Orange Afternoons Quintet, GPS: Live at Jazz Standard [2011]

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Three exclusive tracks from the live shows in December 2011.

Dave Douglas, trumpet; Ravi Coltrane, tenor saxophone; Vijay Iyer, piano; Linda Oh, bass; EJ Strickland, drums

This was a great night. I wish I could get this band together again — maybe someday!

The Gulf became the opening theme song of Tea For 3 in the summer of 2011. Vijay gets at the harmony in a really unique way on this version. I wrote this out of concern during the BP oil spill, and the tragedy of it is still with us today.

Solato——I think it’s so fun to play because it was originally meant as a children’s song. (Solato is the name of Clarence Penn’s second child, so this tune is also a sequel to Little Penn). This take goes well outside the boundaries of the sandbox.

Valori Bollati — If you are Italian you don’t need me to tell you what this means. I thought it was some sort of romantic name for a kind of food because there are signs about it everywhere on the streets. It turns out it would be like naming a tune, “Notary Public.” No matter, it stuck. Linda Oh is the hero here.

Enjoy the series. Glad to be able to get the music out to you in this format.

—Dave Douglas, Paris, May 2012.

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