Nels on Miles

Posted by: admin on May 27, 2010 @ 11:19 am
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A cool new podcast just posted over at with Nels Cline talking about his introduction to Miles, the electric years with John McLaughlin, and it’s lasting influence on his own playing. Always great to hear artists talking about artists. Especially when it’s one of my favorite guitar players talking about my favorite Miles period.

And that reminded me of a post from awhile back that Dave wrote on the Complete Cellar Door recordings — one of my favorite of the Artist Thoughts posts. The archives of this blog have 5 years worth of these great posts. It’s been on my list of things to do to go through and repost some of these. Here’s a start anyway.

Illuminations on the Cellar Door
April 25th, 2006 | Author: Dave Douglas

I was listening to Miles Davis’ 1970 recordings from the Cellar Door, a space in Washington, DC. These recordings went into making the album Live Evil in 1970. It is an absolute classic of an album, and yet it falls in that controversial zone that separates lovers of early Miles from those entranced by the second half of his recorded tenure, the electric years.

Much has been said about Miles Davis and his music. Sometimes too much, and for that reason I have hesitated to jump in. But in the words of trombonist George Lewis, music doesn’t speak for itself. We have to talk about it because it doesn’t talk. I imagine Miles having the last laugh because like it or not everyone is still talking about his music. I’ll at least try to be concise.

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Money Vid + Miles Phones

Posted by: admin on October 26, 2009 @ 8:43 am
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After a short tour out East and back, I’m back in the office working away. It was a great trip, but good to be home and away from rest stops and fast food.

A few things that were sent to me over the weekend that I wasn’t able to find time to post…

First, long-time Greenleaf friend Helen Money has a cool new video on the ‘Tube directed by Nelson Chan. The music is a cover of the classic Minutemen tune “Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing.” Helen’s new album is due out November 3rd and comes highly recommended.

“I am a very big Fan of Michael Jackson, and am quite angry on the fact that We only started to pay attention to him only after his passing. so here is my tribute to him in a Halloween spirit. “let the fouls choke on their own gold!” R.I.P. MJ –Nelson Chan

Monster Cable releases Miles Davis Tribute headphones. Quite a perplexing product. But like most things with Miles’ name on it, I’d want one — if I didn’t already have a sweet set of ‘phones.

Miles Headphones

Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones are designed and precision tuned with Miles and the unique acoustic tones of jazz in mind.

What would have been cooler than just getting the cans is if the headphones were somehow preloaded with all those complete boxsets. Some Miles iPod or whatever. Still, would love to at least test out Pharoah’s Dance or The Ghetto Walk to see how they sound.