Subscriber Exclusive: Key Motion Quintet, Live at Jazz Standard

Posted by: admin on April 23, 2012 @ 7:35 pm
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Equal parts Keystone and Perpetual Motion, the Key Motion Quintet is co-led by Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin with Adam Benjamin, Tim Lefevbre, and Mark Guiliana. These three cuts——Moonshine, L.Z.C.M., and Handwritten Letter——are from the GPS: Live at Jazz Standard celebration December 2011 which was one of only two performances with this band. All three tunes are available for stream/download exclusively for Greenleaf Subscribers.

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Subscriber Exclusive: Dave Douglas & So Percussion, Live at Jazz Standard

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Dave Douglas & So Percussion, GPS: Live at Jazz Standard

More tracks from the GPS: Live at Jazz Standard sets coming soon.

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Key Motion Quintet: Split Personality/Five Hands Down [Digital Single, Subscriber Exclusive]

Posted by: admin on December 5, 2011 @ 8:13 pm
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There’s a new Subscriber download this month from the Key Motion Quintet co-led by Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin recorded earlier this year in Salzau. Check out the Douglas composition Split Personality above via Soundcloud. Subscribers can download both this track and the “b-side”—McCaslin’s Five Hands Down—as MP3s or lossless FLAC audio.

Check out this band live at Jazz Standard this Thursday.

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Take 25% off our catalog, today only. Use coupon code “TWENTY5OFF”

It seems like the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. So today and for one day only, put down your turkey basters because we’re offering our complete catalog* for 25% off. That includes GPS MP3 albums for as little as $3.75, live sets for as little as $5, CDs for as little as $9, Sheet Music for as little as $11, and Subscriptions for as little at $18!

* The 25% discount is applicable to all products except the Three Views box set, and the educational sheet music packages.

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The Greenleaf Cloud Player

Posted by: admin on August 3, 2011 @ 3:56 pm
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We’ve been hard at work on a new way for our community to access our catalog of music. It’s all done, and we’re adopting the buzz term of the year for this delivery system: the Greenleaf Cloud Player.

The Cloud Player includes all our frontline catalog, over 20 live sets, and the whole slew of unreleased Subscriber Series tracks. We’ve included a few playlists that group together some of our catalog. More coming soon.

Active Subscribers can access the music at after logging in.

Non-subscribers can use the player as well, though access is restricted to the Featured Tracks playlist which includes 27 tracks each from a different Greenleaf title.

All Subscriptions levels come with access to the full player. Please consider supporting our efforts.

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Subscriber Exclusive Download: United Front (studio)

Posted by: Jim Tuerk on March 21, 2011 @ 1:03 pm
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Subscribers can listen and download a track from a new series we’ll be launching this year dubbed the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS for short). More details to follow in the coming months. Subscribers, click here to login and hear the studio version of the composition United Front performed by Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy.

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Subscribercast Update: How the Creature was made.

Posted by: admin on July 22, 2010 @ 9:03 am
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As we roll out the preorder for the second piece of Spark Of Being, we also launch a new Subscribercast. The newest addition is a continuation of Dave detailing tracks from the aforementioned trilogy release. This time, subscribers get an in depth look at the Creature Theme — from the morse code rhythmic breakdown, to isolating some of the many sound sources used, to the final versions.

Be sure to check out the Travelogue subscribercast as well, if you missed it.

More Subscribercast updates coming soon. More exclusive downloads as well. For now, enjoy the new podcast and the exclusive first listen of Expand.

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Subscriber Update ~ June 1st

Posted by: admin on June 1, 2010 @ 9:25 am
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Over the long weekend, we posted some new Subscribercasts recorded up at the Banff Workshop. Special thanks to those engineers who’ve helped out.

The first is a two-part conversation with Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin discussing Donny’s albums Recommended Tools and Declaration with selected audio tracks from both, composing, practicing, the Banff Workshop, and much more.

The second Subscribercast update is titled Travelogue: Birth, Growth, and Maintenance. This one has Dave detailing various versions of the tune Travelogue from the Spark of Being release. Five versions of the piece are showcased, from the earliest trio recording with Dave, Adam Benjamin, and DJ Olive, to the fully-realized Soundtrack mix with commentary on each.

These Subscribercasts are exclusively available for Subscribers to stream. If you’re already a Subscriber, simply login at the store with your email/password, and head over to the Subscribercast page and click on a ‘cast. Also, check the Subscriber Downloads blog for a preview of Spark Of Being: Expand (out August 2010). The track Tree Ring Circus is available in MP3 and FLAC formats.

For non-subscribers, we’ve recently given the Subscriber system a make-over, including a new economically-friendly level for those who want to access these Subscribercasts. Remember also, with any Subscription, you get unlimited access to full-album streams for all our frontline titles.

Happy listening.

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Subscription Redux

Posted by: admin on May 21, 2010 @ 12:06 pm
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As many found out via email this week, we launched a new Subscription Series. The expanded benefits lists includes an exclusive first listen of Dave’s new record, Spark Of Being: Soundtrack (the first release in a trio of releases slated for a Box Set release).

If you are a Subscriber, or become one, all you have to do is sign into your account at the store (the store recognizes your subscriber account), go to the Spark:Soundtrack album page, and click on the tracks. (We’re working a on Play-All function to update soon)

Once you are signed in at the store, you can play all of our front-line titles in their entirety as many times as you want. This is included in all new levels of Subscriptions. Plus you can get higher percentage discounts than before, access to the new Subscribercasts, et al. Updates with streaming our Full Book packages coming soon.

For the Subscriber Downloads Blog with the massively large 10+ hours of unreleased content, you sign in at the same place with the same user/pass just as before. Newbies will get an email with user/pass for this blog if they subscribe at the higher two levels. We’ll update you with a new track to download soon.

We built the new system with help from our subscribers. We hope you’ll continue to send us your feedback, suggestions, or funny stories about running into Dave at the local pool (thanks, John T!).

Happy weekend.

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DDQ: Live at Village Vanguard

Posted by: admin on December 9, 2009 @ 10:11 am
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The Quintet continues at the Vanguard tonight. Thanks to all who’ve been and will be there this weekend.

The FLACs of the set from the Vanguard last night are being added to our subscriber downloads database. Those are lossless files that you subscribers can download and sink your ears in to. Thanks to WBGO and NPR for their work. Enjoy.

For non-subscribers, plenty of music to listen to at the NPR Vanguard page. And if you’d like to join our Greenleaf subscriber community, click here to see all the current special offer.

We hope to see you out at the Vanguard. Tickets are available here.

December 11th, 2009

A quick update on those files. We’ve split the set into tracks rather than the one big file up over at NPR Vanguard page. We cut the chatter, too. So it’s as clean as possible.

Also, of the seven tunes played, four have not been released yet. Those tunes and a lot of the new book that the Quintet have been and will play this weekend is scheduled to be recorded and released on the next Quintet studio album tentatively scheduled for late 2010.


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