Dave Douglas / Sound Prints
RELEASE DATE: 2018-02-02
Co-leaders Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas have become revered figures in the modern jazz landscape. Throughout their stunningly diverse careers, both artists have absorbed the rich lessons of history and the free, seeking spirit of the forward-thinkers, bringing the entire spectrum to bear on their intensely individual voices. That, in essence, is the Scandal that Douglas had in mind when he penned the title track for the second album from his and Lovano’s co-led quintet Sound Prints. “We’re not playing by the traditional, or school-taught, rules of jazz,” Douglas explains. “The ‘Scandal’ …MORE
Little Giant Still Life
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2017-10-20
Little Giant Still Life is an exciting new meeting between the acclaimed emerging talents of The Westerlies – known recently for their work with Fleet Foxes, their repertoire of original compositions, and interpretations of the music of Wayne Horvitz, Duke Ellington and others – and the young Philadelphia-based drummer Anwar Marshall (Fresh Cut Orchestra, Kurt Rosenwinkel), all under the compositional vision of trumpeter-composer Dave Douglas. The music contained herein is grooving, swinging, lyrical, and something distinct in Douglas’ 50+ recordings as a leader of original music, and as …MORE
The New National Anthem
Chet Doxas / Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2017-06-16
Riverside, the quartet co-led by Grammy-nominated American trumpeter Dave Douglas and Canadian saxophonist Chet Doxas, returns with their second album featuring bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Jim Doxas. The record honors the musical impact of pianist and composer Carla Bley, including three of her compositions and new works from Douglas, Swallow and Doxas. Following their debut release in 2014, this group presents a new album featuring spirited free playing, formidable ensemble interaction and new well-crafted compositions. The tracks transmit a palpable excitement and purpose …MORE
Find the Common, Shine a Light
Ryan Keberle
RELEASE DATE: 2017-06-02
One of the most long-lived and acclaimed bands on the current jazz scene, Ryan Keberle & Catharsis continue to evolve their unmistakable group sound while speaking out about our troubled times on their fourth release. With six years of recording and extensive touring under their belt, the band stays true to its “potent blend of cinematic sweep and lush, ear-grabbing melodies” (Los Angeles Times) while opting for a more layered and multifaceted approach in the studio. Even so, the signature Catharsis frontline of trombonist/leader Ryan Keberle (pronounced Keb-er-lee) and trumpeter …MORE
Rise of Orion
Rudy Royston
RELEASE DATE: 2016-10-20
In-demand drummer Rudy Royston (Bill Frisell, Dave Douglas, Ravi Coltrane, Branford Marsalis) debuts his new trio on Rise of Orion. Rudy Royston’s sophomore Greenleaf Music album Rise of Orion features a chordless trio with saxophone standout and Thelonious Monk Competition Winner Jon Irabagon, and bass virtuoso Yasushi Nakamura. This 13 track record is Royston’s offering of “hope and love” with 11 originals and interpretations of Bill Withers’ Make a Smile For Me and Henry Purcell’s Dido’s Lament.
