Pre-order “Present Joys” at the Greenleaf Music Store Today

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Greenleaf Music is proud to announce that “Present Joys” is now available for pre-order at the Greenleaf Music store and iTunes. Out July 22, “Present Joys” is available on CD, download and a numbered limited-edition 180-gram vinyl (with free album download).

The Sacred Harp, Ye Olde New-England Psalm-Tunes, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion: these ancient “tunebooks” form the basic repertoire for countless musical groups that keep the tradition of “shape-note” singing alive. Longtime friends and collaborators, trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Uri Caine, reunite as a duo on this recording, exploring these 18th and 19th century American songs and their influence on jazz and popular music.

Order your copy now!

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ANFTD #21: Lenny Pickett

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Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.35.24 PM

Saxophonist Lenny Pickett joins ANFTD to talk about his very extraordinary career in music.  He and Dave talk about how he developed his language on the saxophone and thoughts on composition, electronics, life on the road with Tower of Power and some behind the scenes stories at Saturday Night Live. Drummond hips Dave and Michael to the new Animals as Leaders recording and how he got his car towed.

Lenny also has a new record, “The Prescription,” out June 10. Recorded in Helsinki, Finland, the album is a collaboration with the Finnish 19-piece big band UMO Jazz Orchestra.

“The Prescription” Lenny Pickett with the UMO
“Footsteps for Eb clarinet” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Machine_2x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Gtr_1x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Stanza at Night with Radio City” Alan Ginsberg with Lenny Pickett, “Lion For Real” Mercury/Polygram
“Inamorata”, Miles Davis, “Bitches Brew” Columbia Records
“Radio Blues Mystery, Lenny Pickett
“Saturday Night Live Theme Song” Howard Shore
“Lo’s Garden”, Kenny Werner, “Lawn Chair Society” Blue Note Records
“Waltz in A- Saturday Night Live exit music” Howard Shore
“Great Exhibition” Michael Bates, Greenleaf Music
“CAFO” Animals as Leaders, Joy of Motion, Prosthetic Records
“A Noise from the Deep” Dave Douglas, Greenleaf Music



Dave Douglas and Uri Caine Take “Present Joys” on the Road

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Present Joys Image


In honor of “Present Joys,” the forthcoming album by longtime collaborators Dave Douglas and Uri Caine, Greenleaf Music is proud to present an international tour this spring and summer.

“Present Joys,” to be released July 22, brings Douglas and Caine together for an intimate but exploratory outing inspired by “The Sacred Harp” tradition. The pair take on five pieces from shape-note tunebooks, as well as several new Douglas compositions undertaken in the same vein. These ten pieces engage Douglas’ trumpet and Caine’s piano in a captivating conversation full of memorable melodies and intricate digressions.

“The Sacred Harptunes are very heartfelt pieces, and I had no intention to play them with any irony,” says Douglas. “I think the music is really beautiful and hopefully the way that we play them allows the tunes to ring through in a way that jazz listeners and “Sacred Harp” fans will appreciate and value.”

Catch the duo live in these cities!

April 26 – Torino Jazz Festival, Torino, IT
April 27 – Volkshaus Basel, Basel, CH
April 29 – Teatro Lope de Vega, Sevilla, ES
April 30 – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg, DE
May 1 – Katowice JazzArt Festival, Katowice, PL
May 2 – Leeds Grand Theatre, Leeds, UK
May 4 – Bray Jazz Festival, Bray, IE
May 6 – Pol Sud, Strasbourg, FR
May 7 – Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse, Esslingen, DE
May 8 – Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, IT
May 9 – Europa Jazz Festival, Le Mans, FR
May 11 – Casino Estoril Auditorium, Estoril, PT

US Tour

July 25 – Ars Nova Workshop, Philadelphia, PA
July 26 – An Die Musik, Baltimore, MD


ANFTD #19: Geoff Countryman

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A man of many extraordinary talents, Geoff Countryman joins Dave and Michael to play his music and talk about touring with Dave’s Keystone band, working at SNL, composing for his own groups and sundry projects, and the current state of the notation software, Sibelius. Plus a little Dave on Bach action.

Tracks in this episode:

Friends in High Places #1 (Treehouses)-Geoff Countryman (MelodyPelt Records)
Travelogue-Dave Douglas and Keystone “Spark of Being” (Greenleaf Music)
Alone with Laptop #1 (Sine Click)-Geoff Countryman (MelodyPelt Records)
The Cornet is Fickle Friend-Dave Douglas “Live at the Jazz Standard” (Greenleaf Music)
Alone with Laptop #2 (B Minor)-Geoff Countryman (MelodyPelt Records)
Friends in High Places #2 (Things You Say)-Geoff Countryman (MelodyPelt Records)
Bach Cantata #131 “Aus Der Tiefen Rufe Ich”-Ton Koopman: Amsterdam Baroque Choir and Orchestra

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