Press Roundup for Dark Territory

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Dark Territory, the new album by Dave Douglas & High Risk, has been receiving some great press. As the band begins their European tour today, check out these quotes on the record.


“Mr. Douglas, the trumpeter and composer, renewed his smartly probing engagement with electronic music on “High Risk,” an album featuring Shigeto, a beat-minded producer, along with Jonathan Maron on electric bass and Mark Guiliana on drums. The same coalition just released an engaging sequel, “Dark Territory,” … expanding on its designs with spontaneous interplay.”
Nate Chinen, The New York Times


“…Douglas fearlessly follows his muse farther down the rabbit hole, to a place where jazz improvisation collides with contemporary sonics.”
– Steve Futterman, The New Yorker


“Prolific jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas has always been an experimentalist—he’s collaborated with everyone from the Trisha Brown Dance Company to Tom Waits—but his most recent project, High Risk, might just be his most eclectic yet.”


“By trade, Dave Douglas is a trumpeter, composer, and fearless explorer of jazz and other types of music that can be both composed and improvised (they often lie somewhere in between).  The group’s individual talents allow the band to put itself in ‘high risk’ situations that ultimately pay dividends in equally high rewards.”


“Dave Douglas’s second release with his electronic group ‘High Risk’ is true to form of the trumpeter’s modus operandi to avoid repeating the same thing twice. From art-noise to spastic dub tempos curious themes run the gamut with each track presenting something unique.”


“His volume of output and clarity of vision is highly impressive.”
Simon Rentner, WBGO


“Dave Douglas and his ‘High Risk’ quartet are doing is what jazz musicians do best: taking the sounds and influences around them, personalising them, adapting them and moulding them into an expressive language.”
The Irish Times


“Dark Territory is a terrific album—dark, moody, virtuosic in a manner both combustible and streamlined.”

The album is available via Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

The High Risk European tour takes place July 20-29. Details here.

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Release Day for Greg Ward and Dave Douglas!

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Today we’re releasing CDs by Greg Ward and Dave Douglas!

Greg, who was recently called “a strong narrative improviser with a keening tone” by the New York Times, presents his 10 Tongues ensemble on Touch My Beloved’s Thought. The album, inspired by Mingus’ Black Saint and the Sinner Lady and composed for musicians and dancers, and was recorded live in Chicago in 2015.

The album can be purchased on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

You can hear this music live at release shows in New York on July 8 (tonight!) and in Chicago on July 29th and 30th.

Dark Territory, the second release from Dave’s electronic-inspired High Risk project featuring Shigeto, Jonathan Maron, and Mark Guiliana, was originally released on vinyl in April. This new album, which recieved a five star review in the Irish times, is also being premiered on Billboard for a limited time.

You can pick up a copy of the CD from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon. Vinyl is also available from our store.

The group tours Europe July 20-22 featuring drummer Ian Chang from Son Lux,

Enjoy all this new music!



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Artist Update: Greg Ward

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GregWard_PhotoGredit_Don Getsug copy_Square

Saxophonist and composer Greg Ward is set to release Touch My Beloved’s Thought, his debut album for Greenleaf Music. The record is receiving some great press and Greg is getting ready for a New York City album release show on July 8 at the Jazz Gallery.

For this artist update, Greg discusses the making of the album, Friday’s album release show, and lessons learned from band leading.

This is your third album as a leader and with a ten piece band and fifteen dancers, this project has been a large undertaking. How was the process of making this record different than previous albums?

There are two important factors that made this project different from other recordings I’ve made. First, Touch My Beloved’s Thought began as a commission from the city of Chicago’s Made In Chicago: World Class Jazz series, which was facilitated by the Jazz Institute of Chicago. Mike Reed approached me with the idea of creating a piece that would be inspired by Mingus’ Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, which would incorporate dance. Second, I was paired with an amazing choreographer, Onye Ozuzu. Together we created an artistic voice that bridged dance and music equally. Throughout the entire process we had about six months to work through different ideas. Onye would make videos of herself and her colleagues dancing to excerpts of Mingus’ music or to my original music. This process continued and the piece came together quickly. Usually, composing is such a solitary thing and that’s why this was so exciting for me.

