Tiny Bell Trio Sheet Music Available Now!

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We’re proud to announce the release of the Tiny Bell Trio sheet music, featuring compositions composed by Dave Douglas for the influential trio that included guitarist Brad Shepik and drummer Jim Black.

The books, available in physical and digital form, include lead sheets for twenty-six compositions from each of the group’s four albums, five trumpet solo transcriptions by Taylor Barnett, and copies of several original handwritten scores!

In addition, transpositions of the lead sheets are also available.

Take the opportunity to delve deeply into this music and order your copy here.

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Tiny Bell Trio

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Physical & digital sheet music books that include a selection of 26 leadsheets and 5 trumpet solo transcriptions from the Tiny Bell Trio. The physical book is printed 2-sided on bleed-proof, high-visibility white paper, housed between a clear plastic cover and vinyl backing, and bound together with a twin loop wire binding for easy page turning.

Transpositions of the lead sheets are available as digital copies for an additional $20. Choose your transposition above!

Lead Sheets

Around the Bend
At Dusk
Head-On Kouvlodsko
Hope Ring True
If the Cherry Tree Still Stands
Not Thinking Too Good
One Shot
Red Emma
Road Home
Sam Hill
Song for My Father in Law
Taking Sides
Uncle Wiggly
Unhooking the Safety Net
Wandering Souls

Trumpet Solo Transcriptions

At Dusk
Red Emma
Sam Hill

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Music for Sextet (In Our Lifetime, Stargazer, Soul on Soul)

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Physical & digital sheet music books that include all Dave Douglas compositions on the Sextet albums In Our Lifetime, Stargazer, and Soul On Soul.

The physical book is printed 2-sided on bleed-proof, high-visibility white paper, housed between a clear plastic cover and vinyl backing, and bound together with a classic spiral for easy page turning.

— Individual Parts+Scores—

Collecting all individual part charts in multiple transpositions per album.

In Our Lifetime • $80
Buy it!

1. 3 Little Monsters
2. At Dawn
3. Bridges (for Tim Berne)
4. In Our Lifetime
5. Out in the Cold
6. Persistence of Memory
7. Rapid Ear Movement
8. Sappho
9. Shred

Soul On Soul • $80
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1. Ageless
2. Blue Heaven
3. Canticle
4. Eleven Years Old
5. Kyrie
6. Moon of the West
7. Multiples
8. Soul On Soul
9. Zonish

Stargazer • $80
Buy it!

1. Dark Sky
2. Four Sleepers
3. Goldfish
4. Intuitive Science
5. Spring Ahead
6. Stargazer

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Sun Pictures

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Named for the world’s oldest operating cinema in Northwest Australia, Sun Pictures collects snapshots from the recent musical travels of the acclaimed bassist and composer.

On her third CD, Sun Pictures bassist/composer Linda Oh offers a set of musical postcards from her travels across the country and around the world. In the two years since the release of her last CD, Initial Here, Oh has performed extensively, both leading her own groups, in renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas’ new quintet, and with the Sound Prints quintet co-led by Douglas and tenor sax giant Joe Lovano. In between, she’s returned home to her native Australia to visit family, and all of those journeys are represented in the pieces on Sun Pictures.

“Each one of these tunes is a tiny snapshot of my recent travels and of my experiences playing music,” Oh says. “I think it’s a good process to keep writing even when you’re traveling and working and playing. It gets a bit tough when you have to run from one city to another, but I always try to find the time.”

SunPictures2-optThe album’s title was inspired by one of those family visits. Sun Pictures is the name of the world’s oldest outdoor movie theater still in operation, which is located in Broome, a beautiful and historic town in Northwest Australia where Oh’s sister, a physician, resides along with her physician husband and children.

“It’s a very small town, rich in history,” Oh says of Broome, a tourist destination rooted in the pearl diving industry. “There’s a Chinatown in this small country town on the coast, and in that quarter there’s an amazing-looking building which is the cinema, Sun Pictures. It’s pretty unreal.”

The site is an apt parallel for Oh’s new album, which similarly frames driving narratives within serene beauty. The setting for the recording itself was unlikely; the occasion was a free session at Columbia University’s student-run jazz radio station WKCR in New York City (which could hardly be called a proper recording studio). Oh had assembled a quartet skilled enough to rise above the non-ideal setting and create the stunning, deeply attuned sound of Sun Pictures. The band includes Grammy-nominated saxophonist Ben Wendel, a founding member of the eclectic ensemble Kneebody who has worked with everyone from Monk competition winner Tigran Hamasyan and percussionist Adam Rudolph to Snoop Dogg and Prince; drummer Ted Poor, a member of the groups Bad Touch and The Respect Sextet, collaborator with the likes of Cuong Vu, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder, and leader of the rock combo Mt. Varnum; and fellow Aussie James Muller, a gifted guitarist who at the time was visiting New York and has worked in the past with the John Scofield, Christian McBride, and Vinnie Colaiuta.

