Recap, Gallery: Dave Douglas Quintet on tour

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The Quintet graced stages in Louisville, Knoxville, Asheville, and Conway (right outside Myrtle Beach), and I was lucky enough to share the van with Dave Douglas & crew last week. Besides the incredible music this group makes — the band really is at the top of their game, as far as my ears hear it — it’s important to note how hilarious this band is when they’re all in the same room. Thanks to Jon, Linda, Matt, Rudy, and of course our fearless leader, Dave Douglas for making last week such a good time.

Below are a few shots from the tour, some by Michael Tracy in Louisville, and some from my iPhone. Be sure to follow our Instagram feed for more GLM photos.


More dates this coming week. Info and tickets at the /shows page.

09-OCT – The Auditorium at TSRI / San Diego
10-OCT – Duende / Oakland
11-OCT – Jimmy Mak’s / Portland
12-OCT – Earshot Jazz Festival / Seattle

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Lobster Rolls and Close Encounters

Posted by: Dave Douglas on June 6, 2013 @ 11:47 am
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Thanks to all who came out to hear us in NY, New Haven, Portland, Providence, and Burlington! Hope you are enjoying the audio goodies.

And thanks to the amazing band! Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Chris Tordini, and Rudy Royston have made Time Travel so memorable. Great hang and play.

Highlights were, for one, hearing the workshop players at Shapeshifter Lab! They brought my sextet music to life in a very inspiring way. More workshopping next season!

Playing with Becca Stevens. It was our first encounter with Becca, and she brought deep heart and soul to the hymns and folks songs. Hoping there will be more opportunities to work with Becca soon.

New Haven, famous for its pizza, did not disappoint! Also, two selling out houses in the incredible space of Firehouse 12 was a real blast for us. Looking forward to hearing the tapes!

Portland, Maine’s Woodfords Congregational was the perfect spot of me. Probably the best lobster roll I have ever had just around the corner. Thanks, Portlanders, for your heart and for taking the communion of music with us.

Providence, Rhode Island’s refurbished Columbus Theater was a trip! It was an inspiration to get to jam with Bob Gullotti and Dave Zinno. To check out the original 1926 Wurlitzer organ, and, after hours, to kick back with Jeff from The Low Anthem and watch Close Encounters on the big screen. Fresh popcorn and all.

Burlington Jazz Festival was our final date, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the FlynnSpace theater. We felt really close to the people — really felt the connection as we powered through the set. Thanks everyone for sharing the sounds!

The day after Burlington, the Greenleaf Team and I went hiking in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. I’ll be giving a free concert there on August 24 and we wanted to check out the difficulty of the hike, the surroundings, etc. I can report back that this is a wonderful hike, moderate difficulty, about 2.5 hours to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Greenleaf Hut. I know a lot of folks from Burlington want to come, so please keep in touch and we will update with details. It’s on.

And in the meantime, check out our little boutique, won’t you? Time Travel and Be Still are our latest. Maybe a gift for someone you love? Maybe pick up a catalog item you don’t have yet? A subscription to the catalog? We depend on your support and we appreciate it so much.

Thanks and best.

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[Photos] Dave Douglas Quintet at Teatro Manzoni, Milan via AllAboutJazz-Italia

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Photos by Roberto Cifarelli

From AllAboutJazz-Italia (translated) by Paul PevianiIn many ways to Be Still is an unusual Dave Douglas album – if a “usual” one exists – given that it’s less about compositions and more about arrangements. Yet unmistakably, it is an album by the Dave Douglas to which we are accustomed. The musicians to do not miss a beat, regardless of the direction taken. The formidable arrangements show care in every little detail. The band is assembled from musicians whose playing is perfectly consistent with the music. And, of course, Douglas is a magnificent musician who brings out of his trumpet a thousand shades of timbre and expression.

In a book about Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, David Foster Wallace writes about how the Swiss champion has flashes during his games that are beyond imagination, that are transcendent. Not surprisingly, the book is entitled “Roger Federer as Religious Experience.” Wallace defines these flashes as “Federer Moments”, and describes them by referring to mystery and metaphysics, that they are close to the truth. The more technical explanation, says Wallace, works better as journalism, as it can’t capture the true essence of the phenomenon.

To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, this trumpeter develops “Douglas Moments ” when on stage, in which music and sound create perfection, pure metaphysics. One could also delve into technical explanations of Rudy Royston’s fantastic poly-rhythms, Linda Oh’s musicality and bass accents, Walter Smith III’s fragmented lines, the juxtaposition of Matt Mitchell’s left hand chords and right hand figures, or Aoife O’Donovan’s velvet voice, but that would just be talk. During this Be Still in Milan, the “Douglas Moments” were numerous.

Read the full article.

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Yesterday’s Show at Teatro Manzoni

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Dave Douglas Quintet plus Aoife O’Donovan
Be Still
March 3, 2013.

Walter Smith III, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, Rudy Royston.

Thanks to Roberto Cifarelli for the pictures!

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Be Still LPs are in.

Posted by: admin on August 23, 2012 @ 4:42 pm
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After stacking up the 20 or so 40lb boxes that our favorite FedEx delivery man brought to our office door today, we snapped this shot of the new Dave Douglas album Be Still on vinyl for our Instagram followers (@greenleafmusic). It’s a solid 180 grams of wax nested in a gatefold package with free download card. #bestill preorder coming soon.


By A Little Light at Millennium Park

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A huge congratulations to Matt Ulery and crew (Rob Clearfield, Michael Caskey, eighth blackbird, Zach Brock, Grazyna Auguscik) for a stellar performance at Chicago’s Millennium Park last night. We heard from so many people — many who had never heard this music — while hanging at the merch shanti table how special the music was. Perfectly fitting of the evening, the tunes seemed to part the clouds that had plagued the city all day and offer more than just a little light near the end of the evening and into the night. We’ve seen some great shows at the Pritzker, but there was something magical about the sounds and sights of last night. And we’re glad so many folks were there.

If you haven’t checked out Matt’s latest recording featuring the music from last night, head over to the By A Little Light page. Listen to tunes, watch videos, and of course, purchase the music.


Good morning.

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The UPS man arrived early at the Greenleaf office this morning. And we ask, is there any better way to wake up than to 12 boxes of a new title? Our ears say no, but our backs say maybe.

Look out. Casting for Gravity. Donny McCaslin, Jason Lindner, Tim Lefevbre, Mark Guiliana, and producer David Binney. Coming this fall.

Special thanks to Howie Shia at PPF House for the killer design.

(By the way, you can follow Greenleaf Music on Instagram. We’re @greenleafmusic.)

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Copenhagen. July 2012. Sound Prints.

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Copenhagen. July 2012. Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas, Lawrence Fields, Linda Oh, Joey Baron. Sound Prints. Photos by Geoff Countryman.

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[Gallery] Key Motion Quintet at Jazz Standard

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A few pictures that came in from the Jazz Standard shows last week courtesy of Zak Shelby-Szyszko.

The Key Motion Quintet is Dave Douglas, Donny McCaslin, Adam Benjamin, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana.

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[Gallery] Dave Douglas’s Orange Afternoons Quintet at Jazz Standard

Posted by: admin on December 13, 2011 @ 6:30 pm
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Dave Douglas with Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, and E.J. Strickland at Jazz Standard celebrating the Greenleaf Portable Series.

Photos by Geoff Countryman.

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