Dave Douglas
Keystone: Live at Jazz Standard [Full Book]
RELEASE DATE: 2008-04-10

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The second entry in the Download-Only Series culls together 8 sets of Keystone recorded at Jazz Standard in 2007 available.

As the second installment of our download-only series, Greenleaf Music presents Dave Douglas & Keystone, Live at Jazz Standard. Fresh off of their 2006 release, Moonshine, this group took to the stage at the famous Jazz Standard in New York, New York for 4 consecutive nights playing 2 sets per night.

With plenty of ear-bending sonics and relentless polyrhythmic funk, these performances twist and turn Douglas’ silent era-inspired compositions in ways that only a live performance would allow. The band debuted new compositions by Douglas, and played music from Dave’s 2003 release, Freak In, on top of the Keystone song book.

This is a Full Book product that gains you access to all 8 unique sets of music available in MP3 and FLAC formats. Each set was uploaded the morning after the performance. If you choose to purchase the Full Book, the download links will automatically populate in your account when they have been uploaded. You can also choose to purchase individual sets of any given night.

4/10/07, Early Set
  1. Silent Stars
  2. Moonshine
  3. The First Hundred Years
  4. Married Life
  5. Circus Peanuts
  6. Tough
4/10/07, Late Set
  1. Dog Star
  2. Scopes
  3. Flood Plain
  4. Kitten
  5. AWD
  6. Traveling Salesman
  7. Tragicomique
  8. Pool Sharks
4/11/07, Early Set
  1. Love and Donuts
  2. Butterfly Effect
  3. Famous Players
  4. Mabel Normand
  5. Photosynthesis
  6. The Real Roscoe
4/11/07, Late Set
  1. Luke the Dog
  2. Black Rock Park
  3. Greenhorn
  4. A Noise From The Deep
  5. Mabel's Wilful Way
  6. Tough
4/11/07, Later Set
  1. Moonshine
  2. Silent Stars
  3. Sapphire Sky Blue
  4. Olive's Big Mess
  5. Porto Alegre
  6. Kitten
4/12/07, Early Set
  1. Luke The Dog
  2. Silent Stars
  3. The First Hundred Years
  4. Traveling Salesman
  5. Circus Peanuts
  6. Tough
4/12/07, Late Set
  1. Moonshine
  2. November
  3. Olive's Big Mess
  4. Kitten
  5. Porto Alegre
  6. Pool Sharks
4/12/07, Later Set
  1. Love and Donuts
  2. Married Life
  3. Famous Players
  4. Scopes
  5. Dog Star
  6. The Real Roscoe

PERSONNEL: Dave Douglas, Trumpet; Marcus Strickland, Saxophones; Adam Benjamin, Fender Rhodes; Brad Jones, Ampeg Baby Bass; Gene Lake, Drums; DJ Olive, Turntables and Laptop


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These blistering sets were originally streamed through the BBC, and are now available as part of our Subscriber Series. MP3 and FLAC formats available.
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