50th year, in some ways summing up his journey thus far and in other ways only hinting at future paths he will soon embark upon.

Dave Douglas described the title of 2012’s release, Be Still, as “aspirational”, and the story of its creation is an uplifting one. Before Douglas’ mother passed away following a three-year battle with ovarian cancer, she gave her son a list of hymns to play at her memorial service. After arranging and performing them at the service, Douglas felt a powerful imperative to search deeper into their meaning. The resulting album brought out his lyrical side, and introduced both a newly configured Quintet, and an important new collaborator, vocalist and guitarist Aoife O’Donovan. The intensity of Douglas’ focus on the music of Be Still is understandable given the album’s origins, and the resulting pieces are a marriage of folk song and congregational hymnody with sophisticated harmonies and rich rhythmic underpinnings.

Thus began the musical journey of Douglas’ 50th year. The album garnered rave reviews, with Stereophile proclaiming it “one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]’ve heard by anybody in quite a while.” Likewise, The New York Times called the album “gorgeous and contemplative,” while the Los Angeles Times described it as “a lush collection of hymnals and elegies reworked into widescreen jazz.”

Never one to stay still for long, Douglas soon unleashed a new and exciting record using the same band (albeit without Aoife O’Donovan) of saxophonist Jon Irabagon, pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Rudy Royston. “This core group was intended to be my new working band,” says Douglas of the instrumentalists on Time Travel.

Again, Time Travel garnered wide acclaim. Down Beat anointed Douglas “the unassuming king of independent jazz, a model of do-it-yourself moxie, initiative and artistic freedom.” wrote: “Featuring some of today’s brightest new stars, the current incarnation of Douglas’ Quintet reflects the independent spirit of a pioneering artist whose intrepid enthusiasm manifests itself in his choice of gifted young collaborators. Lending credence to its title, Time Travel displays the boundless creativity of a group that derives equal inspiration from both past and future.”

The final installment of this 50th-year triptych is Pathways, commissioned by The Banff Centre and first performed on June 9, 2012 during the final concert of Douglas’ tenure as director. As Douglas explains: “This record is a summing up for me: of the great affection I have come to hold for Banff, of all the wonderful young musicians who have attended the program, and of all I have learned as a result of those interactions. It’s also an appreciation of all my experiences in the great outdoors, so majestically present in the Canadian Rockies. And of a great partnership with these fine musicians. I know these Pathways will lead to new, unknown trails, and I relish the next adventures.”

Beautifully recorded by frequent collaborator engineer Joe Ferla, this sextet comprises regular Douglas band members Greg Tardy (clarinet, tenor sax), Joshua Roseman, (trombone), Uri Caine (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Clarence Penn (drums), reuniting them with Aoife O’ Donovan on the opening track.

“I was delighted to be able to reunite many of the musicians of my Sextet who also joined the campus as visiting artists,” writes Douglas in the liner notes. “I am grateful to all them for getting inside the piece and resonating with me the feeling for the context.”

All of the pieces are based on the J.S. Bach chorale Es ist genug. In the opening piece, O’Donovan sings a re-harmonized version of the chorale melody more or less straight, with a beautiful lyric she adapted from several sources. From there, the other pieces explore variations of the material, each one featuring a different player in the ensemble.

A special preview of Pathways will take place on September 23 at 7:00 PM, when–as part of Douglas’ annual Festival of New Trumpet Music–the sextet plus special guest Heather Masse will perform at St. Peter’s Church in New York City. This concert will feature music from all three discs and celebrate the coming release of the DD|50 Box Set.

To ensure this collection is a fitting addition to the Dave Douglas catalog, a beautiful and rugged two-piece full-color box with a foil-wrapped DD|50 logo was designed to house the contents. In addition to the three CDs–the physical version of Pathways is exclusive to the box–the set is rounded out with some special extras. A DVD with previously unreleased in-studio performances and art videos shot by Christoph Green of Trixie is included, as well as a download card granting exclusive access to bonus alternate takes and unreleased tracks. A limited-edition, signed and numbered version will be available for hard-core fans and a “complete-your-box” offer for those who already own parts of the set will be announced.

The music embodied on these records is a reflection of Douglas’ recent artistic achievements and each album represents a distinct view of Dave Douglas as he turns 50. Combining them in a special edition box set, together with a DVD and bonus tracks, provides fascinating insights into Douglas’ creative process and a glimpse of the inner workings of an important artist at a fruitful and important milestone in his career.

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Stained Radiance

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Guitarist Nels Cline and painter Norton Wisdom, both masters of their medium, joined together last year for an afternoon of sonic and visual improvisation caught on film by Aeght Nign. Armed with his guitar and effects, Cline constructs lush soundscapes brought about by Wisdom’s brush-stroke spontaneity. Wisdom in turn follows Cline’s auditory twists creating and recreating the same canvas.

