Subscriber Exclusive: Key Motion Quintet, Live at Jazz Standard

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Equal parts Keystone and Perpetual Motion, the Key Motion Quintet is co-led by Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin with Adam Benjamin, Tim Lefevbre, and Mark Guiliana. These three cuts——Moonshine, L.Z.C.M., and Handwritten Letter——are from the GPS: Live at Jazz Standard celebration December 2011 which was one of only two performances with this band. All three tunes are available for stream/download exclusively for Greenleaf Subscribers.

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Donny McCaslin at 92Y Tribeca, Wednesday – Broadcast, webcast via WBGO & NPR Music

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For those of us in Chicago, Columbus, and Cleveland this past week, we were lucky enough to get hip to a lot of new music from Donny’s new quartet—Donny, Jason Lindner, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana. The Chicago shows at Green Mill were astounding by all accounts. Cuts from Perpetual Motion like Energy Generation and LZCM nestled next to tunes being prepped for the next DMC album he’ll be recording this coming summer. They were sets that were as inspiring as they were muscular, all the players carrying their weight and brimming with energy, and the packed-in-crowds happily drank it all up.

Anyone, anywhere can hear and see this band this coming Wednesday night, February 29th. WBGO and NPR Music will be broadcasting & webcasting the performance from the 92Y Tribeca in NYC starting at 8:00PM EST. Adam Rogers’ DICE will open up the night, and Donny’s band will close it down. Stop by the link above to stream and to live chat during the show.

Stream the archived webcast at NPR Music.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 29th
  • Time: 8:00pm
  • City: Donny McCaslin in New York
  • Venue: 92Y
  • Country: US

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    Perpetual Motion named Best of 2011 by Boston Globe

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    Donny McCaslin’s 2011 album Perpetual Motion was listed as one of the top albums of the year by the Boston Globe. Congrats to Donny and all the musicians that made that record such a spectacular listen. And thanks to the Boston Globe for the nod.

    Read the feature at

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    Dave Douglas & Greenleaf in 2011

    As we sift through our epically full inboxes and move further and further away from vacation daze, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic for 2011—even as it’s just passed. There was a new website, a new music series, new artists, new albums… it seems everything was NEW last year. So before we can move on to all the goings-on we have scheduled this calendar year, a quick recap of some of the music we released in 2011 is necessary for us in this crazy hit-it-and-forget-it internet world we’ve all grown accustomed to.

    Donny McCaslin’s Perpetual Motion

    Donny went from a sparse but blazing tenor trio album Recommended Tools [2008] to the large ensemble Declaration album [released on Sunnyside, 2010] all the way to this electric album filled with angular post-bop, blistering polyphonic funk, backbeat-driven R&B, and delicate, ethereal balladry. And we thank him for it. It’s partly due to this music that the Key Motion Quintet came to be—but we’ll get to that.

    Curtis Macdonald’s Community Immunity

    Curtis’ debut album sounds more like his fourth or fifth. The depth of the compositions and the blowing from everyone on board sold us the second we heard it. As Dave put it early on: “The pieces on this recording are like little puzzles with moving parts that fit together in the strangest ways.” If you didn’t pick this album up, you should, because it burns from start to finish.

    Greenleaf Portable Series, Cloud Player

    As everyone knows, we like to take on at least one bigger project every year, and this was our 2011. And really, what better way to allow Dave to be his compositore prolificano than to record three disparate groups providing the vehicle for his new music. We’re glad that you agreed and supported the series, both as the digital albums, and in the Three Views box set. We hope to do another batch of GPS’s this year, so stay tuned.

    All of that music, and all our music from the past 7 years of operation are housed at our new Cloud Player. Subscribers can access it all for a nominal annual fee. It’s our way of saying that catalog isn’t dead, at least ours. We’ll be making updates including First Listen’s to new albums regularly. Consider joining our community by subscribing.

    Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy, GPS1: Rare Metals

    The first of three. New compositions for a band that made it’s recording debut not too long ago—three years might be a long time, but for us, this group is still fresh.

