ANFTD #21: Lenny Pickett

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Saxophonist Lenny Pickett joins ANFTD to talk about his very extraordinary career in music.  He and Dave talk about how he developed his language on the saxophone and thoughts on composition, electronics, life on the road with Tower of Power and some behind the scenes stories at Saturday Night Live. Drummond hips Dave and Michael to the new Animals as Leaders recording and how he got his car towed.

Lenny also has a new record, “The Prescription,” out June 10. Recorded in Helsinki, Finland, the album is a collaboration with the Finnish 19-piece big band UMO Jazz Orchestra.

“The Prescription” Lenny Pickett with the UMO
“Footsteps for Eb clarinet” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Machine_2x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Gtr_1x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Stanza at Night with Radio City” Alan Ginsberg with Lenny Pickett, “Lion For Real” Mercury/Polygram
“Inamorata”, Miles Davis, “Bitches Brew” Columbia Records
“Radio Blues Mystery, Lenny Pickett
“Saturday Night Live Theme Song” Howard Shore
“Lo’s Garden”, Kenny Werner, “Lawn Chair Society” Blue Note Records
“Waltz in A- Saturday Night Live exit music” Howard Shore
“Great Exhibition” Michael Bates, Greenleaf Music
“CAFO” Animals as Leaders, Joy of Motion, Prosthetic Records
“A Noise from the Deep” Dave Douglas, Greenleaf Music



ANFTD #20: Steph Richards

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Trumpeter and composer Steph Richards gets deep with the ANTD team and talks composition, improvisation, music w/ theatrical elements. There’s certainly some trumpet nerd out stuff too. Dave talks about a Laurie Frink scholarship and plays Michael some music from Henry Cow and Ornette Coleman.


River Euphrates-Steph Richards arr. Francis Black of the Pixies w/Asphalt Orchestra (unreleased)
Rotations-Steph Richards Live @ Jane’s Carousel 2012, Brooklyn (unreleased)
Trains (shape no. 5)-Steph Richards with the Deli Trio, Live at Korzo 2014 (unreleased)
Chant-Brandon Ross’ Pendulum, Live at Nublu 2013 (unreleased)
March-Steph Richards, The Calendar Suite (unreleased)
Nirvana For Mice-Henry Cow, Leg End (Virgin Records)
Voice Poetry-Ornette Coleman, Body Meta (Polygram Records)


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ANFTD #18: Mark Dresser

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Mark Dresser, a singular double bassist and composer, joins the ANFTD team to talk about his many projects: Telematics, his solo CD/DVD GUTS, playing with Anthony Braxton and Gerry Hemingway, and many other topics. Michael plays Dave a bunch of blues 45s from a vinyl box set.

Tracks in this episode:

Not Withstanding-Mark Dresser Quintet “Nourishments” (Clean Feed Records)
Telemotions-Mark Dresser, Myra Melford and Michael Dessen (live recording)
Ekoneni-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
K-tude #2-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
Bacahaonne-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
Air to Mir-Mark Dresser “Marinade” (Tdzadik)
Touch Part 1-Morton Subotnick “Touch/Jacob’s Room”  (Wergo)
#158 (+96) +401-Anthony Braxton Quartet “Willisau” (Hat Art)
Devil’s Paradise-Gerry Hemingway Quartet “Devil’s Paradise (Clean Feed)
What God Can Do-Leon Pinson “The George Mitchell Collection” (Fat Possum Records)
Who’s Gonna Be Your Man-John Lee Ziegler “The George Mitchell Collection” (Fat Possum Records)

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