Dada People
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2016-09-16
In the years between the two World Wars, the Dada movement questioned, altered, teased and undermined the very idea of art. A century later, trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Frank Woeste draw inspiration from that “art of reinvention” with their collaborative album Dada People, due out October 2016 via Greenleaf Music. Perhaps no single artist embodies Dada’s slippery juxtapositions quite like Man Ray. Both French and American, commercial and avant-garde, Jewish by birth and mysterious by design, Man Ray epitomized the conflicting personae and attitudes that have come to define so …MORE
Touch My Beloved’s Thought
Greg Ward
RELEASE DATE: 2016-05-31
Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady is one of the most lauded records in jazz history – its lush orchestration, its breadth of territory, its uncompromising integrity and vision all contribute to its enduring allure. Recorded in 1963 with an 11 piece band, the 39 minute, continuous composition was described by Mingus as "ethnic folk-dance music", as it was originally scored and conceived as a six-part ballet. In 2014, Roell Schmidt–executive director of the Chicago performing arts center Link’s Hall–heard Black Saint and was floored. Schmidt quickly went to Chicago jazz …MORE
Dark Territory
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2016-03-18
  With the 2015 release of High Risk, Dave Douglas, Shigeto, Jonathan Maron, and Mark Guiliana proved they could produce an album where avant-jazz and electronic music met in a spacey atmospheric middle ground, delivering something new in the world of genre. Melding traditional instrumentation and modern electronic music production challenges the ideals of both the traditional term “jazz” as well as the modern term “electronic music.” Pitchfork described it as, “Simultaneously chill and surprising, it’s the sound of a group discovering a valid language, and then proceeding to push …MORE
Azul Infinito
Ryan Keberle
RELEASE DATE: 2016-03-04
Azul Infinito, which features Ryan Keberle’s signature band, Catharsis, includes the vocals of Chilean singer Camila Meza, alongside a frontline of Keberle and GRAMMY-nominated trumpeter Mike Rodriguez, Peruvian-born bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Eric Doob, creates a continuity of sound and aesthetic that could only have resulted from constant playing (often monthly around New York) for the past four years. From this continuity, they breathe as one and express a band aesthetic. For Keberle, American music’s emotional power, which stems from the blues, is reflected in similarly …MORE
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2015-12-04
Dave Douglas writes a brand new suite for Monash Art Ensemble, an improvising chamber orchestra including some of Melbourne’s finest players. Scored for four winds, four brass, four strings, and four percussion, including electronics, Fabliaux introduces new language into the vernacular of contemporary improvised music, looking forward while looking back. Fabliaux draws inspiration from composers of the early 14th century French Ars Nova, most notably Guillaume De Machaut. Using ideas of hocket, isorhythm, and modal counterpoint as points of departure, Fabliaux takes the …MORE
Brazen Heart Live at Jazz Standard
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2015-11-11
The Dave Douglas Quintet finishes their Brazen Heart tour with a four night run at the Jazz Standard November 19-22. Featuring Jon Irabagon (saxophone), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums), the group delivers a roller-coaster ride of complex harmonic and rhythmic structures, veering between fierce and soulful. "Douglas' quintet ... is one of the best working groups in jazz. In recent years, Douglas' unflagging intellectual curiosity has led to the creation of a diverse body of work.... His quintet, however, represents a creative pinnacle." Michael Hamad, …MORE
Brazen Heart
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2015-10-02
Trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas, one of the most prolific and influential jazz musicians of our time, has created “a body of work [that] reflects an inveterate engagement with the world, taking inspiration from literature, politics, dance and film, as well as jazz and new-music traditions,” writes Nate Chinen of The New York Times. But Douglas also draws from deep personal experience to inform his art. In 2012 he honored his late mother, Emily, with the album Be Still, debuting a youthful new quintet. Time Travel followed in 2013, and the quintet ripened further. With its new album …MORE
High Risk
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-23
The thing we call jazz and the thing we call electronic music are both fundamentally concerned with newness. Each follows its own particular, seemingly mutually exclusive path of discovery and creation, its own process toward realizing something where before there was nothing: on one hand, through the dynamic, unpredictable, in-the-moment spiritual alchemy of improvisation; on the other hand, through a meticulous, creatively probing exploration and inventive interrogation of technology’s constantly evolving potential. HIGH RISK is all at once a new musical ensemble – a highly …MORE
Fast Future