    Orange Afternoons Quintet, GPS2: Orange Afternoons

    Dave with Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, and Marcus Gilmore. ’nuff said.

    Dave Douglas & So Percussion, GPS3: Bad Mango

    This is the one that we were most excited about hearing around the office when we first heard of the possibility. “What would it be like?,” we thought. Well, it sounded like nothing we’d heard out of Dave before, in the best and most exciting way possible. The tunes Dave chose for this ensemble were perfectly matched, some spacey and floating dripping with tinkerings, some unabashedly sharp and driving.

    GPS at Jazz Standard

    Lucky folks in NYC continue to get lucky around the holidays. It seems every year Dave pulls a rabbit out of his hat and throws a shindig at somewhere in town to celebrate the year. 2011 was no different with Dave bringing in not only the three ensembles chronicling the GPS releases, but also a new band co-led by Donny McCaslin called Key Motion. Expect to hear more from that band, and all these shows in the coming months.

    Three Views for charity

    A special thanks to all those who got involved in the charity drive we put on at the end of the year. Thanks to you, we were able to contribute more that we hoped to the charities we listed and that you suggested. We hope the 17-player autographed copy of the Three Views box finds a nice place on your mantle or CD rack—you deserve it. We hope we can do something similar next year. Again, thanks for your generosity.

    What else?

    I’m sure I’m forgetting to write a bunch of things—music or otherwise—that Dave Douglas & Greenleaf were a part of in 2011. But maybe that’s a good thing. As Dylan said, “Don’t Look Back.” We don’t want to push the past too hard, just remind you of it in all it’s glory. And now that we’ve reminded you, onwards and upwards to 2012. Expect good things.

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    [AUDIO] Stream Moonshine by Key Motion Quintet

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    We have our ace team of engineers mixing some audio from the GPS celebration at Jazz Standard. The stream below was just too good to keep to ourselves while the others get finished. Moonshine—originally the title track on the 2006 release under Dave Douglas & Keystone—as performed by the Key Motion Quintet is now available to stream below. Subscribers can expect a high-res download of this and some other choice cuts.

    Key Motion Quintet, Live at Jazz Standard 12/8/11
    Dave Douglas, Donny McCaslin
    Adam Benjamin, Tim Lefebvre, Mark Guiliana


    [Gallery] Key Motion Quintet at Jazz Standard

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    A few pictures that came in from the Jazz Standard shows last week courtesy of Zak Shelby-Szyszko.

    The Key Motion Quintet is Dave Douglas, Donny McCaslin, Adam Benjamin, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana.

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    Key Motion Quintet: Split Personality/Five Hands Down [Digital Single, Subscriber Exclusive]

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    There’s a new Subscriber download this month from the Key Motion Quintet co-led by Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin recorded earlier this year in Salzau. Check out the Douglas composition Split Personality above via Soundcloud. Subscribers can download both this track and the “b-side”—McCaslin’s Five Hands Down—as MP3s or lossless FLAC audio.

    Check out this band live at Jazz Standard this Thursday.

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    Take 25% off our catalog, today only. Use coupon code “TWENTY5OFF”

    It seems like the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. So today and for one day only, put down your turkey basters because we’re offering our complete catalog* for 25% off. That includes GPS MP3 albums for as little as $3.75, live sets for as little as $5, CDs for as little as $9, Sheet Music for as little as $11, and Subscriptions for as little at $18!

    * The 25% discount is applicable to all products except the Three Views box set, and the educational sheet music packages.

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    Donny on 7th Avenue Project

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    A great interview feature was recently posted via 7th Avenue Project with Donny McCaslin. Have a listen.

    Created by radio producer Robert Pollie, the 7th Avenue Project is a weekly radio show for the seriously curious. Interviews and features on science, philosophy, art, music, culture and real-life stories, from Nobel laureates to prison inmates.

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    Donny McCaslin at Monterey, listen at NPR

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    Listen to Donny McCaslin at Monterey Jazz Festival

    Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone
    Uri Caine, piano/electric piano
    Fima Ephron, electric bass
    Mark Guiliana, drums

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