Video: The first look at Linda Oh’s #SunPictures

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LindaOh-SunPictures_72dpi-optWe’re excited to announce and share with you new Linda Oh music. “Sun Pictures” is her second for Greenleaf after last year’s “Initial Here“. Linda has been busy since that release playing in Dave’s Quintet, the Sound Prints Quintet with Dave and Joe Lovano, and a boatload of other projects. And it’s from those travels and experiences that “Sun Pictures” came into focus — Linda calls the album “a set of musical postcards.”

We have the CDs printing at the plant — a beautiful package with great photos, liner notes by Linda, all printed on recycled paper (you know how we roll) — and we expect them in any day now. Preorder in advance of the August 27th street date coming very soon. In the meantime, watch this great band (Ben Wendel of Kneebody, James Muller, Linda Oh, and Ted Poor) recording the album live at WKCR Studios at Columbia University.

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Release day for Matt Ulery’s #WakeAnEcho, New tracks streaming

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“This is music of brisk intelligence and an almost off-putting abundance of composure… with frictionless access to great chunks of classical postminimalism, atmospheric indie-rock and harmonically astute post-bop.”
-NY Times


“…an abundantly atmospheric work built on exotic scales, muted instrumental colors and darkly moody expression… revels in unhurried but circuitous melody lines & lush instrumental colors.”
-Chicago Tribune


“…fiery improvisational chops with a measured cool that complements the cinematic, thoroughly composed elements in Ulery’s music. Ulery is already making music unlike anyone else.”
-Chicago Reader


Wake An Echo brims with gorgeous melodies and voluptuous arrangements. Ulery has placed his almost other-worldly compositions into another perfect setting; it hints at a larger orchestra while maintaining a more intimate transparency.”

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New music: Matt Ulery’s Loom, Wake An Echo

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Wake An Echo by Matt Ulery’s Loom.
CD/digital available now for preorder.
Listen, buy, share.


With his 2012 release By A Little Light, Chicago bassist and composer Matt Ulery presented profoundly rich compositions for a large ensemble. The sprawling two-disc collection, lush with strings, winds, and vocals—care of the iconoclastic contemporary classical ensemble eighth blackbird, and Polish singer Grazyna Auguscik—was called “one of the most hauntingly beautiful recordings of [2012]” by Chicago Tribune, received ★★★★ ½ in Downbeat, and appeared on NPR’s Top 50 Albums of the Year across all genres. For his follow-up—his second for the Greenleaf Music label—Ulery sets aside the grandeur of the large ensemble without sacrificing the beauty inherent in his compositions, reimagining his long-standing Loom Quintet on Wake An Echo.

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Watch: Dave Douglas Quintet, “Beware Of Doug” live in the studio

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Dave Douglas Quintet live at Avatar Studios NYC performing the Douglas composition “Beware Of Doug” from the album Time Travel [2013].


Dave Douglas – trumpet
Jon Irabagon – tenor saxophone
Matt Mitchell – piano
Linda Oh – bass
Rudy Royston – drums
recorded & mixed by Joe Ferla
at Avatar Studios NYC


Dave Douglas interview for Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2013

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Got a chance to chat with one of my longest term supporters and biggest champions of jazz in the UK, Tony Dudley-Evans. We spoke about this weekend’s Cheltenham Festival in the lounge of the Royal Academy.

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Two videos: Dave Douglas Quintet with Aoife O’Donovan in Milan

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Dave Douglas Quintet performing at Aperitivo in Concerto in Milano Italy, March 3, 2013

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Walter Smith III, tenor saxophone
Matt Mitchell, piano
Linda Oh, bass
Rudy Royston, drums

“One Morning” (Gillian Welch cover)

“Garden State”

Get the album version of Garden State for free here.