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2015-03-03
The only thing predictable about Donny McCaslin’s first ten albums was their unpredictability. Each new release arrived with a new line-up and not infrequently a new direction, often providing the perpetually curious saxophonist/composer with fertile new ground to explore. On the surface, what makes McCaslin’s latest release, Fast Future (available March 31, 2015 on Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf Music), something of a radical departure from his usual M.O., is that it reprises the stunning electro-acoustic quartet from its groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed predecessor, Casting for Gravity …MORE
Into the Zone
Ryan Keberle
RELEASE DATE: 2014-09-30
Most jazz musicians avoid repetition dogmatically. But when Ryan Keberle realized he’d been playing the same eight-note phrase in all his recent warm-ups, the trombonist embraced his inclination. “As I started playing it more and more, I realized I wasn’t thinking of anything else,” he says. “You can reach a real state of mindfulness through repetition.” Keberle built the phrase into “Without a Thought,” the complex but gracefully flowing centerpiece of his new album, Into the Zone. It’s his first for Greenleaf Music—and arguably the most personal document yet from a trombonist and …MORE
In the Ivory
Matt Ulery
RELEASE DATE: 2014-09-16
Expanding upon the artistic and critical success of his 2012 double album By a Little Light, Chicago bassist-composer Matt Ulery returns with In the Ivory on Dave Douglas’ acclaimed independent label Greenleaf Music – eighty minutes of resplendent, lyrical, transportive, and impeccably performed chamber-jazz music. Inspired and motivated by the musical and personal relationships developed while recording and performing By a Little Light–Ulery’s most ambitious project to date–In the Ivory explores the idea of consciousness through patient, lyrical composition. At a time when classical …MORE
Present Joys
Dave Douglas / Dave Douglas & Uri Caine
RELEASE DATE: 2014-07-22
Order CD/LP/Digital “An interesting format to hear jazz musicians perform in. Exposed, risky and with the potential to go in any number of directions.” London Jazz News   “[A] beautiful new album of duets.” Richard Scheinin The Sacred Harp, Ye Olde New-England Psalm-Tunes, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion: these ancient “tunebooks” form the basic repertoire for countless musical groups that keep the tradition of “shape-note” singing alive. Longtime friends and collaborators, trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Uri Caine, reunite as a duo on this recording, …MORE
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2014-04-15
Riverside puts a contemporary stamp on small group improvisation while evoking the dynamic ensembles led by clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre. The quartet, co-led by Dave Douglas and clarinetist/tenor saxophonist Chet Doxas, has a rhythm section comprised of Steve Swallow, bass (a former member of Giuffre’s celebrated trio) and Jim Doxas, drums. Riverside blends a love for improvised music, bluegrass, sacred hymns and Appalachian music to create an aesthetic rooted in Americana and jazz. The quartet aims to show their appreciation and respect for the late reedsman and composer, but …MORE
Rudy Royston
RELEASE DATE: 2014-02-12
Buy CD/Digital “Rudy is such a dynamic drummer, intensely polyrhythmic, both subtle and explosive. I was delighted when he announced he was working on a record of his own music with a brilliant and eager cast of musicians.” Dave Douglas 303 by Rudy RoystonSince moving to New York City in 2006 from his home base in Denver, Rudy Royston has emerged as one of the most exciting and in-demand drummers on the jazz scene. Having already racked up a list of impressive credits as a sideman with the likes of rising star of the tenor sax, J.D. Allen, alto saxophonist Tia Fuller, bassist Ben …MORE
DD|50: Special Edition 50th Birthday Recordings
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2013-09-17
Even in his 50th year Dave Douglas shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, this milestone proves to be a focal point in a reexamination driven by many events in his life: musical, personal, spiritual and emotional. Three releases show that process, 2012's intimate, reflective and intensely personal Be Still, 2013's hard-driving, straight-ahead Time Travel, and his newest work, Pathways, written for sextet as a farewell soliloquy to his beloved ten-year tenure as director of the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music. Taken together, these three albums represent a …MORE
Sun Pictures
Linda Oh
RELEASE DATE: 2013-08-05
Buy CD/Digital       Named for the world's oldest operating cinema in Northwest Australia, Sun Pictures collects snapshots from the recent musical travels of the acclaimed bassist and composer. On her third CD, Sun Pictures bassist/composer Linda Oh offers a set of musical postcards from her travels across the country and around the world. In the two years since the release of her last CD, Initial Here, Oh has performed extensively, both leading her own groups, in renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas’ new quintet, and with the Sound Prints quintet co-led by Douglas and …MORE
Wake An Echo
Matt Ulery
