Posted by: Michael Bates on July 1, 2008 @ 1:52 pm
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Hi All,

Wow. George E. Lewis’ book, A Power Stronger Than Itself, just arrived in the mail today. GREAT stuff. I can’t wait to dig into this over the next few weeks…

I was just also reading Donny McCaslin’s post and made me want to get out here in cyberspace to say hello too. September is coming up fast and I’m very pysched to be releasing a new cd on Greenleaf Music on the 9th of that month. Both September and October 2008 are busy with Outside Sources dates in Canada, the US, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France and Italy… let’s just say I’ve spent a fair chunk of time recently on the phone and on the computer. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get out there and be a part of all the great things happening at Greenleaf Music. It’s exciting stuff…

Hey while I’m at it, I wanted to mention the guys who make up my quartet. They are fantastic musicians that’s for sure: we recorded thirteen pieces of fairly complex music for the new cd “Clockwise” in about five hours and that included two broken bass strings…don’t ask, I got kind of excited. ugh. Anyway, these guys are good friends too and when we’re on the road, the hang is as good as the music making. Check them out if you get chance. Each one is a unique instrumentalist and leader and composer of new music: Russ Johnson on trumpet, Quinsin Nachoff on saxophone and clarinet and Jeff Davis on drums.

So until September, I’ll be working on a bunch of new music to play and I’ll spend some time checking out the recordings Donny mentioned and doing what I can to make sure these tours go smoothly. It’s going to be fun! Stop by if you want to check on the tour dates and say hello too. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again to Dave, Ben, Jim and everyone at Greenleaf for everything so far. It’s been great.

Hope to see you out there…

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