UPLIFT | Two: Lift All Boats

Posted by: robyn on February 1, 2018 @ 1:11 pm
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Lift All Boats

This month’s piece is dedicated to the movement for wealth equality and fairness. This is a huge issue with many moving pieces. Certainly, we need to urge our political leaders to consider economic fairness for all. There are many approaches to the problem, but it seems first we need to elect leaders who are interested in finding the solutions. This musical piece is a plea for thought and action towards wealth equality. There are many wonderful people and groups working on this; I look forward to continuing to learn how we can help support all of our brothers and sisters. And meanwhile hope you’ll join me in supporting these organizations:

National Committee On Pay Equity
My Brothers Keeper Alliance
New York Common Pantry

I have found that Charity Navigator is a good way to find more information about causes and organizations.
– Dave
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