RELEASE DATE: 2013-06-25
“This is music of brisk intelligence and an almost off-putting abundance of composure… with frictionless access to great chunks of classical postminimalism, atmospheric indie-rock and harmonically astute post-bop.” -NY Times Wake An Echo by Matt Ulery's Loom With his 2012 release By A Little Light, Chicago bassist and composer Matt Ulery presented profoundly rich compositions for a large ensemble. The sprawling two-disc collection, lush with strings, winds, and vocals—care of the iconoclastic contemporary classical ensemble eighth blackbird, and Polish singer Grazyna …MORE
Time Travel
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2013-04-04
Time Travel by Dave Douglas QuintetBuy CD/Digital Sheet Music for Time Travel is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App "The strength of the quintet," Douglas argues, "is a testament to the health of the current jazz scene. It’s turning into a really rich environment of growth and inspiration in the music." Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music release Time Travel, an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile called "one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]'ve heard by anybody in quite a …MORE
Casting for Gravity
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-02
Casting For Gravity by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital "...a courageous, powerful musical statement.”-Huffington Post "tightly composed, genre-splintered, synth-fueled mayhem" -TimeOut New York Acclaimed saxophonist Donny McCaslin takes a bold leap forward with his tenth album as a leader, Casting for Gravity. McCaslin's gargantuan tenor sound finds an ideal setting to rampage through in the ferocious grooves and electronic textures of keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Mark Guiliana. Couching his trademark gift for brawny melodies in lurching dub rhythms, …MORE
Be Still
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2012-09-24
Buy CD/LP/Digital Sheet Music for Be Still is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App   About The new album by label-owner Dave Douglas who describes the title, Be Still, as "aspirational." The continually evolving trumpeter and composer settles down for a ballad-like set that presents a series of hymns and folk songs with an intensely personal connection. Be Still brings out the most lyrical side of Douglas, and introduces both a newly configured Quintet — Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, and Rudy Royston — and an important new collaborator, …MORE
By A Little Light
Matt Ulery
RELEASE DATE: 2012-06-19
By A Little Light by Matt Ulery   Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2012 (all genres) by NPR Music Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2012 by NPR's A Blog Supreme Top 10 Albums of 2012 by Chicago Tribune "one of the most hauntingly beautiful recordings of this year — or any other. This magical, profoundly musical release embraces more aesthetic influences than one might have thought a cohesive recording could." —Chicago Tribune ★★★★ 1/2 -Downbeat "a masterpiece of grand vision and soaring compositions." —eMusic Even during a time when eclectic tastes are becoming the …MORE
Initial Here
Linda Oh
RELEASE DATE: 2012-05-22
Buy CD/Digital "Her music leans forward at you. She has a percussive touch, graceful and sometimes aggressive, and she likes playing fast, walking or soloing or delivering a jagged ostinato. She’s justifying the role of bassist as bandleader, starting the tunes, pushing the band, delivering clean, strong rhythm and melody." With her debut CD, Entry, bassist/composer Linda Oh asserted herself as a unique new voice on the modern jazz scene. On her follow-up, Initial Here, Oh draws deeply upon her rich cultural heritage and broad range of inspirations to further …MORE
Magic Triangle / Leap Of Faith
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2012-05-11
Magic Triangle / Leap Of Faith by Dave Douglas QuartetBuy CD/Digital Sheet Music for Be Still is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App Greenleaf Music is proud to reissue Magic Triangle and Leap of Faith, two landmark albums by the always-innovative trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas. Originally recorded in the late 1990s, these two albums comprise the entire catalogue of the Dave Douglas Quartet featuring tenor saxophonist Chris Potter, bassist James Genus, and drummer Ben Perowsky, each of whom have remained crucial voices in the modern jazz world. Both discs …MORE
Three Views: GPS Vol 1-3 [3CD Box] (Out of Print)
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2011-11-02
Back in stock in extremely limited quantities! In the year of 2011, Greenleaf launched a new series of releases dubbed the Greenleaf Portable Series. These three recordings found Dave Douglas leading recording sessions with different groups and players harkening back the shorter, more informal sessions that were the backbone of jazz recording for many years. GPS releases were designed to be digital-only releases to be distributed quickly here at the Greenleaf store, on iTunes, and through the Greenleaf Cloud Player. Due to the overwhelming response for the series and after multiple …MORE
GPS, V3: Bad Mango
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2011-10-11