You’ve done performances with and without dancers. What does the dance element bring to the performances? And with those experiences, what do you notice when you perform the material without dancers?

Well, this will actually be the first performance without dancers, besides a radio performance we did in Chicago. The dancers become a part of the music and I feel that when you see their bodies moving with the different melodies and rhythms that something new is created. For example, in an orchestra, when two instruments play a melody in unison and blend their timbres perfectly, a new instrument is created. That was our goal from the beginning. We will miss the dancers on the performance but I’m confident that the music will still be very exciting.

Friday’s album release show will feature some of the musicians who played on the album, as well as some New York musicians. Can you tell us a bit about the musicians in this ensemble and what we can expect at the Jazz Gallery performance?

The band on the recording features a cast of super-creative musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with for years. For example bassist Jason Roebke and tenor saxophonist Tim Haldeman have been long-collaborators in Mike Reed’s People Places and Things. This is one of the rare playing situations that I’ve been in for over a decade and the rapport we have from all of the tours, recordings, and hangs is very special. Likewise, for drummer, Marcus Evans, and trombonist, Norman Palm. Both of these musicians have been in my early bands in Chicago and we’ve known each other for almost 20 years. In 2012, I had the pleasure of touring Africa with pianist Dennis Luxion, who is incredible in whatever situation you put him in.

I did get to include a few musicians that I haven’t played with but was eager to create a situation for us to make music together including trumpeter Russ Johnson, cornetist Ben LaMar Gay, bass trombonist Christopher Davis, and saxophonist Keefe Jackson. All of these folks have added so much to this project.

For the NYC show, tenor saxophonist Lucas Pino, trombonist Willie Applewhite, bass trombonist Max Seigel, and drummer Kenneth Salters, will join us. I’ve had the pleasure of making music with most all of these musicians in other settings during my stay in NYC and I’m looking forward to what happens on the stage on Friday.

You are busy with various projects as a performer and educator. How does your work as a leader impact your work in other situations?

When you lead a project it’s important to have the clearest idea of what you’re trying to create so you can relay this information to your collaborators easily. From this, I always try to understand what other bandleaders are trying to execute so that I can be the best teammate. The same goes for education; meeting students where they are and helping them reach their goals is very important to me.

You’ve recently made the move back to Chicago after spending some time living in New York City. What is like to be part of the thriving Chicago music scene?

Being back in Chicago is really amazing. Since I left in 2009, the scene has developed quite a bit. There are new clubs, a lot of new amazing musicians and new music. I’m excited to be apart of a scene that has so many interesting voices. Folks are trying things and this is inspiring!

Greg Ward & 10 Tongues play the Jazz Gallery on Friday, July 8th with sets at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Tickets can be reserved online in advance or purchased at the door.

You can pre-order the album at Bandcamp and iTunes.

The Chicago album release shows will take place on July 29 and 30 at the Green Mill. More details here.

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Press Roundup for Touch My Beloved’s Thought

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The reviews for Greg Ward‘s Touch My Beloved ‘s Thought are starting to come in. Here’s a selection:

Ben Ratliff laud’s the album in his recent piece on the Chicago jazz scene:


“…Mr. Ward’s album, a six-part suite for 11 musicians, is a reckoning with Charles Mingus’s 1963 album “The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady.” “Touch” was written to accompany a dance piece by the choreographer Onye Ozuzu, and it extrapolates from parts of the old work; Mr. Ward, a strong narrative improviser with a keening tone, leads the ensemble through sweeping melodies.”
-Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

NYC Jazz Record

Ward isn’t just inspired by the earlier work, he’s also created a piece imbued with the Mingus aesthetic, full of such tropes and gestures as dynamic and tempo acceleration; multiple lines creating polyphony; solos building and being supported by growingly insistent, muscular ensemble backgrounds; and the controlled cacophony of ‘free’ group improvisation.”
-George Kanzler, The New York City Jazz Record

Read the entire review here.