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Time Travel

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Sheet Music for Time Travel is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


“The strength of the quintet,” Douglas argues, “is a testament to the health of the current jazz scene. It’s turning into a really rich environment of growth and inspiration in the music.”

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music release Time Travel, an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile called “one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]’ve heard by anybody in quite a while.”

Even with the identical personnel – the saxophonist Jon Irabagon, the pianist Matt Mitchell, the bassist Linda Oh and the drummer Rudy Royston, (sans Aoife O’Donovan), Time Travel is its own statement. Additionally master engineer Joe Ferla is onboard again to continue to pristine sound of Douglas’ bands.

“This core group was intended to be my new working band,” says Douglas of the instrumentalists on Time Travel. While O’Donovan and other singers (including Heather Masse) will continue to join the band in live settings, the focus for the time being, is on original small-group instrumental compositions, for which Douglas has been best known for throughout his 3-decade career in music.

The title Time Travel might suggest that Douglas is drawn toward futurism, sci-fi fantasy and the like. On one level, sure: music-making is the ultimate intangible, a point of departure, as the late Andrew Hill put it, but toward what?

“I was really interested in what David Toomey wrote in his book The New Time Travelers,” Douglas says. “How the concept of time travel has been around a long time, and how it is evident in the way we think and the way we create: backwards, forwards, all directions at once, beyond the speed of light, rearranging our understanding of cause and effect.”

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Casting for Gravity

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“…a courageous, powerful musical statement.”
-Huffington Post

“tightly composed, genre-splintered, synth-fueled mayhem” -TimeOut New York

Acclaimed saxophonist Donny McCaslin takes a bold leap forward with his tenth album as a leader, Casting for Gravity. McCaslin’s gargantuan tenor sound finds an ideal setting to rampage through in the ferocious grooves and electronic textures of keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Mark Guiliana. Couching his trademark gift for brawny melodies in lurching dub rhythms, swirling electronica-inspired atmospheres, and arena-rock power, McCaslin has crafted a game-changer of an album, fusing a wealth of forward-looking influences into one wholly new modern jazz sound.

Casting for Gravity follows on the heels of 2011’s highly acclaimed Perpetual Motion, which found McCaslin experimenting for the first time with merging his hard-charging acoustic sound with more funk-inflected electrified elements. But where that album was a blistering electro-acoustic hybrid, Casting for Gravity soars past fusion into alchemy, forging a visionary voice from eclectic influences.

“I wanted to make a bigger record with more sonic layers,” McCaslin explains. “I wanted to go a lot deeper into the electronic realm and push myself harder.”

McCaslin’s initial forays into plugged-in territory were a reflection of his upbringing in Santa Cruz, California, where he was weaned on the deep, deep grooves of Tower of Power and Headhunters bassist Paul Jackson. Those influences remain in the percolating rhythms of “Bend” or the enormous musculature of “Stadium Jazz,” inevitable how deeply ingrained they are into McCaslin’s approach. But he wasted little time casting back into the past for inspiration on this outing, looking instead to ground-breaking contemporary artists.

Chief among them is Aphex Twin, the pseudonym of highly influential British electronica musician Richard D. James. “Aphex Twin really affected the way I wrote for this album,” McCaslin says. “I was attracted to the way he uses really simple melodic ideas with all the activity happening in the drum programming. He’s got a palette of ambient sound, there’s a textural backdrop, the melodic elements are sparse and the beat is really intense. I wanted to try to write some stuff coming from that feeling.”

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Be Still

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Sheet Music for Be Still is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App




The new album by label-owner Dave Douglas who describes the title, Be Still, as “aspirational.” The continually evolving trumpeter and composer settles down for a ballad-like set that presents a series of hymns and folk songs with an intensely personal connection. Be Still brings out the most lyrical side of Douglas, and introduces both a newly configured Quintet — Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, and Rudy Royston — and an important new collaborator, vocalist Aoife O’Donovan.

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Initial Here

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“Her music leans forward at you. She has a percussive touch, graceful and sometimes aggressive, and she likes playing fast, walking or soloing or delivering a jagged ostinato. She’s justifying the role of bassist as bandleader, starting the tunes, pushing the band, delivering clean, strong rhythm and melody.”

With her debut CD, Entry, bassist/composer Linda Oh asserted herself as a unique new voice on the modern jazz scene. On her follow-up, Initial Here, Oh draws deeply upon her rich cultural heritage and broad range of inspirations to further define her musical autobiography.