Dave Douglas events this week

APR 04 — University of Wyoming-Laramie
APR 05 — University of Colorado-Boulder
APR 08 — The Blue Room / Kansas City
APR 09 — University of Central Oklahoma
APR 11-12 — Dazzle Jazz / Denver*

*with Aoife O’Donovan

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Garden State – Live, in-studio performance by Dave Douglas Quintet from the album Time Travel

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From the forthcoming album Time Travel, available for preorder at iTunes. This video premiered on Tuesday at JazzTimes.

Recorded & mixed by Joe Ferla at Avatar Studios, April 2012 at the same sessions that yielded the album Be Still [2012] which Stereophile called “one of the best sounding records we’ve heard by any one in quite awhile.” This all-instrumental album features Dave’s new Quintet with Jon Irabagon on tenor saxophone, Matt Mitchell on piano, Linda Oh on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums.

CD preorder coming soon to Dave’s Bandcamp.

Preorder now available!

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Dave Douglas Quintet “Time Travel” advance look

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Watch a 60-second advance bit of video from the forthcoming album “Time Travel” by Dave Douglas featuring Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, and Rudy Royston.

Album: Time Travel
Audio: “Law Of Historical Memory”
Release Date: April 9th, 2013
Label: Greenleaf Music
Recorded & Mixed by Joe Ferla
Film by Christoph Green

More videos coming soon.

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Two Dave Douglas concerts in Italy: Quintet with Aoife O’Donovan, Big Band

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Dave Douglas Quintet
with special guest Aoife O’Donovan

with Walter Smith III, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, Rudy Royston
Playing music from Be Still
March 3rd – Teatro Manzoni
Via Manzoni 42,
20121 Milano, Italy

Dave Douglas with Rome Auditorium Jazz Orchestra

Playing music from A Single Sky and more new music
March 6 – Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30,
00196 Rome, Italy

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Be Still Book Announced.

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Very happy to make the new book available. It has lyrics as well as clearly detailed voicings and arrangements. It’s a nice complement to the other sheet music in the shop, which you can find here.

I had a few questions for Dave as we proofed the Be Still Book. A brief discussion ensued. Warning: this gets really muso nerdy.


JT: Such a cool chord sequence on Be Still My Soul. Love reading through these charts with my axe.

DD: Thanks! Felt like I hit on something there. Originally there was no repeat around the bar of Ab7. Adding it made the whole chart come together.

JT: Yeah, a nice little breath. That bassline just sounds so weird on it’s own. Speaking of, first bar you note a Cmaj7#5 but the middle voice of that chord goes to an A natural. Typo? Or just over my head? Sounds cool on guitar anyway.

DD: Aha! Love it.

OK so the natural 6 on a maj7#5 chord creates a half step (between the raised fifth and the natural sixth). But it sounds ambiguous and bittersweet (in my opinion) because it can remind you of an Aminmaj7 chord. But yes, the natural sixth on that chord is kosher in my opinion.

Also the fact that the tonic chord of the tune is E major adds to the ambiguity, Cmaj toggling between the function of #5 and b6 in the key of E.

I like the movement from the G#7 — you think it’s going to go to C#min. But it goes to C#min with an E in the bass. So you get a triple confusion because of the tonal function: Not only are you deceived into a false resolution, you also tricked your ear into hearing the tonic note (E) as an inversion of the natural 6th degree minor chord. Also, you have been hearing up until now the flatted 6th degree of the scale (as in Cmaj7#5) so you’re basically hearing a triple deception by suddenly getting the natural sixth. Also that at the same moment the melody goes back towards E major, the bass finally hits an open low E, and the progression from that point moves back up to the b6. That’s why I cry right there. Don’t know about you. Dig?

Hey I wrote all that while Finley was trying to get me to play with her new toy squirrel. Anyway. Enjoy it. Thanks for asking.

While that wasn’t completely over my head, I had to reread that paragraph a few times in front of the piano. Pick up a copy of the digital or printed book and play the chart to find your own sequence to nerd out with.

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