Live Updates from the Road.

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Joey played so hard last night he actually knocked a cymbal off the stand. Love playing with all the musicians in Sound Prints. Happy to be out here at the festivals.

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Bill Morrison’s ‘Spark Of Being’ with score by Dave Douglas screens tonight at WFCs Winter Garden for free.

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You can check out a free screening of Bill Morrison’s film ‘Spark Of Being’ with accompanying soundtrack by Dave Douglas tonight, February 2nd, at World Financial Center’s Winter Garden. Details at

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An Amazing Life

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61631426Snooky Young, 92.

I remember seeing him on The Tonight Show as a kid. Only years later did I realize all the amazing roles he played in jazz over the decades. Had the honor of meeting him in 2008 backstage at the Chicago Jazz Festival, where he was playing with the Gerald Wilson Orchestra. What a sweet man, and funny, too. And what a tasty musician.

“The trumpet player’s trumpet player.” – John Clayton.

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Music in the Rockies

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The annual pilgrimage to Banff begins in a couple weeks. Here is this year’s cast of visiting artists:

Week One:
Donny McCaslin
Robin Eubanks
Geoff Keezer
Anthony Wilson
Matt Brewer
Clarence Penn
Dave Douglas

Week Two:
Steve Lehman
Eyvind Kang
Myra Melford
Brandon Ross
Anthony Cox
Jerry Granelli
Clarence Penn
Dave Douglas

Week Three:
Shane Endsley
Ben Wendl
Adam Benjamin
Kaveh Rastegar
Nate Wood
Dave Douglas

This will likely be my final foray into the elk infested forests of the Bow River Valley. Looking forward!

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Grazie Piacenza

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Thanks to everyone in at the conservatory and the show in Piacenza. We had a very special time with you.

Brass Ecstasy, United Front

Brass Ecstasy 2011: Dave Douglas, Nasheet Waits, Vincent Chancey, Marcus Rojas, Luis Bonilla.

ps: the clarence penn post below was an april 1 joke

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Donny McCaslin + Michael Bates gigs this week

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Michael Bates’ October Quintet
Thursday, Feb. 10 @ Ibeam Brooklyn [map]
Playing music for and by Dmitri Shostakovich
Chris Speed-saxophone/clarinet; Russ Johnson-trumpet;
Russ Lossing-piano; Tom Rainey-drums;
Michael Bates-bass
Donny McCaslin Quartet
Thursday, February 10th @ West Chester University [map]
Donny McCaslin-tenor saxophone; Scott Colley-bass;
Uri Caine, piano; Antonio Sanchez-drums
Friday, February 11th @ Falcon Room, Marlboro, NY [map]
Donny McCaslin-tenor saxophone; Scott Colley-bass;
Uri Caine, piano; Antonio Sanchez-drums
Saturday February 12 @ Jazz Gallery [map]
Donny McCaslin-tenor saxophone; Scott Colley-bass;
Uri Caine, piano; Antonio Sanchez-drums

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John Zorn and Masada Marathon

Posted by: Dave Douglas on November 9, 2010 @ 8:59 am
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In a way I wish I had more time to write a piece about this event. Hopefully others will.

This particular Masada Marathon, yesterday at Teatro Manzoni in Milan, Italy, was the biggest one I have ever been involved in. Thirty musicians flew in for the occasion. Twelve different bands each performed three or four discrete pieces from the Masada II, Book of Angels. The show was almost four hours long, with a ten minute (not kidding) intermission.

Here was the sequence:

– Masada Quartet
– Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisie
– Banquet of the Spirits with Shanir Blumenkrantz and Cyro Batista
– Mycale (Basya Schechter, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, Malika Zarra)
– Medeski, Martin, and Wood
– Bar Kokhba


– The Dreamers
– Erik Friedlander Solo
– New Klezmer Trio (Ben Goldberg, Greg Cohen, Kenny Wollesen)
– Bester Quartet (Jaroslaw Bester, Oleg Dyyak, Wojciech Front, Jaroslaw Tyrala)
– Masada String Trio
– Electric Masada

ZornNo overlapping tunes, and every band sounded totally different, both in terms of instrumentation, style, genre, and, maybe most of all, density. Each of these pieces had its own language, sometimes lyrical, hesitant, and poetic, other times stark raging mad, and all points in between. It was a tour de force presentation of John’s vision as a composer, bandleader, saxophonist, musical dreamer, and really, energy source. He was right there from the first note of each rehearsal, right through the sound checks (yup, twelve of them!) as well as playing on the first and last sets of the night. Marc Ribot and I were trying to think of an example of another songwriter who has created such a distinctive sound of their own and managed to present it all under one roof in so many variations, with so many disparate musicians, in so many formats. We came up with a lot of hybrids (x, crossed with y, meets z…), but not too many musicians.

While this music is unique to John’s vision of the Masada book and the many tunes it contains, it was also a perfect representation of music coming from all over the place and uniting as one. I was grateful to be there to play in it and to hear it.


Willem Breuker

Posted by: Michael Bates on July 29, 2010 @ 5:29 am
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Willem Breuker, the Dutch composer sadly passed away last week in Amsterdam.  The Willem Breuker Kollektief’s music has been described as “throwing Kurt Weill into the blender with ragtag circus music” which does a good job of telling some of the story but for me, this music somehow goes beyond any kind of written expression.

As a young musician, I was lucky to hear/see this group along with many other musicians who were a part of the Dutch improvised music community.  There was an important era in the late 80’s and 90’s where a variety of groups like the Kollektief, the Clusone Trio and ICP orchestra would come and perform at the Vancouver jazz festival.  As nerdy jazz fan, I was doing my best to see as much music as I could and just happened to stumble across a WBK concert. I had no idea what I was witnessing.  It was just…wild…and ridiculous…and utterly amazing.     Click here for more about Mr. Breuker’s passing.

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Fred Anderson, 1929-2010

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We were saddened to read…

Chicago jazz sax legend Fred Anderson dead at 81
June 24, 2010
Tenor saxophonist Fred Anderson, a father figure to Chicago free-jazz musicians and audiences, bandleader, musician, founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and owner of a leading Chicago jazz club, the Velvet Lounge, died Thursday at 81 after suffering a heart attack on June 14.

Anderson, nominated for prizes in several Down Beat and Jazz Journalists Association polls, was widely praised for his big, bold tenor saxophone sound and his flair for melodic improvisation. Since the 1960s, when he was one of Chicago’s earliest free-jazz artists, he began nurturing younger musicians. Drummer Hamid Drake, saxophonists Joseph Jarman and Douglas Ewart and trombonist George Lewis are among the leading musicians who grew to musical maturity as members of Anderson’s combos.

In 1981 he began operating the Velvet Lounge, a neighborhood tavern at Indiana Avenue and 21st Street. Gradually Anderson transformed it into a full-time music venue where young musicians and veterans, from the black free-jazz scene and the white, north-side free-jazz players, joined in cross-cultural adventures. As a world-famous jazz venue, it now also frequently presents major American and European improvisers and composers.

Read the full article at SunTimes >>>

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Our thoughts are with Fred Anderson today…

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Family and friends of critically ill Fred Anderson ask for patience and prayers
via Chicago Jazz Music Examiner

Fred Anderson

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