GPS, Volume 3: Bad Mango by Dave Douglas & So Percussion Buy Digital Album The third volume of the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS), Bad Mango features Dave Douglas with So Percussion. From the first notes of the opening track One More News—originally recorded on Witness [2001]—it's clear that this session yielded a sound unlike any other in the expansive Dave Douglas discography. Pai†ring his plaintive trumpet with a myriad of percussion instruments including marimba, drumset, glockenspiel, and a whole host of nontraditional percussion like musical saw, toy bells, shruti box, …MORE
GPS, V2: Orange Afternoons
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2011-08-03
GPS, Volume 2: Orange Afternoons by Dave Douglas Buy Digital Album Sheet Music for Orange Afternoons is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App The second volume of the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS), Orange Afternoons features Dave Douglas, Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, and Marcus Gilmore. This informal session in Brooklyn yielded six new Douglas compositions for this special quintet. The album opener—The Gulf—begins delicately with Iyer rolling clusters and Gilmore frosting the spectrum with cymbals before the plaintive melody offers the first taste …MORE
GPS, V1: Rare Metals
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2011-06-21
GPS, Volume 1: Rare Metals by Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy Buy Digital Album Sheet Music for Rare Metals is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App In the early winter of 2011, trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas convened an informal recording session in Brooklyn with his group Brass Ecstasy. They were to record the first volume in a string of digital releases that Douglas dubbed the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS). Greenleaf Portable Series Volume 1: Rare Metals finds Douglas — the indefatigably prolific composer — adding five new compositions and a new arrangement …MORE
United Front
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2011-04-05
United Front by Dave Douglas & Brass EcstasyBuy CD/Digital Originally recorded by WBGO Jazz 88 and presented as part of NPR’s live concert series, the album captures the group’s spectacular performance during the 2010 Carefusion Newport Jazz Festival. “There was a special feeling for us on taking the drive out to the festival grounds at Fort Adams State Park,” said Douglas. “On the day of the gig, each of us was flying in from a different location. The weather was cooperating, and I remember watching boats in the harbor…such a magnificent setting. During the set each of the tunes …MORE
Community Immunity
Curtis Macdonald
RELEASE DATE: 2011-04-05
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› “Community Immunity is much more than your average modern jazz album…  It is a study in compression and expansion, compositional detail and improvisational freedom.” The New York Jazz Record “A bracing listen from a musical architect who is as distinctive and precise as he is young…  If you’re an open-eared listener with a yen for forward-thinking music,  you’ll find yourself wanting to crack Community Immunity‘s code.” Ottawa Citizen “Maybe it’s the odd time signatures, maybe the strange timbres or the meandering …MORE
Perpetual Motion
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2011-01-25
Perpetual Motion by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital Sheet Music for Perpetual Motion is available for download here and at the Donny McCaslin App Following the sparse tenor trio album Recommended Tools (Greenleaf, 2008), Perpetual Motion is a 180° turn for McCaslin. Never sounding more confident, McCaslin delves into angular post-bop, blistering polyphonic funk, backbeat-driven R&B, and delicate, ethereal balladry, all without compromising his distinct compositional voice. Electronic elements are well-represented here: Adam Benjamin (Kneebody, Dave Douglas’ Keystone) conjures the …MORE
Spark Of Being [3CD]
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2010-09-21
Spark Of Being [Box Set] by Dave Douglas & Keystone Buy CD/Digital     On April 24th, 2010, Dave Douglas and experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison unveiled their multimedia collaboration, Spark Of Being, at Stanford University. On film, it stands as a reinterpretation of that Frankenstein myth using new, archival, and distressed footage. The themes, penned by Douglas for his Grammy-nominated band Keystone, integrate electronics seamlessly into the improvised music, piecing sounds and movement together to make three strikingly different Creatures. Spark Of Being: …MORE
A Single Sky
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2009-10-27
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› A Single Sky, music for big band. Featuring Douglas with Grammy-winning arranger/conductor Jim McNeely at the helm of the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, this collaboration offers three new Douglas compositions alongside four works from the Douglas songbook reimagined by McNeely. Sheet Music for this title is available in score format. Parts + Scores for each arrangement in full are available for purchasing performing ensembles here. Subscriber Bonus: DDQ: Live at Village Vanguard, 2009 Dave Douglas Quintet playing new music (*) …MORE
