Linda Oh Touring East and West Coasts This Month

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 Linda Oh Quartet

Tuesday March 25th, 2014
An die Musik Live! • 8:00 PM
409 North Charles Street, Second Floor Baltimore, Maryland 21201 [map]
$20 advance • $23 day at door

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Bethesda Blues & Jazz • 7:30 PM
7719 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 [map]

Linda Oh’s Sun Pictures

Friday March 28, 2014
Redwood Jazz Alliance  • 8:00 PM
Fulkerson Recital Hall, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 95521 [map]

Saturday March 29, 2014
Duende • 9:30 PM
468 19th Street Oakland, CA 94612 [map]
$15 advance

Sunday March 30, 2014
Earshot Jazz Festival • 7:30 PM
Seattle Art Museum, Plestcheeff Auditorium, 1300 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 [map]
$18 Adult, $16 Seniors and Earshot Jazz members, $9 Students

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Join us. Support the Artists and Access the Music

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Dear Friends,

As you probably know, Greenleaf Music has offered a subscription plan for several years. What you may not know is how much unreleased music is available with your subscription!

I want to let you know that we are reviving the track-a-month additions to our Subscription Series. January featured the Dave Douglas Quintet playing “Garden State” live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. February features an extra track from Rudy Royston’s fantastic new CD, 303, called “Big Money.” The rest of this year will see extra tracks from Linda Oh, Donny McCaslin, Matt Ulery, and additional tracks from yours truly, Dave Douglas.

Additionally, I selected an album length collection of exciting Dave Douglas Quintet recordings from Fall 2013. This collection features songs from the albums Be StillTime Travel and Pathways. It also features–aside from quintet members Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, and Rudy Royston–special cameo appearances from pianists Bobby Avey and Luis Perdomo.

Dave Douglas

This new Dave Douglas Quintet Live Fall 2013 album will automatically become part of the Subscription Series. If you’re already a Level 2 or Level 3 subscriber, you know how to find it. Enjoy! And if you want to take advantage of all of this special music, please consider joining those who have access.

Subscriptions also include: special updates about Greenleaf Music activities, discounts at the store, the use of our proprietary Cloud Player to stream our entire catalog, as well as the potential for free tickets and backstage visits with the artists. Visit our subscriptions page to find out more.

Please consider joining us and hearing all this music. We appreciate the support.


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GPS, V2: Orange Afternoons

Buy Digital Album

Sheet Music for Orange Afternoons is available for download here and at the Dave Douglas App


The second volume of the Greenleaf Portable Series (GPS), Orange Afternoons features Dave Douglas, Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, and Marcus Gilmore. This informal session in Brooklyn yielded six new Douglas compositions for this special quintet.

The album opener—The Gulf—begins delicately with Iyer rolling clusters and Gilmore frosting the spectrum with cymbals before the plaintive melody offers the first taste of the frontline of Douglas’ trumpet and Coltrane’s saxophone. Moving along, Valori Bollati—translated as Revenue Stamps—swings it’s way into gorgeous solos by Iyer and Oh. Solato features a simple harmonic figure floating on top of a deep groove laid down by Gilmore and Oh, and a solo from Douglas that culminates in a single long tone towering over a cymbal wash before fizzling back to the intro figure. All in all, the six tracks on this album feel immediate, with urgent playing from each of these stalwart musicians.

Personnel: Dave Douglas (trumpet), Ravi Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Vijay Iyer (piano), Linda Oh (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums)
Recorded by Tyler Mcdiarmid and Geoff Countryman at 58 North Six Media Labs

Session Video: Orologi

Subscribe to watch the full performance.

Video Slideshow: Solato

Listen to a track. Look at pictures from the session.


Rare Metals.

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Thanks to those of you who have picked up Rare Metals , Volume 1 from the Greenleaf Portable Series. Also thanks to all who have come out to the European shows going on right now and picking up the special flash drive containing both GPS Vols. 1 & 2.

A lot of Rare Metals was written during my residency at the Aaron Copland House. In particular Safeway, which was written as a response to the political violence in Tucson, Arizona which occurred the day I began my residency. Copland himself was constantly speaking to contemporary events and public engagement in his music, and I felt that influence, as well as some of his musical mannerisms, strongly as I composed.

During that month I also found myself engaged in a study of the music of Duke Ellington and as I rolled his music around in my mind this arrangement of Billy Strayhorn’s Lush Life emerged as something that could be potently voiced in brass. I thank the band also for deftly interpreting the re-arrangement.

Town Hall had been written the previous summer during the Tea Party uprisings of the same name. I went to a few of these meetings myself and saw the extremes of both patriotism and intolerance manifest. We live in interesting times.

Thread was written thinking of one of my musical idols, Henry Threadgill. His systems have always intrigued me and on the reissue of some of his great recordings last year I found myself thinking about his work its impact on current practice.

Night Growl was a chance to feature tubist Marcus Rojas, long the heroic purveyor of the vocalistic growl. Here he gets to work out on an unusual sort of blues. Those who have seen photos of my dog, Finley, should know that the initial inspiration lies therein.

And United Front, which I wrote during a tour with Brass Ecstasy, reflects the cohesive spirit and team play that has come define this band. We have a lot of fun playing this one, though this studio version is quite different than the one you’ll find on the album United Front: Live in Newport. Vive la difference.

Next up: GPS Vol. 2 with Ravi Coltrane, Vijay Iyer, Linda Oh, Marcus Gilmore, and myself.


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Photo Gallery: Tea For 3 at Como Jazz Festival

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Tea For 3: Dave Douglas, Enrico Rava, Avishai Cohen (trumpets); Uri Caine (piano); Linda Oh (bass); Clarence Penn (drums).

Photos shot by Geoff Countryman at the Como Jazz Festival, 2011.


Photo Gallery: Tea For 3 at North Sea Jazz Festival 2011

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Tea For 3: Dave Douglas, Enrico Rava, Avishai Cohen (trumpets); Uri Caine (piano); Linda Oh (bass); Clarence Penn (drums).

Photos shot by Geoff Countryman at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2011.

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