SFJAZZ to Build Concert Hall

Posted by: admin on May 7, 2010 @ 9:03 am
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Californians, start getting excited about this news item from Ben Ratliff at the NYTimes…

SFJAZZ, the San Francisco arts organization, will announce plans on Friday to build its own facility dedicated to jazz: a 35,000-square-foot building in that city’s Hayes Valley neighborhood, with two adaptable theater spaces inside.

“The concept of an institution for jazz is a very new thing — obviously, Jazz at Lincoln Center made that concept work,” said Randall Kline, the group’s director. “It’s the idea that jazz has earned a right to permanence. And because our view of jazz is wide-angled, it’s a great thing for the art form.”

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Can’t wait to visit it once it’s up and running.

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SFJazz Collective – Best Small Ensemble

Posted by: Rich Johnson on June 19, 2009 @ 9:05 am
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SFJazz Collective won best small ensemble at the jazz journalist awards this week. Congratulations to Sonny Rollins for winning Musician of the Year, as well as all the other recipients.

The Collective has a new album in the works for this this fall. Here’s a sneak peak at the track list…

Disc 1:

1. Fly with the Wind  – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Renee Rosnes
2.  Three Flowers – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Matt Penman
3.  Yes, We Can – Victory Dance – Robin Eubanks (Robin Eubanks Music, SESAC)
4.  Sycamore – Dave Douglas (Dave Douglas Music, Inc., BMI)
5.  Jazz Free – Joe Lovano (Lovo Music, BMI)
6.  No Filter – Miguel Zenón (Mazenon Music, BMI)

Disc 2:

1.  Peresina – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Dave Douglas
2.  Four By Five – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Miguel Zenón
3. Aisha –  McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI) arr. by Joe Lovano
4.  Consensus – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Eric Harland
5.  E-Collective – Eric Harland (Dusean Publishing, SESAC)
6.  Indo Serenade/Parody – McCoy Tyner (Aisha Music, BMI), arr. by Robin Eubanks
7.  Migrations – Renee Rosnes (Native Colors Music, BMI)
8.  Yup, We Did – Matt Penman (Penperson Publishing, ASCAP)

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