Spirit Moves [CD+DVD]
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2009-06-16
Spirit Moves by Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy Buy CD/Digital     Sheet Music for Spirit Moves is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App Douglas' first studio album in three years and the debut recording of his project Brass Ecstasy, Spirit Moves features Douglas alongside Vincent Chancey (French horn), Luis Bonilla (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Nasheet Waits (drums) paying homage to the brass instrument with eight new original compositions and three arrangements of classics by such disparate artists as Otis Redding, Hank Williams and Rufus …MORE
Live In New York
Michael Bates
RELEASE DATE: 2009-03-24
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Michael Bates has emerged as one of the most engaging young bassist/composers in recent years. His third record as a leader, Clockwise, released through Greenleaf Music, was met with praise. In celebration of Clockwise, Bates and his quartet Outside Sources recorded their record release show at Cornelia Cafe in NYC, documented here as the fourth installment of the Greenleaf Paperback Series. AllAboutJazz called Outside Sources, "a tight unit that reveled in richness, unpredictability, astounding technical ability and near-telepathic …MORE
Michael Bates
RELEASE DATE: 2008-09-09
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Taking equal inspiration from jazz, western classical music, and lasting modern acts as disparate as the Bad Brains and Ornette Coleman, Clockwise offers a panoramic view of the engaging musical mind of Michael Bates, and will prove to be a watershed for enthusiasts of cutting-edge composition and improvisation. This dynamic collection of nine original works (the latest additions to an oeuvre bulging with more than 200 compositions) written for his Outside Sources ensemble blurs the line between composition and improvisation and leaves …MORE
Recommended Tools
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2008-08-19
Recommended Tools by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital     Sheet Music for Recommended Tools is available for download here and at the Donny McCaslin App Recommended Tools is the 7th release from 2008 Downbeat Rising Star Poll winner Donny McCaslin. It is also his first for Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf Music label. McCaslin has been performing with Douglas’ highly publicized Quintet since 2005, as well as receiving a Grammy nomination for his work with the Maria Schneider Orchestra in 2004. His latest release, Recommended Tools finds McCaslin for the first time working in a …MORE
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2007-11-25
Moonshine by Dave Douglas & Keystone Buy CD/Digital     Moonshine, the newest album from trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas' Grammy-nominated band Keystone, is an album that moves musical genres forward into uncharted territory. The evolutionary, revolutionary aspect is found in the vibrant alchemy between Douglas' avant-garde leaning compositions, the relentless, polyrhythmic funk of drummer Gene Lake and bassist Brad Jones, the Sun-Ra-esque sonics of Adam Benjamin who plays a highly modulated Fender Rhodes and the post-post blowing of the front line featuring …MORE
Live at the Jazz Standard [2CD]
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2007-07-31
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Between December 5 and 10, 2006, the Dave Douglas Quintet settled into New York's Jazz Standard for a six night run. Greenleaf Music recorded all 12 sets the group played that week and released each set within 24 hours as downloadable MP3s. The project represented the broadest documentation of the Grammy nominated group to date and featured a unique combination of compositions and improvisations culled from previous albums The Infinite (2001), Strange Liberation (2003) and Meaning and Mystery (2006), as well as a book of new pieces …MORE
Live in Montreal
Indigo Trio
RELEASE DATE: 2007-01-15
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Greenleaf Music's Third Paperback Series release is Nicole Mitchell/Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake, Indigo Trio, Live in Montreal. Recorded during a 2005 tour of Canada, this trio of stalwart, AACM inspired artists truly lays out a gem with this recording. These are three of Chicago's finest improvisers doing what they do best in front of an enthusiastic , festival audience. To say the least, Greenleaf Music is proud to have this recording in the catalog . Here's what Nicole Mitchell has to say about Indigo Trio, Live in Montreal: " …MORE
Keystone: Live in Sweden
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2006-05-20
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› The second release in our Paperback Series. Paperback releases are packaged in a minimal but distinctive chipboard packaging. In a brilliant stroke of tour routing, this gig at the Umea Jazz Festival in northern Sweden was immediately preceded by the San Francisco jazz festival in California and followed by one in Cormons, Italy. Nonetheless everyone came ready to play. The Keystone sound really came together here: sloppy and wild, but also focused, lyrical, delicate, and at times simply bizarre. Also, like the films it was …MORE
