About Indigo Trio

The trio of Nicole Mitchell (flutes), Harrison Bankhead (acoustic bass and cello) and Hamid Drake (drums, percussion), also known as Indigo Trio, have consistently rewarded audiences around the world with some of the most original and heart-felt music being made today. This band defines the sound of Chicago’s AACM in the current era: telepathic improvisation, dramatically open compositions, deep-rooted modern jazz at its best.

Their debut recording, Indigo Trio: Live In Montreal, is a pristine recording from 2005 at the Suoni per il Popolo Festival. The album captures four group improvisations and two Mitchell compositions. Highlights of the record include Mitchell’s plaintive statement of the melody of “Thankfullness” and virtuosic flute technique throughout, Bankhead’s full-bodied cello intro to “Welcoming” which kicks off the record and Drake’s stirring percussion on “Forest Light.”

NICOLE MITCHELL has been celebrated for bringing an exciting new approach to flute improvisation. Co-president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), Mitchell is the founder of the critically acclaimed Black Earth Ensemble and Black Earth Strings. Mitchell placed #1 in Downbeat Magazine’s critic’s poll for “Rising Star Flutist 2006.” Mitchell has performed with George Lewis, Anthony Braxton, Lori Freedman, Miya Masaoka, James Newton and Muhal Richard Abrams. She also works on ongoing projects with Ed Wilkerson, David Boykin, Dee Alexander and Arveeayl Ra.

HAMID DRAKE has been widely regarded as one of the best percussionists in improvised music. Drake has created his own original style of drumming by incorporating Afro-Cuban, Indian, and African percussion instruments with his mastery of creative music, avant-garde, R&B, funk, reggae and soul. Drake’s longest musical association is with Fred Anderson, with whom he has worked from 1974 to the present day. Over the years, he has collaborated extensively with other top improvisers including David Murray, Pharoah Sanders, William Parker, Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Don Cherry, Mahmoud Gania, William Parker, and Michael Zerang among others.

HARRISON BANKHEAD, Chicago’s premier bassist of creative music, is best known for his great work with Ed Wilkerson’s 8 Bold Souls. Bankhead has performed with Oliver Lake, Joshua Redman, Fred Anderson, Von Freeman, The Waukegan Symphony, Roscoe Mitchell, Billy Pierce, Billy Harper and many others. The Indigo Trio provides a space for Bankhead and Drake to continue a musical collaboration that they began as teenagers. Bankhead and Mitchell also have a history performing together in Frequency collective.

Indigo Trio Discography

2009 RogueArt

Live in Montreal
2007 Greenleaf Music