“This album tells a story about identity. Cultural identity and musical identity. I wanted to go in a few different directions to explore some more extreme emotions.” —Linda Oh

Born in Malaysia to Chinese parents and raised in Western Australia, Oh arrived in New York five years ago with a love of jazz, early training in classical bassoon, and an adolescence spent playing electric bass in Aussie rock bands. All of that experience surfaces on Initial Here, from the in-the-tradition ballad playing on “Mr. M” to her buoyant electric basslines on “Deeper Than Happy” and the mournful bassoon woven throughout “Thicker Than Water.”

The quartet that Oh assembled to realize this eclectic blend of material are all equally adept at integrating diverse influences. Dayna Stephens is a graduate of both Berklee College of Music and the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and is also a skilled bassist in his own right. Cuban-born pianist Fabian Almazan was a classmate of Oh’s at the Manhattan School of Music, where the two quickly formed a musical bond; Oh continues to perform in Almazan’s thrilling trio. And Rudy Royston has become the drummer of choice for artists as diverse as powerhouse saxophonist JD Allen, groundbreaking guitarist Bill Frisell, and forward-thinking bassist Ben Allison.

Personnel: Linda Oh, acoustic/electric bass; Dayna Stephens, tenor saxophone; Fabian Almazan, piano/rhodes/melodica; Rudy Royston, drums; Jen Shyu, voice

Recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording except track 6 by Tyler McDiarmid at North 6 Media Labs.

Mixed by Tyler McDiarmid; Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio

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Magic Triangle / Leap Of Faith

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Sheet Music for Be Still is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


Greenleaf Music is proud to reissue Magic Triangle and Leap of Faith, two landmark albums by the always-innovative trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas. Originally recorded in the late 1990s, these two albums comprise the entire catalogue of the Dave Douglas Quartet featuring tenor saxophonist Chris Potter, bassist James Genus, and drummer Ben Perowsky, each of whom have remained crucial voices in the modern jazz world. Both discs highlight Douglas’ gift for dense, multi-hued compositions that draw equally from across the jazz spectrum, creating captivating environments for his collaborators to explore.

One of jazz’s most renowned trumpeters, composers and conceptualists, Douglas’ career is characterized by his restless imagination, continuous series of reinventions that present his compositional ideas in evolving and novel contexts. The quartet on these two stellar releases, offered here in a single comprehensive package, presented Douglas with the opportunity to write for three melodic voices.

As it turned out, those voices belonged to some of Douglas’ most fruitful collaborators: Potter, who has since founded the acclaimed electric group Underground, was an original member of the trumpeter’s long-running quintet. Genus continues to hold the bass chair in that group, as well as in the new Sound Prints Quintet with Joe Lovano, Lawrence Fields and Joey Baron, while appearing weekly as part of the Saturday Night Live band. Drummer Ben Perowsky has continually blurred the jazz/rock divide, leading his own eclectic Moodswing Orchestra and playing alongside the likes of John Zorn, Uri Caine, and Rickie Lee Jones.

“You ever notice how a four-legged chair is often crooked but a three-legged stool is solid?” Douglas writes in his brief liner notes. On 1997’s Magic Triangle, he continues, “I was trying to see how much harmony I could get into the game with just three notes.”

The answer is plenty, as the album’s nine diverse, harmonically-rich tunes prove. Magic Triangle is a gleeful exercise in shrugging off genre definitions, vaulting jauntily between post-bop burning and more jagged avant angles. “Everyman” starts the album off at a brisk tear, Douglas and Potter wending hearty, fluid lines around one another as Genus and Perowsky lay down a mighty, eccentric swing. The title tune follows with the horns musing tenderly over Genus’ contemplative pulse and Perowsky’s rainfall shadings. The album proceeds in similarly surmising fashion, from the Ornette Coleman-inflected zig-zags of “Padded Cell” to the tender miniature “Kisangani” to the off-kilter sprightliness of “Coaster.”

Originally released in 2000, Leap of Faith is exactly that – a headlong plunge into the unknown, brimming with excitement and mystery. Moodier and more intricate than its predecessor, the album presents a stunning evolution of both Douglas’ compositional range and the quartet’s brilliant interplay. “Though still with the concept of creating worlds with three voices,” Douglas writes, “the geometry got a lot more complex.”

That geometry manifests itself immediately with the elusive, idiosyncratic lines and hiccupping rhythms of “Caterwaul,” darkening for the stormcloud rumble of the title track. Shifting from the skittering rhythms of “Millennium Bug” to the cartoonish round-robin of “Emmenthaler” to the slippery bop of “Guido’s High Note,” Leap of Faith finds Douglas reinventing the group’s sound with each new track, and sometimes more than once within a single tune.

“We had a lot of fun playing with this band,” Douglas states simply, and the joy of discovery permeates both albums included within this welcome reissue. More than archival evidence of four modern jazz masters at an earlier stage of their respective careers, Magic Triangle and Leap of Faith offer two albums’ worth of agile musicianship navigating tricky, consistently surprising, and richly rewarding waters.

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