DDQ: Live at Village Vanguard

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The Quintet continues at the Vanguard tonight. Thanks to all who’ve been and will be there this weekend.

The FLACs of the set from the Vanguard last night are being added to our subscriber downloads database. Those are lossless files that you subscribers can download and sink your ears in to. Thanks to WBGO and NPR for their work. Enjoy.

For non-subscribers, plenty of music to listen to at the NPR Vanguard page. And if you’d like to join our Greenleaf subscriber community, click here to see all the current special offer.

We hope to see you out at the Vanguard. Tickets are available here.

December 11th, 2009

A quick update on those files. We’ve split the set into tracks rather than the one big file up over at NPR Vanguard page. We cut the chatter, too. So it’s as clean as possible.

Also, of the seven tunes played, four have not been released yet. Those tunes and a lot of the new book that the Quintet have been and will play this weekend is scheduled to be recorded and released on the next Quintet studio album tentatively scheduled for late 2010.


FLAC: What it is. Why you want it. How to use it.

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We want you to know about FLAC files because it’s a relatively new way of downloading excellent sounding music. Sounds better than MP3, sounds as good as a CD, uses no packaging or shipping products, has all the artwork embedded. Greenleaf Music’s owner, Dave Douglas, went through this process reluctantly and came out the other side a convinced FLAC user. Now you can, too!

Downloading a Greenleaf FLAC is the same as downloading an MP3, they’re just larger files because they are uncompressed and therefore sound better. After downloading the FLAC track, here are a couple options of how to get going:

If you use iTunes, the only way to play FLACs is by using Fluke. It’s a free software available here. Right-clicking on the FLAC file and choosing Open With > Fluke will import the FLAC into your iTunes where you can then play it with no problem.

You can also convert the FLAC file using a program called Max. WAVs and AIFs are the formats used to press CDs and are supported in iTunes without any software add-on. Simply select what format you’d like to convert to in the Max > Preferences > Formats window. Then drag the file(s) into the Max window and click Convert. Those files can be added directly to your iTunes or burned to a CD that will match the sound quality of a CD you’d receive from us. (Update: Using a PC? Check out dBpoweramp for converting)

For folks not tied to iTunes, you can use a number of FLAC players out there. We recommend the recently discovered Songbird (thanks to Gary, one of our new subscribers). Songbird looks and feels like iTunes, so it’s easy to get set up.

Internet speeds are getting faster, and hard drive space is getting larger and cheaper with every second. Lossless files like FLACs are here to stay and great for folks like me who are not audiophiles but enjoy listening to quality music in the best way they can. These suggestions and directions are a good place to start. And I’ll be around to answer any questions you have as best I can.

Everyone has their own method for organizing their digital files — feel free to pass on yours in the Comments Section.


RE: Rashied Ali

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New post at Destination: Out offering a few tracks from Rashied Ali’s career.

From Destination: Out

Despite being on an August hiatus, we couldn’t let the passing of Rashied Ali linger too long without adding our own tribute. Rashied Ali was one of most important drummers in jazz – both for his controversial tenure with John Coltrane and his remarkable second act as owner of both Survival Records and loft space Ali’s Alley, and for the stellar ensembles he led.

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Three Links for Monday

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A few rock-related links to pass on in case you’re interested…

New Radiohead Tune Leaked – “These Are My Twisted Words?

Jonny from Dead Air Space: So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished. We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

It seems they actually leaked it. Perhaps a piece of the “great idea” Thom mentioned in a recent interview. Never a dull moment with those guys.

New Jim O’Rourke Album – “The Visitor”

Stream a preview of a track at the new Drag City website. More details to follow, I’m sure.

Bob Dylan mistaken for Hobo

From boingboing.com – New Jersey police detained 68-year old American music star Bob Dylan recently, after a young officer failed to recognize him. A disheveled Dylan was wearing a hoodie, wandering around in the rain looking at a house for sale. The 24-year-old female officer was responding to a phone call from the occupants of a home that had a “For Sale” sign on it. The residents were called in with a report of an “eccentric-looking old man” in their yard .

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New digital formats: CMX and Soundparts

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Always interested in new formats around here.

CMX was just announced and it looks pretty cool to me, though I haven’t seen any details on sound quality and the like. Here’s what “a label insider” told the Times Online:

“[CMX] will be a file that you click on, it opens and it would have a totally brand-new look, with a launch page and all the different options. When you click on it you’re not just going to get the ten tracks, you’re going to get the artwork, the video and mobile products.”

Here’s hoping that the major labels will start signing bands that can fill up the CMX with 10 good tracks. If not, we’re back at square-one with no one buying albums because there are only 2 tunes they want.

And another new format came to my attention via WFMU’s blog.

Much in the same way itunes dismantled the notion that paying $16 for a cd with 2 good songs on it was a good idea, songparts goes a step further and argues that even $.99 is too much to pay for that one part of a song you really like. Instead why not fork over $.06 for the “Best line in Steely Dan’s ‘Kid Charlemagne’ looped for your convenience” or the “Gluten, gleebun, glauten, globen” intro from Def Leppard.

The majors recently bought a 17% stake in Spotify, the much loved (but Europe only) music subscription service and one can only hope they can get on board with these guys too…. I give the site about a week to live.

Songparts seems like something that won’t catch on, but I’ve been surprised before. I know I wouldn’t want to buy just a piece of a tune. Even if it is the ripping solo from Kid Charlemagne. Wonder how much they’d charge for just the turnaround?


WBGO Podcast: Brass Ecstasy

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Download the latest WBGO Checkout New Music Podcast via iTunes to hear Brass Ecstasy playing at the Jazz Standard this past weekend.  A preview for those of us in Ottawa and Chicago eagerly anticipating this band coming into town.  Also available via podcast is an interview with Dave.  The segment will air tonight at 6:30 on WBGO.

Download via iTunes here.

For non-iTunes users, download it here.

This audio is taken from the same shows we will be giving out to all that preorders Spirit Moves.  Subscribers, too.  Expect an email update on that in the next few days.

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Spirit Moves Update ~ More free music

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We announced the preorder of Dave’s newest record a couple weeks back.  The record is streaming in full HERE along with a video segment from the DVD.  With the official release date is right around the corner (June 16th), we have some new news to bring to the table.

There are various packaging options we’ve put forward for this title.  They range from a CD, to a Deluxe CD/DVD with live video from the studio sessions, to a complete package which bundles together the CD, DVD, Sheet Music, the new Greenleaf hat, and more.  The response to these packages has been great and we appreciate everyone’s support and kind words.

Now for the update

With all preorders, we will be including a free live set from the upcoming Brass Ecstasy shows at the Jazz Standard in NYC.  This set will automatically show up for download in the accounts of everyone who preorders Spirit Moves in any of the packaging options – this includes all who have already put in their order.  But this offer is ONLY for preorders.  Once the release date hits (again, June 16th), folks who order will be able to purchase the set separately.

Subscribers –  There will be another set recorded.  And this set will be exclusively for you.  We’re extremely happy to have had so many new Subscriptions and re-Subscriptions in the last month.  The Subscriber Edition of Spirit Moves is still the best deal in terms of how much music and how much inside-access you can get with your preorder.

More news sooner than later.  To stay current with our news, sign our email list and set yourself up with the RSS feed (top right of the page) for these posts.

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