Meaning and Mystery
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2006-04-17
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Meaning and Mystery is the third album from the Dave Douglas Quintet and first for the Greenleaf Music label. It follows 2004's critically-acclaimed Strange Liberation and 2002's Grammy-nominated The Infinite in building upon and establishing Douglas' version of a modern living jazz quintet music. Inspired by Miles Davis, the current work of the Wayne Shorter Quartet as well as more obscure groups such as those led by Julius Hemphill and Baikida Carroll to name a few, the album's nine dynamic Douglas compositions reflect Douglas' …MORE
Keystone [CD+DVD]
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2005-09-25
Keystone by Dave Douglas & KeystoneBuy CD/Digital Keystone features Douglas compositions inspired by the great and unfairly maligned Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, one of America's earliest and funniest movie stars. Focusing on his early works for the Keystone production company (1915-1916), the new music attempts to mirror the humor and drama, the tragedy and hilarity of Arbuckle's films and his life. The electric invoked scores are warm, funny, funky, and experimental, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the films. Keystone is a two-disc release: a CD and a DVD. The CD contains …MORE
RELEASE DATE: 2005-03-25
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Kneebody's self titled debut on Greenleaf Music showcases the band's musical depth and non stop creativity. The band's five members bring lessons learned from their experiences backing artists such as Ani DiFranco, Jurassic 5, Snoop Dogg, Daedelus, Phil Woods, Steve Coleman, Chaka Kahn, David Murray and Ravi Coltrane to this project. The result is an organic, original instrumental music that has, as one L.A. Music Connection reviewer wrote, "an epic, trans-generational gravity." All the music on the album is composed by Kneebody. …MORE
Live at the Bimhuis [2CD]
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2005-02-05
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› From their acclaimed October 2002 European tour in support of the Grammy-nominated album The Infinite, Dave Douglas, Live at the Bimhuis, captures Douglas' Quintet in peak form performing at one of the world's leading jazz venues. In front of a very lively and enthusiastic audience, and beautifully recorded by VPRO Radio-Amsterdam, this is the first live set available from one of jazz's leading bands. A must-have for fans of this Quintet. This release is packaged minimally although distinctively in a cardboard slip-sleeve with full …MORE
Mountain Passages
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2005-01-25
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Dave Douglas' Mountain Passages is an album of music inspired by the myths and the spirit of rural mountain culture. The first live performance of the material, which features Dave's band NOMAD, took place high in the Italian Dolomites, as part of the festival I Suoni delle Dolomitti. Partially inspired by Douglas' love of world folk music, Mountain Passages also carries the spirit of jazz that informs all of Dave's music. The record is a profound and playful mix that veers between the solemnity of solitary contemplation and the drunken …MORE
Bow River Falls
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 2004-08-24
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Released on Premonition Records in 2004, Bow River Falls was recorded in a single afternoon at The Banff Centre in June 2003. This was truly a meeting of musicians -- each a member of the faculty at the 2002 Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, each bringing compositions/arrangements to this book of music. Released in 2004 on Premonition Records, this stands as Douglas' first release after his departure from RCA just prior to starting his own label, Greenleaf Music. Personnel: Dave Douglas (trumpet), Louis …MORE
Tiny Bell Trio: Live In Europe
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 1997-05-26
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell Trio is one of his most intriguing groups, a band consisting of the leader's trumpet, guitarist Brad Shepik, and drummer Jim Black. Due to Shepik's versatility, Douglas' inventive originals (only a Hungarian folk song and a classical melody from Robert Schumann are not by the trumpeter) and the interplay between the musicians, this project is a strong success. The music often looks towards Eastern Europe folk melodies but maintains its ties with American jazz and is full of constant surprises. One of four …MORE
Dave Douglas
RELEASE DATE: 1997-03-25
‹‹‹ Click the cover to view the full artwork ››› Continuing the innovative approach to tribute records he began in 1994 with the Booker Little homage In Our Lifetime, Douglas dedicates Stargazer to the great Wayne Shorter. Only three tracks, however, are Shorter compositions: "Pug Nose," "On the Milky Way Express," and "Diana." The rest are Douglas originals that are inspired by Shorter, although Douglas is far too clever to make the inspiration obvious. Featuring Joey Baron on drums, Uri Caine on piano, James Genus on bass, Chris Speed on tenor sax/clarinet and Josh Roseman on …MORE