Two mesmerizing performances are included on the DVD along with special features like the Norton Headcam, and a behind-the-scenes look into the sessions.


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Spirit Moves [CD+DVD]

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Sheet Music for Spirit Moves is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


Douglas’ first studio album in three years and the debut recording of his project Brass Ecstasy, Spirit Moves features Douglas alongside Vincent Chancey (French horn), Luis Bonilla (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Nasheet Waits (drums) paying homage to the brass instrument with eight new original compositions and three arrangements of classics by such disparate artists as Otis Redding, Hank Williams and Rufus Wainwright. Over the past several years, Douglas has steadily honed his work with Brass Ecstasy with appearances at the 2008 Chicago Jazz Festival, which commissioned new music from the group, Willisau Festival, Reggio Calabria Jazz Festival, and The Festival of New Trumpet Music. Informed by the evolving spirit of brass music and by his multi-faceted career as the director of The Festival of New Trumpet Music, label head of Greenleaf Music, a renowned composer, artist, and record producer, Douglas pens an ambitious collection of lyrical songs with impressions of folk, pop and soul music.

The in-studio workings of Brass Ecstasy shot to video by Jem Cohen (REM, Patti Smith) and Christoph Green (Wilco, Burn to Shine). Featured songs include: “This Love Affair,” “Bowie,” “Great Awakening,” “Mister Pitiful,” “Fats,” and “The View From Blue Mountain,” [below]. Edited by Christoph Green and Brendan Canty for Trixie DVD. This DVD is included in the Deluxe packaging offered by Greenleaf.

Video . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Subscriber Bonus: Hope, Prayer For Baghdad

These two bonus track are from the debut album of Brass Ecstasy, Spirit Moves. Same recording session. Same lineup. Included are the MP3s, FLACs, and Sheet Music pdfs to download.

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Keystone [CD+DVD]

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Keystone features Douglas compositions inspired by the great and unfairly maligned Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, one of America’s earliest and funniest movie stars. Focusing on his early works for the Keystone production company (1915-1916), the new music attempts to mirror the humor and drama, the tragedy and hilarity of Arbuckle’s films and his life. The electric invoked scores are warm, funny, funky, and experimental, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the films.

Keystone is a two-disc release: a CD and a DVD. The CD contains eleven music tracks which present themes Dave Douglas composed for Arbuckle’s films. The DVD contains two items; first, Roscoe Arbuckle’s 1915 film “Fatty and Mabel Adrift”, accompanied by Dave Douglas’ new score (comprised of the above-mentioned songs plus about seven minutes of additional music Dave wrote for this film). Also included is “Just Another Murder”, a music video for this Keystone track compiled and edited from the film “Fatty’s Tin-Type Tangle”, directed by Arbuckle in 1915.

The Village Voice has said of Keystone: “Fatty Arbuckle isn’t a dude who usually gets a nod on jazz discs, but Dave Douglas isn’t a dude who does things the usual way. The trumpeter’s forthcoming CD is made by a new band with funk, dub, pop and outcat groove on its mind. Noisy and graceful — no wonder Fatty is its cause celebre.”

Musicians: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Jamie Saft, keyboards; Gene Lake, drums; Marcus Strickland, saxophones; Brad Jones, bass; DJ Olive, turntables.

Subscriber Bonus: AWD

A track recorded at the Keystone session and mixed by David Torn but not released.

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Subscriber Bonus: Luke The Dog

“Luke The Dog” is another complete take from the Keystone recording session that was left off the CD portion of the Keystone disc. Dedicated to Fatty Arbuckle’s dog, who starred in a number of films including “Fatty & Mabel Adrift”, where some of this music is featured.

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Subscriber Bonus: Pool Sharks (early edit)

Dave’s own early edit and mix of Pool Sharks, from the original Keystone Studio sessions of January 2005. This piece was not on the Keystone album, but it became a staple of live performances. You can now also hear a live version of this piece on Keystone: Live in Sweden. This track shows the original studio conception.

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Subscriber Bonus: Educational

After his exoneration, Arbuckle tried to return to moviemaking, but the ban on his pictures came too soon after his acquittal to allow for that, and he retreated into alcoholism. Buster Keaton attempted to help Arbuckle by letting him work on Keaton’s films. Arbuckle allegedly co-directed scenes in Keaton’s Sherlock, Jr., but it is unclear how much of this footage made it through to the final film.

Arbuckle also directed a number of comedy shorts for Educational Pictures featuring lesser-known comics of the day under the pseudonym William Goodrich. Educational released many silent comedies and also, for a period in the 1920s, released silent cartoons including Felix the Cat.

Dave Douglas, DJ Olive, Brad Jones, Gene Lake, David Torn

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