Step Tempest 1

One can marvel at the arrangements, how the composer/arranger shares the melody among the participants, how the solos naturally rise out of the music, how each musician’s voice counts, and how the ensemble gels in front of a live audience…”
-Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

Read the entire review here.

You can pre-order the album at Bandcamp and iTunes ahead of the July 8 release.

And don’t miss the album release shows in New York (July 8) and Chicago (July 29-30).


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Greg Ward’s Chicago Release Shows – July 29-30

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The Chicago album release shows for Greg Ward & 10 Tongues’ Touch My Beloved ‘s Thought will take place at the Green Mill in Chicago on July 29th and 30th.


Greg Ward – saxophone
Tim Halderman – saxophone
Keefe Jackson – saxophone
Norman Palm – trombone
Christopher Davis – trombone
Ben LaMar – cornet
Russ Johnson – trumpet
Dennis Luxion – piano
Matt Ulery – bass
Marcus Evans – drums

Here is the schedule:

Friday, July 29, 9:00pm-1:00am Details here.
Saturday, July 30, 8:00pm-12:00am Details here.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.

You can pre-order the album at Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Greg Ward’s New York Release Show – July 8

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To celebrate the worldwide release of Touch My Beloved ‘s Thought, Greg Ward & 10 Tongues will perform their New York album release show at Jazz Gallery on July 8th. The band will feature a great mix of Chicago and New York players presenting this music!


Greg Ward – alto saxophone/composition
Lucas Pino – tenor saxophone
Keefe Jackson – tenor/baritone saxophones
Russ Johnson – trumpet
Ben LaMar Gay – cornet
Willie Applewhite – trombone
Christopher Davis – bass trombone
Dennis Luxion – piano
Jason Roebke – bass
Kenneth Salters – drums

There will be sets at 7:30pm and 9:30pm and CDs will be available for sale. Tickets can be reserved online in advance or purchased at the door.

Don’t miss this chance to hear this great music in one of the city’s best jazz rooms.

You can pre-order the album at Bandcamp and iTunes.

See you out there!

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EARMILK Previews Track from Dark Territory

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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.33.29 PM

EARMILK is premiering the track “Let’s Get One Thing Straight” from Dark Territory, the new album from Dave Douglas‘ High Risk project.

Hear the track here and read what they say have to say!

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Pre-Order Dark Territory on iTunes Now!

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Dark Territory is now available for pre-order from iTunes. You can also pre-order the CD and buy the digital from our store here.

This is the second release from Dave Douglas’ electronic-inspired High Risk project featuring electronic artist Shigeto, bassist Jonathan Maron and drummer Mark Guiliana,

The CD will be available worldwide on July 8th!

Thanks for listening.

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Dark Territory vinyl available now.

Posted by: mark on June 16, 2016 @ 3:20 pm
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Dark Territory, the new recording from Dave Douglas’ electronic-inspired High Risk project is available from us directly!

This Limited Edition LP is available on 180 gram vinyl and includes a complete digital audio download.

Order your copy today on Bandcamp.

And look for the CD pre-order to begin shortly and for European tour dates in July to be announced.

Happy listening!


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New Video: ‘Touch My Beloved’s Thought’ Album Promo

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Check out the new album promo video for Touch My Beloved’s Thought by Greg Ward & 10 Tongues:

The video is by noted film maker (and Greg’s wife!) Diana Quiñones Rivera.

The album is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp. It will be released worldwide on July 8.

Don’t miss the CD release shows in New York on July 8 and Chicago on July 29-30.


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