Community Immunity: The Charts

Posted by: Jim Tuerk on May 4, 2011 @ 8:05 am
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Late last month, we released the debut recording from saxophonist/composer Curtis Macdonald. Thanks to all who have ordered this record, and supporting emerging artists.

Demand for the digital sheet music we offer for some of our titles has been growing in the last year. So we’ve added the lead sheets for Curtis’ record. These are great tunes. Dave comments: “The pieces on this recording are like little puzzles with moving parts that fit together in the strangest ways. The moving parts lock in with uncanny seamlessness.” Now, you can check out the nuts and bolts for yourself.

Click here to purchase Community Immunity Sheet Music from the Greenleaf webstore.

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A Single Sky Sheet Music Update

Posted by: admin on October 27, 2009 @ 11:37 am
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Release day is always one for news and updates.

This morning we updated the digital sheet music piece of the A Single Sky release with the four Jim McNeely arrangements. These charts are meticulously put together as you may expect, as are the three DD charts we originally posted. They’re all up now at our store and ready for your eyes.

For those who ordered the CD + Sheet Music bundle, we sent an email to you this morning. I’ve heard back from most, but not all. If you are one who ordered and did not receive and email from us regarding this update, email the help@ address and we’ll take care of you pronto.

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Spirit Moves: Redux

Posted by: admin on July 8, 2009 @ 10:35 am
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Spirit Moves has been a pleasure to release and work on. Kudos to all who helped and are continuing to help spread the word. And with the preorder long since past, the orders shipped out (more coming in daily, thank you!), we thought to gather some of our promotional material and news together in one post. And here it is.

Brass Ecstasy: On Stage

First, most recently, we’ve released two sets from Brass Ecstasy’s record release shows in NY. Each contain new tunes not found on SM or via our Subscription series. Both are available as MP3s or FLACs. If you preordered SM, you received an email from me this morning with a link to the 9:30 show on June 19th. We’re happy to have been able to get you this music and hope you enjoy it. Check the Brass Ecstasy tour page for their upcoming European tour dates.

Both sets available here. Also included is a bundle with both sets and a Deluxe Spirit Moves that saves you some money.

Sheet Music

These charts are some of my favorites. Here is a sample of the score format. Included with the full scores are charts of all the individual parts for each tune. We’ll most likely have an update for you soon.

>>> Sheet Music at our store.


We’ve heard from so many of you regarding how much you like the DVD from the Spirit Moves Deluxe edition. We have to give props to Jem Cohen and Christoph Green for making this happen. Here are all 4 videos we’ve released on the web. More available on the aforementioned DVD.



Online Sheet Music

Posted by: Rich Johnson on June 1, 2009 @ 10:20 am
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Greenleaf has been offering sheet music with our recordings for awhile and the soon to be released Spirit Moves is no exception. There’s a good article about artists and online sheet music sales at that brings up some great points. Could the rise in sales of online sheet music and more and more artists adding on-demand PDFs to their releases be a sign of things to come?

Indy record labels offering MP3 only recordings have grown over the last few years, maybe we’ll see indy online publishing companies growing.

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