Fast Future
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2015-03-03
The only thing predictable about Donny McCaslin’s first ten albums was their unpredictability. Each new release arrived with a new line-up and not infrequently a new direction, often providing the perpetually curious saxophonist/composer with fertile new ground to explore. On the surface, what makes McCaslin’s latest release, Fast Future (available March 31, 2015 on Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf Music), something of a radical departure from his usual M.O., is that it reprises the stunning electro-acoustic quartet from its groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed predecessor, Casting for Gravity …MORE
Casting for Gravity
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-02
Casting For Gravity by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital "...a courageous, powerful musical statement.”-Huffington Post "tightly composed, genre-splintered, synth-fueled mayhem" -TimeOut New York Acclaimed saxophonist Donny McCaslin takes a bold leap forward with his tenth album as a leader, Casting for Gravity. McCaslin's gargantuan tenor sound finds an ideal setting to rampage through in the ferocious grooves and electronic textures of keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Mark Guiliana. Couching his trademark gift for brawny melodies in lurching dub rhythms, …MORE
Perpetual Motion
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2011-01-25
Perpetual Motion by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital Sheet Music for Perpetual Motion is available for download here and at the Donny McCaslin App Following the sparse tenor trio album Recommended Tools (Greenleaf, 2008), Perpetual Motion is a 180° turn for McCaslin. Never sounding more confident, McCaslin delves into angular post-bop, blistering polyphonic funk, backbeat-driven R&B, and delicate, ethereal balladry, all without compromising his distinct compositional voice. Electronic elements are well-represented here: Adam Benjamin (Kneebody, Dave Douglas’ Keystone) conjures the …MORE
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2009-08-11
Seven digital PDF charts for saxophone, brass ensemble, and band from Donny McCaslin's album Declaration. Compositions included: M, Fat Cat, Declaration, Uppercut, Rock Me, 2nd Hour, Late Night Gospel
Recommended Tools
Donny McCaslin
RELEASE DATE: 2008-08-19
Recommended Tools by Donny McCaslin Buy CD/Digital     Sheet Music for Recommended Tools is available for download here and at the Donny McCaslin App Recommended Tools is the 7th release from 2008 Downbeat Rising Star Poll winner Donny McCaslin. It is also his first for Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf Music label. McCaslin has been performing with Douglas’ highly publicized Quintet since 2005, as well as receiving a Grammy nomination for his work with the Maria Schneider Orchestra in 2004. His latest release, Recommended Tools finds McCaslin for the first time working in a …MORE