Listening Temple: The Village Vanguard

Posted by: Dave Douglas on January 21, 2009 @ 12:43 pm
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Why does it sound so good in there? Doesn’t matter what instruments or how loud, it always sounds good. Once when I was playing in there they forgot to turn on the PA before the set. No one noticed…

Jim McNeely (whose marvelous big band arrangements of my music are being played this week in Darmstadt and Munich) tells me he used to have to warn cats not to talk, even whisper, onstage because you can hear everything clear as day all the way in the back row. Architect and friend of Greenleaf Music Frank Visconti was fixing things down there and showed me the floor plan he made. Doesn’t answer any questions, but makes for an elegant design.

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  1. The Vanguard is an amazing place. I grew up in Texas and couldn’t wait to go to the high temple of jazz. I remember being in absolute awe of my surroundings when I finally was there my very first time in the club–it was the Heath Brothers in the mid 70s. Since then, I have seen many, many shows and have made it a point to bring both my sons when they were very young so that they would know what it was all about. I remember the owner Max Gordon with his cigar and sneakers giving a nod to the band and then sometimes nodding off himself in the back. It’s not just the sound–you can feel what has taken place over the years!

    Comment by Robert Levers — February 10, 2009 @ 6:43 am

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