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Posted by: russell on February 5, 2016 @ 5:07 pm
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A note from Dave:

Marc Ribot and Susie Ibarra are such exceptional improvisers — this track shows how creatively they approach each composition in the suite. Each of the twelve pieces are written on one single stave. For this one, Febbraio, the material is centered around the key of A major, but how Marc and Susie chose to improvise around the written elements was both  resourceful and surprising. New Sanctuary, the suite, draws on the tone row used in the 1996 composition Sanctuary, but each piece approaches the sequence in a different way. We quickly played through the written material on this one and then developed it in several different new directions on this track.

This trio was a joy to record with. I’m looking forward to releasing the full year’s worth of tracks. Also, the page of sheet music is available for any others that are interested in creating their own versions of this music. Subscribe and write to us to check it out.

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