About Curtis Macdonald

Curtis Macdonald, Community Immunity

“…a fearless artist who is willing to break free of the shackles of expectations.”

Curtis Macdonald is an alto saxophonist, composer and sound artist. He graduated cum laude from the New School University in 2007 and immediately became faculty. In 2011 he released Community Immunity on Greenleaf Music.

Curtis has been informed by several artistic practices as part of his quest for a broader context in which to present his work. Staying close to one of the most desirable artistic communities in North America, the Banff Centre for the Arts has unmistakably left a lasting impact on his philosophy on the creation of music. “The exchanges I have with musicians, choreographers, filmmakers, sculptors, engineers, mathematicians and digital artists whom I’ve met over the years continually influence the music I produce.”

Curtis’ work can is heard on many new music and modern jazz recordings where he organizes improvisation, sound art and digital technology, drawing virtuosity not only from traditional approaches, but also other transcendental and philosophical models.




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